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How To Backup Whatsapp Messages from iPhone To Computer

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Backup Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Computer is a process that every smartphone user would like to know how to perform efficiently. But you may wonder why such a backup is necessary.

Part 1. Why do you require backup of Whatsapp messages

  • With the amount of communication done with your colleagues, friends and relatives on Whatsapp, the data present is significant and requires proper backup.
  • When you want to change your device but want to retrieve all data on your Whatsapp including the images, videos and messages.
  • You may also need to back up the data saved in your system. This is a wise choice as the files you have performed backup on can be used later on, even if you are not planning to transfer currently.

While users differ over their preferences regarding the operating system, phone model, version etc., everyone finds Whatsapp an integral part that cannot be done without. Whatsapp is essentially a vital part of every smartphone now.

In spite of the app being a universally popular one, iOS ecosystem has not made it conducive to transfer the data from one device to another, particularly when you want to do the transfer between an iOS device and a none iOS device.

One of the most convenient and simple way to perform Backup Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Computer or another mobile device is using a tool like dr.fone – Restore Social Apps from Wondershare. Since security is paramount while doing the transfer of Whatsapp messages, using a tool like Dr.Fone for iOS is the ideal choice.

Part 2. Benefits of using Dr.Fone — iOS Whatsapp Backup & Restore to Backup iPhone Whatsapp Messages

When it comes to satisfying your entire backup and restore requirements, dr.fone Toolkit for iOS is a perfect tool because of the following benefits it provides:

  • It is an easy and secure process.
  • Transfers Whatsapp history between your iPhone device and any other device. It is therefore possible to transfer the history to an Android device too and not just an iPad or iPhone. All attachments including files and pictures can be uploaded along with messages.
  • It is also easy to export or perform backup of history. You need to do just three steps to completely backup the data in your Whatsapp such as files, pictures, and messages, etc. to your system from the iPhone device you own.
  • It is possible to select the files and data you want to export or backup. This helps to avoid saving up unwanted and unnecessary data and just do the process for the important attachments alone. But it is also possible to perform the transfer of all the files.
  • You can also perform the restore of the backup data easily. This is a single click process for restoring data from computer to your Android or iPhone device.
  • Dr.Fone has a free trial of 30 days to use the software and know its efficacy.
  • It is a secure and reliable software that has received plenty of positive reviews from users all over.

Part 3. The method used to transfer Whatsapp messages from iPhone to Computer

With Dr.Fone you can perform backup of all your Whatsapp messages. Transfer of the messages to your computer is also easy with the software.

Here are the steps to follow for an effective transfer of Whatsapp messages

1. Download & launch Dr.Fone – iOS WhatsApp Backup and Restore

Download Dr.Fone software for Whatsapp Transfer, Restore and Backup.

Get dr.fone – Restore Social App

Select “Restore Social App” option from the tool list and then go to WhatsApptab to Click on the option, ‘Backup Whatsapp messages‘.

2. Connect iPhone to Computer

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • Once the connection is done, you can begin the backup process.
  • Wait for the device to be recognized by the software.

3. Start iPhone WhatsApp Messages Backup

  • Select the backup option.
  • The backup process will be underway and you can see this with the progress bar displayed. You can know the time needed for the backup to be completed.
  • The backup is done automatically.

4. View the Backed up file and Export them

  • Next step is to view the backed up files and export them.
  • Choose the files you want to view.
  • Click on the option, ‘Next’ for continuing with the process.
  • The details present in the backup files can be viewed.
  • It is also possible to selectively opt for the messages you want to backup if you do not need backup of all the files.
  • The attachments and messages are displayed separately.
  • Click on Export to Computer and save the files.

Now you can see how easy it is to backup Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to computer quickly and effectively. You can perform this on your own and keep your important messages safe and easy to access whenever needed.

Try dr.fone – Restore Social App

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  1. Tasha Armstrong says

    I do freelance work and sometimes clients (many who are international) prefer to communicate off-website (yes, I know sketch) and my go-to is whatsapp or email, so this is REALLY helpful. Thanks for the information.

    1. iStarsoft says

      Except WhatsApp messages backup, you can also backup any other kind of chatting record on your iPhone to computer.

  2. Graham Josh says

    Personally I am not a big fan of using iTunes for my backup needs and so using these methods are very preferable. Can’t recommend this method any more, amazing!

    1. iStarsoft says

      Dr.Fone – iOS Whatsapp Backup & Restore is able to backup all your Whatsapp Messages, iMessages, app data, media files From iPhone To Computer easily.

  3. Josh Marcus says

    This method is amazing. Rather than having to use some of the standard methods, I love being able to use alternative methods such as this. An amazing guide, amazing program.

    1. iStarsoft says

      This iOS WhatsApp Backup and Restore tool not only can backup your WhatsApp messages, attached files, but also restore the files you needed back to your iPhone.

  4. Nicole The Skruph says

    Great program – I try to keep the messages in my phone from getting too full so backing them up helped me save a lot of space. Quick and easy. Super happy!

    1. iStarsoft says

      It not only let you backup WhatsApp messages to computer, but also restore them if necessary.

  5. says

    we are the best, we can track any phone for you either it has lost or stolen connect with us we will surely work for you we are to hack.

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