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自动评审 – 自我编辑的理想选项

如果你是一个作家, 图书编辑的帮助将是无价的. 如果你做一点研究, 你可以结束一长串的书编辑. 然而, 只有其中一些工具可以做你所期望的, 和 AutoCrit 是那些突出的选项之一. 很好, this review elaborates all the critical information about AutoCrit, so you know if it can do the job.

One of the most advantageous features associated with AutoCrit is that it comes as a web-based tool. That means you don’t have to download any app and install it on your computer. If you have access to an internet connection and a device (a computer or a smartphone), that’s good enough. The tasks you perform with AutoCrit will be saved in the account you create.

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Who can make use of AutoCrit?

如果说真话, AutoCrit is not an option for everybody. 对于某些个人, that might not be the best option, but for some, that would be the best tool. 很好, who should use this tool? Who can make use of it? 事实上, fiction writers and those who are involved in long-form manuscript edits will appreciate this tool.

The editing functionality of AutoCrit

Regardless of the genre, AutoCrit can help you to enhance your writing and finetune the manuscript. 然而, 在大多数情况下, AutoCrit is more suitable for fiction writers. 仍, it can be used by professional article writers as well.

If you select the genre, you will be able to customize the results depending on the book’s type. You can choose it in 7 styles as well. After selecting the genre, the smart algorithm of AutoCrit will perform an analysis of the copy. 然后, it will provide the feedback as well.

This tool offers reports on the writing as well. With the feedback of AutoCrit, you will get step-by-step advice to make your writing better. It will span in various areas to do a proper revision. 这是一个更好的方法, 因此, 相比标准的语法检查工具. 包括在菜单栏中的词库工具可以用来查看替代已经使用的话.


一旦你注册了一个免费试用, 你将被引导到这个基于Web的软件,其interface.The用户界面是一个体面的一个. 然而, 当它在一台MacBook打开, 一些选项往往会失去.


当你在高级报表部分, 你可以找到需要改进的领域. 当你在报告部分, 然而, 你将不得不再次运行为主汇总. 这是因为报告选项不显示的方式回去.


在“总结报告’ 编辑工具根据第, 你可以找到指纹选项. 如果您在本节得到更高的分数, 表示一个更好的副本. 换句话说, 你有更少的错误.


这种水龙头为您提供关于起搏一些建议. 它显示了慢节奏的段落数和百分比.


起搏不需要冗长的解释. 它实际上给出了一个深入了解副本的起搏.


在一般情况下, 作者使用更长和更短的句子. 所以, 任何文件可以是较长和较短的句子的组合. 但, 有工具来分析句子的长度刚好派上用场. 在一般情况下, 一个普通句子都应该有大约 25 话. 如果是少一点, 这个比较好. 按照这个工具, 它表明,较长的句子不说清楚. 然而, 太突然句子也不好.

有通过此工具进行的另一项重要建议. 这表明,如果你有相同长度的句子一起, 读者会觉得这恼人. 作为一个作家, 你可能已经知道,有在句子的变化,更为美观是巨大的.



这又是一个伟大的工具. 这主要是因为该功能允许您确定常用的对话框标签. 除此之外,, 它显示了不太常见的对话框的标签,以及在副本. 事实上, 这个工具就像一个词库的变化. 然而, some of the dialog tags this tool suggests are not as appropriate as it suggests. 但, 再一次, since it indicates the words that are too common, you will find it pretty handy.

Adverbs in Dialogue

很好, some of the seasoned writers strongly suggest that usage of adverbs is not a characteristic of great writers. 换句话说, they say that great writers hardly use adverbs. 很好, the same thing is strongly suggested by AutoCrit as well. 然而, 在我们看来, using adverbs is a personal choice of the writer but not a professional choice. 我们注意到,一些个人的特别要求作家限制副词的拷贝数. 如果你是这样的情况下,一个作家, 这仅仅是一个很好的选择. 毕竟, 该工具将帮助建立一个自由副词副本.


这是一个相当长的类别. 因此, 它可以是一个艰巨的任务看一看眼前的一幕. 但, 乍看上去, 这个工具是非常方便. 在同一节, 你得到的副词事项再次. 我们相信, 这可能是一个缺点,因为相同的功能是重复使用.


很好, 很多作家根本无视这方面. 如果你已经习惯了使用大量的被动语态, 这个工具可以纠正.
但要注意,这个工具不会通知你有关的所有文件中的被动语态实例. 相反, 它显示了被动语态指标. 这些都是真正陪被动语态的话. 然而, 我们相信, 该工具还可以让你的句子太笨重.

