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Zehn besten Unterputz-Lautsprecher 2019 Für Sie zu wählen

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Heute, ein Heimkino oder sound-System ist ein wichtiger Teil der Häuser geworden.. Manchmal, Unterputz-Lautsprecher sind die perfekte Wahl, wenn Sie total auf Musik verpflichtet sind. Also, if you are passionate about the best in-wall speakers, here you go!

These in-wall speakers add a professional touch to home theater set-ups. Darüber hinaus, these speakers enable a more immersive sound experience. You can mount them directly into ceiling or wall to surround sound better. It even enables perfect sound reproduction more spatially.

In-wall speakers are a perfect solution for people who own smaller space. These speakers do not leave a footprint on the area itself. They are even advantageous for people who are tired of messy wires. Also, let’s have a look at the different types of in-wall speakers. They all function in almost the same way. The best thing about in-wall speakers is that they are designed especially to effectively take up the wall space to cater to all needs.

The design features of in-wall speakers are paramount. Hier, stiff through other features of the best in-wall speakers that are available in the market. Außerdem, refer to the buying guide that will help you in choosing the perfect in-wall speakers for your sound system. Also, let’s get started with our list of the best in-wall speakers.

PS: Auch, Hier sind die top Ohrhörer für kleine Ohren Sowie die best Ceiling Speakers für Sie zu.

10 Best In-Wall Speakers

Heute, we are going to list out some of the best in-wall speakers in the market. Hier, you will find stand-alone units, 2-way categorization speakers, and 3-way categorization speakers. These speakers are great for music enthusiasts who like to hide their home theater system into the wall. Nicht nur das, you will also learn about some speakers that one can mount into the ceiling. Somit, keep on reading to find the best in-wall speakers for your home theater.

1. Micca M-8S

Micca manufactures some of the best in-wall speakers. The model M-85 comprises of a 2-way class speaker. Hier, you get a 1-inch soft dome tweeter and 8-inch poly woofer. Both of these components are designed really well. They offer a lithe combination when coming together. These vigilantly-selected components bear high-ranged frequency response.

Micca in-wall speakers offer everything from high-impact multiple channels and ambient background sound that a home theater asks for. The woofer produces robust bass while the dome tweeter offers optimal listening due to its pivoting design that one can adjust accordingly. These in-wall speakers are well-built and come with an advanced crossover network of 12dB. Dieses Netzwerk hilft im Umgang mit Mitteltöner um einen ausgewogenen und vollen Klang zu bieten.

Diese Wandlautsprecher aufgrund ihrer integrierten Montagelaschen kann eine leicht anbringen.. Mit diesen Lautsprechern, Sie bekommen sogar eine Vorlage für die Kennzeichnung Ihrer Wand für Trockenbau schneiden. Micca bietet verschiedene Bereiche der Wandlautsprecher für jeden Geschmack. Dieses Modell unterstützt eine 100-Watt Spitzenleistung und Einbautiefe um 3 5/8 Zoll. Diese Lautsprecher sind auch kompatibel mit dem Modell M-6 s, Das ist toll für Leute, die mögen, mix and match Dinge.

Product Features:

  • Low Price
  • Proficient Crossover Circuitry
  • Devoted Tweeter and Woofer Setup

Why Micca M-8S – These in-wall speakers come in a wide variety of styles. This allows you to choose something that goes perfectly with your home décor.

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These in-wall speakers are the best for people who are looking for a matching pair of speakers. JBL SP6II is an affordable option when it comes to duo models. These speakers from JBL are 2-way speakers that come with a flexible mounting system. You can place these speakers either in the ceiling or wall with quite an ease.

JBL speakers deliver tight and punchy bass because of their titanium-coated cone woofers of 6.5 Zoll. The tweeters are also coated with titanium. These speakers provide a broad frequency range along with excellent deep lows and highs. In combination, they offer an 80-watt peak RMS.

These speakers come with an additional template to assist you in cutting the mount holes. JBL speakers feature click-fit grilles and dog-ear mounts. You are all free to paint these grilles to match them up with the décor.

Product Features:

  • Reasonably-priced
  • Best for Ceiling and Wall Mounting
  • Surround Speakers Set

Why JBL SP6II – You can mount these JBL speakers within the wall or ceiling as you like it. Due to their affordable range, these speakers are perfect for right and left surround speakers.

