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16 Migliori giochi di Texting divertente per giocare sul testo per voi

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SMS non dovrebbe essere sempre noioso. Anche se si desidera inviare gif divertenti ai tuoi amici, Hai bisogno di ravvivare un po' le cose. Qui, non stiamo parlando di sexting. Quando si sono tanto annoiato seduti a casa o ha una mente intorpidita, è il momento di giocare alcuni divertimento giochi di texting. Questi giochi non sono incontri giochi se pensate così. Questi giochi sono la cosa più divertente che si può giocare per mantenere la conversazione in corso tra l'utente e altri compagni di texting. Anche per il tuo compagno di sexting in quanto non stiamo a giudicare voi. Così, here are some of the best fun texting games that you can play with your Tinder matches, amici, or long-distance partner.

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16 Best Games to Play over Text

1. Would You Rather

Would You Ratheris one of the ruthless games to play over text. It brings out the true character of people in the end. Certamente, fun texting games like this one are best to play with your crush.

How to playWould You Rather

It is a pretty basic game. Qui, all you need to do is frame a question with the tagWould you rather. You can finish this up with something bizarre or simple. The weirder questions you ask, the more character of your opponent will come to light. Così, do not hold back yourself if you are seriously in the mood to dig up.

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2. Never Have I Ever

It is one of the best games to play over text. The main intent of this game is to expose the darkest and deepest secret that the closest people hide from you. Di solito, this game becomes borderline inappropriate in most cases. Tuttavia, it is much amusing to go along the flow.

How to playNever Have I Ever

In order to play this game, you need to set some rules on how your texting partner and you will look if the other has gone through that situation or not. To communicate this, you have to send a finger pointing up emoticon that mimics the URL of the game. Once you have set up the rules, players will start to make statements regarding things that they have never done before.

You can even dig up hilarious or dirty situations with the help of this game. Qui, you need to be very clever with the choice of words. Tuttavia, you cannot detect whether your texting friend is speaking the truth or not. The person with lots of contradictions from the experiences will lose the game.

3. Storytime

This game is one of the best games to play over text. Storytime incorporates a world in itself. Qui, players can construct creative snippets on one other in order to come up with a story without any boundary. The story does not need to be innocent as your elders used to tell you.

How to playStorytime

A player will begin the story by setting up the whole scene. Successivo, the players will make their first entries turn by turn. In questo gioco, players can place boundaries such as keeping the story realistic or making it as fun as it could be. One can build the story with a sentence entry and end the story on the 20th entry.

4. 20 Questions

It is one of the pretty awesome and fun texting games. This parlor game keeps on the repertoire of most people when they get to know someone. It makes use of detective creativity and reasoning to make out what the other person refers to or holds in their possession.

How to play “20 Questions

In”20 Questions”, a player will play the role of the answerer who selects a subject and keeps the same secret. Nel frattempo, other players can ask up to 20 questions in order to find out what the answerer has in mind.

Qui, the answerer can reply with “No” o “Sì”. Some versions of this game even allow answering in “Forse”. On guessing the correct answer, the conqueror in the next round will play the role of questioner.

5. In Character

Everyone wants to be like someone other than themselves for some minutes. This exciting game allows you to text like your favorite character for some time. Sicuramente, some people will find this game as one of the best games to play over text.

How to playIn Character

Qui, players have to select a celebrity they want to be in secrecy. Ora, you need to message each other in a way that the personality would do. Insieme a quella, you can make use of quirky phrases that the character often uses. Alla fine, the player who plays the role for a longer period of time wins.

6. Truth or Dare

Each and every one of use has definitely played the classic game of Truth or Dare once in a lifetime. If the game was not mortifying at all for you, you were not playing it the right way. Truth or Dare makes everyone uncomfortable for a while whether it is about staying of two people in a closet or daring your opponent to place a kiss on their crush’s cheek.

Truth or Dare could be a lot more fun when you opt for games to play over text. Qui, you do not have to bear the pressure of playing in person.

How to playTruth or Dare

In questo gioco, you can set up boundaries so that things do not get uncomfortable between two people. Anche, it helps players to be on the same page. Successivo, you need to decide who will play first and ask the other person to make a choice between Truth or Dare. Quindi, the next player will follow up with a demand or question. The player has to follow through or else; they end up losing.

7. Marry, Kill, F***

Debatably, it is one of the most complicated games to play over text. This game is about assigning your priorities in a straight line. In questo gioco, you have to choose celebrities that you would like to marry, kill or rendezvous with. For players who like to notch down this game, they can go with the versionKiss, Marry, Kill”.