显示Vs的. 天音

坦白地说, 为了我们, 这个工具是不是在很多最伟大的. Some of the indicators included in this section are too general. 举个例子, it says you have used ‘this numberof ‘it.The purpose of this is to say that you do more telling instead of showing.

然而, the best thing about this tool is that it gives you a broad view of the manuscript. If you have used that you have used excessive amounts, you may opt to change those too-many areas. 但, 还, individual word counts hardly becomes handy.

Unnecessary Filler Words

This is a great tool that can be really handy for any online writer. It is true that there are various other tools to find this ‘mistake.’ 然而, having it included in AutoCrit is handy. No matter whether you are writing a description of a blog, this tool can be handy. 有了这个工具的帮助, you will be able to create a ‘pleasantly readablecopy for your readers.


When you use this tool, you will see that it goes through your copy and highlight the clichés used. With many of these suggestions, you may not agree. Some of the clichés it displays aren’t clichés.

Tense Consistency

Many writers can use tense Consistency tool in a various instance. 事实上, inconsistency is considered to be an issue associated with various writers. No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, this issue can be pretty bothersome.

AutoCrit Tense Consistency Editor

This is a tool developed with a good idea which helps you achieve better consistency in writing. 然而, the problem is that it has terrible execution. They highlight tenses in colors that are not distinguishable at once. 即, they come in Red (for past tense), 橙 (for present tense) and Green (for future tense). When you tend to find the changes in the tenses, you will find it pretty tiresome. What we can say is that it is a good concept, but it doesn’t feature a very user-friendly experience. We are not too sure if there are other tools to find the differences between the tenses. 但, 确实, AutoCrit Tense Consistency Editor is not a good option to consider.

Word Choice

There can be several tools placed within this category. Most of these tools are pretty similar to each other. 所以, we intend only to mention them without spending much time.

Initial Pronoun and Names

Sentence Starters

Generic Descriptions

Personal Words and Phrases

Point of View Consistency

Word Frequency

很好, we should first mention that we don’t actually prefer this type of idea. This tool limits uncommon or difficult words so it can hinder your personal style of writing. If you like to get restricted with that type of approach, this is a handy tool. If you are looking for a tool to count word frequency, there are several other dedicated tools for that.

Repeated Uncommon Words

This is another feature we don’t really appreciate. 事实上, limiting the choice of the words of the writers is not that good. It can often hinder their flow of writing. As long as you are ok with the uncommon words and your idea is explained through them, 没关系. This is more of another tool that counts the frequency of the words. 简而言之, we don’t really believe this tool to be an efficient one.

Phrase Frequency

This is pretty similar to cliché tool. 我们真诚地相信,这两个短语频率和陈词滥调的工具应该是一起以某种合理的方式.


这是另一种不需要除了AutoCrit. 我们没有看到的两个工具的要求来确定短语频率和重复词. 毕竟, 还有那些两个概念之间没有差异.


现在,我们有一个长期看与AutoCrit相关的特征. 让我们来看看这是什么费用. 谢天谢地, AutoCrit提供为期一周的试用期. The best thing is that you don’t have to provide your credit card information to get this trial. The respective trial period offers you various useful features.

In order to sign up for a free trial, you should enter your name as well as an email. 然后, you will be able to see a page that asks you to check the email. It can take a little while for the email to reach your inbox, and we have experienced it too. 很好, that leaves us in a doubtful situation about the efficiency of their customer service. If an email takes such a long period to reach our inbox, how fast the customer service team will react? 事实上, we didn’t bother calling or emailing their customer care team.

At the end of the free trial, you will be able to go for a paid plan. This plan costs $29.97 per month as of this writing. 老实说, this is rather a high price for a tool that offers only some of the useful suggestions.

Bottom-line for AutoCrit Review

If you are a novice writer who is still developing your writing skills, AutoCrit can be useful. It directly addresses some basic aspects of your writing. 然而, you must keep an eye on some of the features as they can disrupt the free flow of writing. 毕竟, writing comprises of plenty of personal choices. As long as your writing explains your idea clearly, and it is pleasant to the reader, you are good. But it is always better to have a tool to finetune your writing and help you a little bit. What we say is that you shouldn’t depend solely on any of the writing tools available in the market. 写作应该以人为本和对人类进行. 仍, 自动化工具无法真正了解人类情感完美. 但是,我们希望最好的.

我们要告诉你那是什么 AutoCrit 是一个很好的工具,它可以做一个体面的工作. 如果你真的想使用此工具, 只是考虑其作为建议报告. 通过这些报告去和吸收什么是真正需要的,而不是彻底改变你的写作风格.

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