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3. Polk Audio RC65i

The other best in-wall speakers in the 2-way category are the Polk Audio RC65i. This brand manufactures pristine audio products, und damit, they are definitely an ideal option. These speakers are a bit smaller due to their 6.5-inch design. Jedoch, they offer terrific sound.

Polk Audio speakers are perfect for both external and internal mounting due to their core electrical parts. These components house moisture-resistant and durable materials. The mineral-equipped composite cone offers audio along with dynamic balance. Auch, the devoted tweeter is a conventional soft dome.

These in-wall speakers can easily fill up bigger spaces due to their extensive dispersion design. In der Zwischenzeit, they are really simple and quick to install due to their rotational cams. Also, what can be best than these in-wall speakers!

Product Features:

  • Water Resistant
  • Wide Dispersion
  • No Additional Assembly

Why Polk Audio RC65i – These speakers serve as a great patio or poolside option. The best part about them is that they are available at an affordable price range.

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4. Klipsch R-5502-W II

Klipsch produces some of the best in-wall speakers. In der Zwischenzeit, they are slightly costly than other options. This speaker from Klipsch supports 3-way categorization. Mit High-End-Elemente und Horn-geladenen expertise, Klipsch Lautsprecher stellen eine wunderbare Ergänzung für jedes Heim-system.

Der Lautsprecher bietet zwei keramische 5,25-Zoll-Tieftöner und quadratische Tractrix Horn. Es verfügt sogar über einen Titan-beschichtete Membran-Treiber. Die High-End-Technologie bringt große akustische Ausgabe und eingeschränkte Reichweite der Verzerrung.

Klipsch-Lautsprecher verfügen über flache und Zero Footprint designs. Sie bieten HD-Audio und langlebige Kaliber Teile darstellen. Außerdem, Sie können Gitter magnetisch ganz leicht befestigen.. Zusammen mit dem, you can paint these grilles too!

Product Features:

  • Crisp Audio
  • Magnetic Grilles
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • 3-way Categorization

Why Klipsch R-5502-W II – When it comes to quality, nothing can beat this L/C/R design from Klipsch. The highs from Klipsch are perceptibly pristine while the sound seems natural. Magnetic grilles are really easy to attach.

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5. Yamaha NS-IW760

This model from Yamaha is quite a low profile. These in-wall speakers comprise of two directional woofers that you can place around the devoted central tweeter. Also, the best in-wall speakers from Yamaha are perfect for sound systems for panned right and left stereo sound.

Yamaha NS-IW760 offers an ample sound, where the crossover links up mid-ranges seamlessly. The streamlined design of these speakers does not require much mounting depth while really compact. These speakers can run at a 130-watt peak.

Hier, you can paint grilles and frame to blend them into the environment perfectly. Insgesamt, the sound is well-balanced and very clear. Am Anfang von allem, you get a subwoofer along with the central channel component.

Product Features:

  • Großes Echo
  • Perfekte rechts/links/Center-Lautsprecher
  • Gute Mittelklasse
  • 3-way Categorization
  • Low-Profile

Warum Yamaha NS-IW760 – Yamaha Lautsprecher eine perfekte Wahl für die zentrale Hörstück für jeden sound-System für machen Häuser. Was diese Lautsprecher noch attraktiver macht, ist ihr spannendes Preis!

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6. Akustische Audio R191

Im Fall, Sie sind auf der Suche nach Referenten mit mehr als ein paar; Akustische Audio ist die beste Unterputz-Lautsprecher für Ihr Heimkino. Das Set besteht aus fünf Komponenten, Das klingt wirklich interessant. Diese Lautsprecher fallen unter die 2-Wege-Kategorisierung, where the suggested power for each is 20-200 watts.

Acoustic Audio speakers come with a 5.25-inch woofer along with a low-impedance crossover and soft tweeter. All of these features provide incredible sound ranges. When combined together, this system offers impressive volumes and real depth with crisp clarity.

These speakers are constructed with weather-proof components. This feature works great for people who want to engage this system in their boat. Außerdem, they make an ideal option for the sauna, spa, poolside bars, pergolas, or patios.

Akustische Audio-Lautsprecher bieten flache mit Wohnsitz mit einem 3-Zoll-Einbautiefe und 7,625-Zoll Gesamtgröße. Genau wie die besten Wandlautsprecher, Sie bieten eine gute Vorlage für die Montage von Hilfe.

Product Features:

  • Ideal für Yachten
  • Wetter-Proof-system
  • Paar 5
  • Budget-freundlichen

Warum akustische Audio R191 – dieses System mit fünf Komponenten kommen für einen spannenden Preis. Menschen, die auf der Suche nach einem System für ihre Boote können leicht mit diesem Set von akustischen Ton gehen..