Name Game

How to playMarry, Kill, F***.

In questo gioco, you need to choose three celebrities. Dopo di che, you have to text your friend staging them withMarry, Kill, F***at the bottom. Ora, the other player will answer whom they choose for which action.

8. I Spy

I Spyis definitely the best childhood game that one can recall. There are so many memories associated with this game for many people. When you play this game over text, it is even more exciting. Qui, you can check your creativity too.

How to playI Spy

All you need to do is text the player you want to play with and assign some rules. Per esempio, you can only spy in the present room or whatever you see cannot be something that you find on the web. In order to begin with the game, look for something that you see.
Dopo di che, you need to send a message to the other player with a short depiction followed byI Spy”. Ora, the other person has to guess what the thing is depending on the given description.

9. Trivia

Trivia is a great game that works similar to the Trivia show. It offers you a shining moment, where you can show the opponent the obscure knowledge that you have been keeping in secrecy all along. Così, it is one of the exciting games to play over text.

How to playTrivia

In questo gioco, both players need to choose a topic. Dopo di che, you both have to fire questions one after the other about that particular topic. The player who answers up to 10 times without searching for answers wins in the end.

10. Name Game

Name Game is quite a time consuming and tedious. If you have nothing much to do, you can play this game to kill free time. Tuttavia, Name Game will get a bit repetitive after in some time.

How to playName Game

In questo gioco, players need to choose a topic like cars, sports, nomi, ecc. Qui, a player selects and speaks a word. The next person has to speak a word that begins with the final word of the previous player while mimicking the rhythm and flow pattern. This game lasts for a long time, e così, it is better to set the rules such as time limit.

11. Categorie

It is a fast-moving game that defies the ability of players to reflect on the move. Out of all fun texting games, Categories is the best. This game is even common at events, where people need to grab a drink for incorrect answers.

How to play “Categorie”

In primo luogo, you need to think about a topic. Dopo di che, you have to name something that covers that category. Pick out a category that offers you and other players numerous options. This game does not last long as you keep taking names within that category turn by turn.

12. Backward Texting

This innovative game is not for lazy souls. Qui, players need to text in a backward way. You have to type words in a backward order, and the other person needs to guess it. Così, this game definitely counts to be one out of all fun texting games available.

How to playBackward Texting

It is really simple to play this game. Qui, a person will type a sentence in reverse. Per esempio, if you want to sayHey Dude, What’s up?”, you will type “?pu s’tahW ,eduD yeH”. The other person will reply in the same manner.

13. What If

“E se” sounds a bit annoying to some people. Tuttavia, if you use this phrase in the right context, it can imply somewhat more than just friends. Fun texting games like this one tests boundaries and find out if the player is actually a friend or more than just that.

How to playWhat If

Qui, you need to textWhat Iffollowed by some situation. The other player will answer back with what they do in that situation. It entirely depends on you whether you would like to take things up to the next level or stick to boundaries. Così, be creative as much as you can be!

14. Guess What

Guess Whatis one of the most annoying games to play over text. If you play with someone in closer approximate, you will end up dying laughing. There are chances that you may end up blocked when playing with others.

How to playGuess What

A player will send a text sayingGuess what?” to the other person. Ora, that player has to guess and try to find out what the first player will say. Più spesso, this game turns out a bit ambiguous. To cope up that, you can place some guidelines or keep it to a particular topic.

15. Acronyms

On social media platforms, abbreviating words are quite common. It can be a fun texting game for people who do not speak like that.

How to playAcronyms

Per questo, you have to text someone with unconventional abbreviations. È possibile abbreviare la frase come “Che cosa fai stasera?” A “GMG TN BB?”

16. Riempire gli spazi vuoti

Non è socialmente educato completare le frasi di altre persone. Tuttavia, è perfetto quando lo fai con giochi per giocare sul testo.

How to play “Riempire gli spazi vuoti”

Per iniziare una conversazione, Devi scegliere un argomento e scegliere una persona per cominciare. Ora, testo quella persona una frase, lasciando alcuni spazi vuoti. Quindi, l'altro giocatore completerà la frase per te. Proprio come altri divertenti giochi di texting, è possibile ruotare fino con qualcosa di civettuola!

Così, andare per questi divertimento giochi di texting per avere qualche divertimento tempo. You can go for these games to play over text with your crush or friends to bring out their deepest secrets. Così, download any of these fun texting games and enjoy a whole different texting experience!

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