Nokia to Samsung: How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Galaxy S3?

Many people still confused how to transfer data from Nokia to Samsung phones, like copy/sync contacts from Nokia to Galaxy S3 quickly & safely. On one hand, cell phone contains lots of our private staff more than a SIM card contains, on the other hand, you need to change your phone would be troublesome to transfer your contacts to the new one. So you need a new way to transfer, or you will copy your contacts through third party such as computer or SIM card one by one. But now solution is coming!

This article strongly advice the best Nokia to Samsung Data Transfer tool – Wondershare MobileTrans, a professional instrument for moving any data, including photos, videos, contacts, apps between two phones. Here it helps your transfer trouble especial for contact from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S3 / S3 Mini.

Wondershare MobileTrans for Windows newly supports contacts/videos/photos/music transfer between Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) and Samsung Galaxy Phone now!

Transferring contacts from Nokia to Samsung, like Nokia to Galaxy S3 is going to need simple steps:

The rest is really worth taking some minutes, and you will be sure that this powerful Nokia to Samsung program would help a lot.

Download Wondershare MobileTrans

Also you can watch the video tutorial top to tell you how to copy contacts from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Step 1: Install and run Nokia to Samsung transfer tool – Wondershare MobileTrans.

First, download Wondershare MobileTrans and open it. Then the primary window will pop up, and the screen will be like below.

MobileTrans for Windows

Step 2: Link your Galaxy S3 and Nokia Phone to computer

Connect both of your Galaxy S3 and Nokia phone via UBS cable to your computer. They will be displayed respectively at the place of “Source” and “Destination” in the main interface after this Nokia to Samsung app detects the two devices. Of course, if you need to clear your new Galaxy S3 first, the destination phone, click “Clear data” before transfer to do it.

Contacts from Nokia to Galaxy S3/S4/S3 mini/S4 mini

Note: By the way, this Nokia to Galaxy transfer tool is suitable for all iOS devices such as iPhone 5/4S/4/3, you can also transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone. but when it comes to iPhone, you need to install iTunes on your computer before data transferring.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from Nokia to Galaxy S3

Here is the key step above all. Select “Contacts” and “Start Copy” to complete the Nokia to Galaxy S3 contacts transfer. You should keep your phones connecting to your computer all the time during the data transfer.

When you finish the task, you are completed. The program will copy all detail important contact copy, such as job title, email addresses, company name, etc.

Copy Contacts from Nokia to Samsung S3

As you can see, under the Nokia to Samsung transfer app – Wondershare MobileTrans, data transfer from Nokia to Galaxy S3 will become easy and quick. And it can sync/copy any data between Nokia and Samsung, including videos, music, photos, and SMS messages.

In addition, Wondershare Nokia to Samsung transfer tool can handle the Galaxy S3 to Nokia as well as handle between iOS, Android and Symbian in one click without damage. Let’s have a try, Wondershare MobileTrans would surprise you.

Download Wondershare MobileTrans