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7. Polk Audio 255C-RT

Diese 3-Wege-Lautsprecher eignet sich für Wand- und Deckenmontage. Diese Polk Audio-Lautsprecher sind ein Teil der Vanishing Serie. Sie sind mit Komponenten aus der RT-Serie ausgestattet.’ dynamische Balance-Technologie.

Hier, der Hochtöner ’ s vibrierenden Oberflächen sind untersucht auf mikroskopischer Ebene um die entwickelten Resonanzen zu prüfen, wenn der Kegel bewegt. Diese Resonanzen sind in der Regel verantwortlich für die großen Verzerrung. Polk Audio ist bemüht, die ideale Kombination der optimalen Geometrie und Materialien. It helps in countering unwanted resonance on a permanent basis.

These Polk Audio speakers come with a magnetically secured and thin grille that barely sticks out from the surround. They offer effectual dual bandpass ports to register clear lows. The installation set-up is really simple.

Product Features:

  • Advanced Calibration
  • 3-way Categorization
  • Superb Home Theater Series
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount

Why Polk Audio 255C-RT – A great design that comes with sturdy internal components. The grille of these speakers could be even better. Insgesamt, the system sounds pretty flawless.

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8. 652W Silber Ticket

Es ist eines der billigsten und besten Unterputz-Lautsprecher auf dem Markt. Dieses Set ist eine 2-Wege-Kategorisierung der Marke Silver Ticket. Diese 6,5-Zoll-Lautsprecher sind vielseitig und verträgt eine 80-Watt-Leistung. Diese Lautsprecher arbeiten für groß 7.1, 6.1, und 5.1 Home-Systeme.

Die Silber-Ticket-Lautsprecher verfügen über einen winzigen Hochtöner und Glimmer beschichtet Woofer Kegel, die Hochfrequenz-Register verwalten. Das System nutzt einen schwenkbaren Hochtöner und Surround-Premium-Klasse für den Woofer. Insgesamt, the system comprises of genuine components at such an exciting price range.

These speakers produce rich sound having a natural depth. Hier, the speakers may sound a bit loud but not at all noisy. Jedoch, the impedance is not that much low as compared to other best in-wall speakers. You can install these speakers vertically or horizontally. Darüber hinaus, you can mount this sound system using a flip-lever and user-friendly mount system.

Product Features:

  • Preiswert
  • Unterstützung 80 Watts
  • Devoted Tweeter and Woofer System

Why 652W Silver Ticket – It makes a great option for enthusiasts who are running on tight budgets. This set incorporates all that you need to optimize crossover. Somit, buy two of these best in-wall speakers to experience full-range sound.

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9. Monoprice Caliber 106816

It is the latest model from the Monoprice Caliber series. This set includes two in-wall speakers. It falls under the 3-way categorization. The DuPont woofers measure 8 inches and are designed with Kevlar fibers. These fibers help in offering less distortion due to their lightweight and rigid blend.

These speakers even incorporate enormous magnets so as to produce crispier bass. The tweeters feature a complex nature and pivoting design. This helps to lessen the overheating risk due to the production of a titanium membrane.

Zusätzlich, this membrane helps in coming up with higher frequencies. Somit, it helps to produce well-defined and smooth highs. Hier, you can adjust the crossover control. The maximum capacity of each pair to handle the power is 200 watts.

Product Features:

  • Distortion-free Sound
  • 3-way Categorization
  • Modifiable Crossover Point
  • A Speaker Set
  • 200-Watt Ability

Why Monoprice Caliber 106816 – One can adjust the crossover here. This set even offers high-impact bass. Also, go for this high-power and best in-wall speakers.

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10. Polk Audio 265RT

Polk Audio speakers are the best in-wall speakers in the market. That’s the reason we have listed another product from this brand. This model comes in a single speaker. It has been designed with the same venting system for the bass port. Daher, Es macht eine super Lösung für Ihr Soundsystem.

Diese Lautsprecher Gastgeber zwei 6,5-Zoll-zusammengesetzte Polymer-Kegel mit Gummisicken. Sie kommen sogar mit einem Polymer Hochtöner. Jeder der Lautsprecher ist für höhere Leistung Übergabe hergestellt. Sie verfügen über eine robuste Konstruktion. Wenn Sie das magnetische Gitter mit anderen Lautsprechern beitreten, Es passt besonders nah.

