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如何删除 Windows 上的 atiedxx.exe 10

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Overview of atiedxx.exe

If your computer is slowing down, you may have tried to check memory usage in task manager and found that a certain 阿蒂特xx.exe is occupying a lot of RAM. This can cause your computer to lag or the games to run at lower than normal FPS. When trying to click on it, you may get the dialog box that says atiedxx.exe no description or atiedxx.exe access denied. 无论情况如何, read this article to understand how to get rid of it and free up some RAM.

What is atiedxx.exe?

Atiedxx.exe is a task manager process, similar to csrss.exe and winlogin.exe. 专门, it comes along with the AMD external event, which is the dedicated software for AMD graphics card. As long as you use an AMD graphics card, this atiedxx.exe will be present under the Processes tab of Task Manager in Windows 10. This also starts automatically as soon as the computer boots up.

The .exe is the ATI Catalyst Control Center format which indicates the executable file on your computer. The Hotkey feature and other resources that are required for some programs to run smoothly are controlled by atiedxx.exe.

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Is atiedxx.exe a virus?

如上文所述, 阿蒂特xx.exe is an important file on your computer. On certain occasions, the file can be detrimental to your computer. Normally atiedxx.exe does not work like a virus, and you can breathe easy. It is a part of the AMD External Event. 是啊, your Windows 10 PC can run without it and even boost your CPU memory.

In order to determine whether or not the atiedxx.exe is a virus, you need to find the location in which the file is saved on Windows 10.

It is not a virus if it is saved in C:\窗口 syst系统32. 然而, if it is somehow located in the folder C:\Program Files, there may be a security problem with your computer. By knowing this, you can choose to remove the file from Windows 10 and see if the atiedxx.exe error still occurs.
This error occurs widely since executable files are the most convenient and common way by which a virus copies and transports itself to any system. It can copy itself multiple times and has the potential to corrupt and disassemble the healthy executable files.

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Removing atiedxx.exe from Windows 10

Many of you have asked –Can I uninstall atiedxx.exe from task manager?” Once you have found that the atiedxx.exe is working like a virus, you can decide to get rid of it from your PC. 然而, be careful not to do it directly as the etieclxx.exe on Windows 10 won’t be able to run at Startup.

How to disable atiedxx.exe in Services

  • 1. Open Command prompt by pressing Windows + R 并输入 服务. 理学硕士 in the space provided.

  • 2. 在 服务 窗口, 查找 AMD External Events Utility and open its property by right-clicking on it.

  • 3. 在 属性 and disable Startup Type.

  • 4. 单击 应用还行 to save changes.

How to remove atiedxx.exe Automatically

In case you are looking to remove atiedxx.exe automatically, there is a way to do that too. 为此, 您可以使用 先进的平台 to get rid of atiedxx.exe totally. This tool is a powerful and comprehensive way of supervising the performance of different processes for you. Here are the steps that you need to go through in order to remove atiedxx.exe automatically –

  • 1. 下载 先进的平台.
  • 2. Install and run Advanced SystemCare.
  • 3. 转到(G) 工具箱, 单击 Process Manager, and let Advanced SystemCare sift through unwanted processes.

  • 4. Under IObit Process Manager, 查找 阿蒂特xx.exe process and right-click on it.
  • 5. 单击 End Process to terminate it.

  • Other than completely stopping this process, you also have the additional option of setting the priority of the process, such as High priority, Normal priority, or Low priority.
  • 6. Right-click on 阿蒂特xx.exe and set it to Low priority.

As per this circumstance, you can make use of Advanced SystemCare to end the atiedxx.exe process for you. If you do not want it to run on your Windows 10 PC, take advantage of Advanced SystemCare and all the facilities it offers you.

As soon as you disable AMD external events service in Startup, you will no longer be annoyed by the etiecl.exe error popping up in your Windows 10 PC.

Atiedxx.exe is an important process by which your graphics card displays colors on your computer. It may not be a virus if it is placed in the directory where it should be located, 那是 C:\窗口 syst系统32. 然而, if it is placed anywhere else, you need to clean up your PC with an anti-virus.

If atiedxx.exe is eating up a lot of RAM, it is recommended that you update to newer versions of your graphics card. Updating your computer to the latest version can sometimes repair the errors by default. If you are lucky, some of these atiedxx.exe errors can also be treated by a simple update.

Get Advanced SystemCare

Practices that will resolve issues regarding atiedxx.exe

首先, a clean computer is one of the key requirements that can avoid such problems from coming up. This can be done by running malware scans, cleaning hard drives, uninstalling programs that you no longer need.

第二, enable Auto-update to ensure you have the latest drivers and programs running on your Windows 10. 还, remember to back up your PC periodically, or at least to mark Restore points on your computer.

In case problems involving atiedxx.exe do come up, think and try to recall the last thing you did that may have allowed this problem to exist. It could be a program that you recently installed or a suspicious website that you visited. To identify the problem, use the commandresmon‘.

Instead of reinstalling Windows after a serious problem manifests, it is better to repair Windows. This can be done by running the command DSIM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth. Running this command can help you restore your operating system and keep you from losing data.

There are some other methods by which you can analyze the atiedxx.exe problem on your Windows 10. Use the program Security Task Manager to simplify the task. It displays all running Windows tasks, including all hidden processes, like monitoring keyboard and internet browsers, and even Autostart entries.

Security Task Manager has a unique risk rating scale that suggests the likelihood of a process being a potential malware, spyware, or Trojan. Use additional programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which detects and eradicates all dormant spyware and adware. It also removes all Trojans, 恶意, keyloggers, and trackers from your computer’s hard drive.


Since it is an executable file, 阿蒂特xx.exe is a vital process in the AMD External Event. It helps the graphics card to display colors on the screen when it is in good working condition. The .exe suggests that it is an executable file. 然而, some executable files can turn into potential viruses that can plague the computer system by copying themselves relentlessly and damaging other executable files on which a computer runs.

与本文, you now know and understand when the atiedxx.exe is a virus and when it is not. 在案件, that atiedxx.exe is a virus, you also can easily fix the problem by uninstalling or setting to low priority the process in task manager.

Always keep your PC clean. 否则, you are providing viruses a suitable environment in which they can multiply and wreak havoc. Not only will they ruin your PC, but you will also lose your precious data that is stored on it.




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