iPhone 4S Recovery: Recover Lost Data after Upgrade to iOS 6 by iPhone 4S Recovery

Is it possible to recover lost files after Upgrade to iOS 6 for my iPhone 4S?

Have you ever upgraded your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 to iOS 6? As the newest operate system, iOS 6 brings a lot of new amazing features to iPhone and users are eager to upgrade to iOS 6 as soon as possible.

But when you upgrade, many valuable and important data would lost after upgrading if malpractice. Once happened, is it possible to find back the lost data?

It’s known that iTunes would always create backup files of your iPhone or iPad device on PC / Mac. Good news! Recovering the lost data is definitely possible.

How to recover lost data after upgrade to iOS 6 for iPhone 4S?

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Mac (for Mac users) or Wondershare Dr.Fone for Windows (for Windows users) —— an iPhone data recovery tool, is designed for helping you to recover data from iTunes backup after upgrade to iOS 6, especially for iPhone 4S. This is the best iPhone 4S recovery program that recovers lost data so far by extracting your iTunes backup files. It suits for Data Recovery for iPod, iPhone and iPad series. Especially useful for recovering lost data after upgrade to iOS 6.

Please try the free trial version of the iPhone 4S recovery shows below, download and install it.

Download Dr.fone for iOS Windows Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version

Let me show you the easy steps to find your lost data back with the iPhone 4S Recovery!

Step 1: Scanning iTunes Backup files.

Recover Data from iTunes Backup

Connect your iDevice such as iPhone 4S to computer, and open the iPhone 4S Recovery app , the interface like below will show in your screen. Then pick up your device name and click START SCAN.

Step 2: Recover lost data files for your iPhone 4S after iOS 6 upgrading.

After scanning, files in your computer that iTunes backup would show in categories such as Messages, Contacts, Videos, and Photos etc. You can select the files you need to recover and click Restore after preview them in detailed interface, then save them on your computer.

Recover Contacts from iTunes Backup

Recover Photos from iTunes Backup

Recover Calendar from iTunes Backup

Important tips for you:
  • 1. Do not sync your device once you find data lost after upgrading your device to iOS 6, otherwise, all the backup data in your iTunes before would disappear.
  • 2. Do not sync your device when you are using this tool, because iTunes creates backup files every time you sync your device with it, which will cover the old backup files. And that means your recovering would be nonsense.
  • 3. You can use this tool in any case you lost your data, including lost data after upgrade to iOS6 and other cases.
Powerful recovery ability from iPhone 4S Data Recovery – Wondershare Dr.Fone:
  • Powerful recovery ability of contacts, SMS, photos, etc. under various situations
  • Recover deleted data without backup directly from iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 & iPod touch 4
  • Regain previous data from iTunes backup for all iOS devices, including iPhone 5/4S/5S/5C/6,iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPad etc.
  • Save data after your device is crashed, smashed, broken or lost
  • Retrieve data after Jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory settings restore

Come on, don’t miss the all-in-one iPhone 4S Data Recovery, just free try it.

Download Dr.fone for iOS Windows Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version