Um zu installieren, Du musst der Wendung Klemme Anhänge verwenden. Jedoch, der Bass dieses Sets ist nicht viel spürbar. In der Zwischenzeit, try to connect the bass with Polk Audio subwoofer in order to experience great sound.

Product Features:

  • Easier Installation
  • Sturdy Construction
  • High-performance Management
  • 3-way Categorization

Why Polk Audio 265RT – The Vanishing series of Polk Audio is really impressive and well-designed. When combined together, these in-wall speakers offer a great sound system. It even satisfies the needs of the biggest audio snobs all around.

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How to choose the best in-wall speakers?

If you are not savvy with electronics, then definitely you would like to go with something that supports easy installation. Heute, most of the products out there feature a simplified mounting procedure. Hier, you will find that some of the systems come with in-built wires while there are some with just the connection of the wires.

Im Grunde, most of the systems are transducers, where they use magnets and magnetic fields to work. These speakers support onboard processing with the help of electrical signals. This feature disrupts the magnetic field and allows the set magnets to repel and attract. It further produces a motion in speakers, where low frequencies move the speaker cones less often. Jedoch, high frequencies can pulsate rapidly if there causes a huge impact.

Daher, the speaker requires at least two different cones in order to manage the diverse spectrum of frequency. Plus, it needs a better crossover so as to handle everything effectively. Also, you need either a 3-way categorization or 2-way categorization speaker ideally. For home set-ups, you need to have particular speaker kinds for the diverse channel placements.

In der Regel, a 3-way system is the best for central speakers with L/C/R system. Somit, it is really important for you to take a decision regarding the speaker amplifier, sub-bass woofer, dedicated bass woofer, and other things before you step out to purchase the best in-wall speakers.

What are the best in-wall speakers?

In-wall speakers are a kind of speaker. These speakers are designed especially to mount into the wall. This means that you need adequate space in the wall to snuggle the system in. Jedoch, cutting the wall is a difficult task. That’s why most of the in-wall speakers feature a template to let you draw before you actually cut out the wall.

One can mount these speakers on false walls or drywall. Before you cut out space, you need to have prior knowledge about where the pipes, electrical wirings, and load-bearing supports reside.

When it comes to the best in-wall speakers, the Polk Audio speakers range sounds great. Each and every speaker from Polk Audio is well-designed, where they work perfectly in combination with each other. These speakers feature great power handling and high-end techniques so as to offer seamless sound experience. The sound they offer is full range, high impact, and extremely well-defined.

People who are looking for something cheaper, they can go with the Yamaha model. Im Grunde, this system has been crafted as an L/C/R speaker. In der Zwischenzeit, they work great even as a single in-wall speaker.

Which is the best in-wall speaker for the ceiling?

When it comes to ceiling mounting, you can opt for Polk Audio 255C-RT model or the JBL one. You can even go with other models, where you have to modify a few things to cater to the ceiling mounting needs. Also, look for an ideal product for your home theater and made changes accordingly.

Jedoch, you need to be really careful while mounting up the system into the ceiling. Wie Sie wissen, the greatest concern is the gravity effects regarding a ceiling mounted system. Für die Design-Spezifikationen und die Montage des Modells finden Sie vor der Einnahme dieses Beschlusses. Die meisten Hersteller zu nennen, all diese details. Also, Werfen Sie einen Blick, bevor Sie tatsächlich Lautsprecher an der Decke montieren.

Fazit für die besten In-Wall-Lautsprecher

Es ist keine schwierige Aufgabe, die Lautsprecher direkt an die Wand montieren. Die meisten der besten Unterputz-Lautsprecher wurden zu Wandhalterung in einfacher Weise hergestellt. Zusammen mit dem, viele Montage Lautsprecher bieten sogar Vorlagen für einfacher Ausschnitte.

Andererseits, a concealed home set-up does not necessarily mean a lot of money these days. All thanks go to the swift advancement in the electronics industry. Heute, you will easily find a lot of low-priced speakers on the market. These speakers turn out really good when you place them optimally in a complete set-up. Hier, all things work in perfect harmony while fulfilling their respective abilities as a unit of the whole system.

The options that we have listed in the list of the best in-wall speakers are perfect for audiophiles who prefer high-end models and their budget-friendly counterparts. Every speaker that you have come across in this review makes a great addition to your set-up or upgrades it. Also, buy the best in-wall speakers and enhance the way you listen to music!

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