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In alto 10 Migliori giochi MOBA di 2019

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MOBA giochi sono giochi basati su team che buca due differenti squadre contro gli altri in battaglia. Although the mechanics of the game may vary, the ultimate goal of the game is to outmaneuver the opposition by working in a team and strategizing defensive and offensive tactics.

If you are a strategy game enthusiast, you know the thrill that is associated with controlling your heroes and teaming up with others to get the better of your opponents and claim their base. Every strategy and tactic you can think of can possibly be used to annihilate anyone’s claim to the map. In definitiva, the destruction that follows can keep people entertained for hours on end.

In questo articolo, we take a look at the migliori giochi MOBA nel mercato. Some of the games we’ll be mentioning, like LoL and Dota, are top-tier titles. We shall also take a look at a few titles for console and mobile. Infine, we shall take a brief look at what’s in store for the gamers of the future. Così, senza ulteriori indugi, Lasciate che ’ s iniziare!

PS: anche, qui sono i migliori Games like Hearthstone and top Android Modded Games come i migliori Giochi di strategia per Android per il vostro riferimento.

#1 Best MOBA Games. League of Legends

Senza dubbio, one of the best MOBA games for PC is this highly acclaimed title. Offering a high-octane, action-packed gaming experience, gamers around the world have been captivated by the LoL phenomenon. A player takes the role of a summoner who can control the actions of different champions.

For every round, players choose their unique champions that are fitted with their special talents and abilities. Think you’ve got the wherewithal to take over the enemy territory? Download the game by visiting their webpage and form your team today.

Anche, Ecco i primi Best Browser Games per il vostro riferimento.

#2 Best MOBA Games. Dota 2

Crafted as a mod for World of Warcraft, Dota 2 has become one of the most played games to have ever hit the gaming community. Ever since Valve Corporation has taken charge of development, Dota 2 has come out as being one of the best MOBA games.

The game-play is relatively simple – two teams battle over destroying the opponent’s Ancient. The heroes that comprise the teams have their own special abilities and stats. Dota’s competitive gaming scene is huge. Multiple tournaments and leagues are organized all over the world to compete in different environments.

Choose your hero, your role, and grind your way to glory. The game is very rewarding even after hundreds of hours of game-play and is, by reason, quite addictive.

#3 Best MOBA Games. Heroes of the Storm

Eroi della tempesta è un gioco relativamente nuovo per essere rilasciato da Blizzard Entertainment per la comunità MOBA. Blizzard Entertainments chiama eroi della tempesta un “Attaccabrighe di eroe” invece di un gioco MOBA. Questa dichiarazione potrebbe essere considerato allineare qualche grado dal momento che il gioco include molti eroi altri franchise di forma Blizzard come Starcraft e Diablo.

Squadra e che la battaglia abbia inizio in emozionanti scenari 5v5 su 15 diverse mappe. Ci sono diverse modalità di gioco tra cui scegliere, tra cui partite classificate e. Fin dalla sua uscita, e rapidamente ha scolpito la sua nicchia di mercato ed è un enorme contendente per essere tra i migliori giochi MOBA.

#4 Best MOBA Games. Vanagloria

Pensi di che avere quello che serve per sopportare l'assalto nemico e strategize verso la vittoria? In questo gioco, players take control of a character, form a team, and fight for control of the different sections of the map. It was originally released for iOS and Android back in 2014 and is currently in the alpha stage of development for Windows and Mac.

The aim of the game is to control the path that separates the player’s base from their enemy’s base. You can always have little excursions to avoid battling head-on and to gain resources that can help your team win. All the while you must stay vigilant and gather crucial resources to emerge victoriously. Vainglory allows for thrilling game-play and has some of the best maps for a MOBA game.

5. Awesomenauts

Don’t let this 2D game title fool you. If it’s making our list of best MOBA games, Potete essere certi che vale la pena ogni secondo del vostro tempo. Awesomenauts offre il miglior platform ed elementi di gioco di combattimento. Scegliere da una varietà di personaggi e squadra con altri due giocatori e abbattere la concorrenza. L'obiettivo è semplice: ottenere attraverso le linee nemiche e distruggere la loro base, chiamato anche il collettore solare.

Come si combatte il tuo tragitto superando gli ostacoli, si sbloccherà un sacco di chicche che miglioreranno ulteriormente il tuo personaggio. Hai quello che serve per affrontare il nemico ed emergere vittoriosamente? Scarica il gioco e scoprire.

6. Battlerite

Giochi di Battlerite sono noti per avere alcuni del più avvincente gioco che li rende uno dei migliori giochi MOBA di 2019. Scegliere un campione, formare una squadra di tre, e annientare la squadra nemica per emergere il vincitore indiscusso.

Ma c'è un inghippo! Non ci sono basi di acquisizione/distruggere o risorse per raccogliere. Si tratta di grinta e spirito quando si tratta di vincere questo gioco. Questo assicura che non importa quale strategia si applica, in definitiva si dovrà distruggere ogni singolo giocatore nemico prima che il vostro team può essere incoronato vittorioso. L'abbattimento di alcuni degli elementi di definizione di genere rende le partite in Battlerite più brevi di quanto la maggior parte dei giocatori vengono utilizzati per. Invece, il focus è esclusivamente sulla fornitura di un gioco ricco di azione.

7. Strife

Pubblicato in 2015, Discordia è il più popolare nel genere ed è senza dubbio uno dei migliori giochi MOBA là fuori. One of the aims of this game and its developer is to weed out toxic elements in the gaming community that can get a little out of line.

As a modified version of Heroes of Newerth, Strife appeals especially to casual MOBA players. The goal is to destroy the enemy team’s structure, known asthe Crux.” Players can choose their heroes for battle and can level them up by gaining experience points.

8. Paladins

This game features a lot of the mechanics found in some of the best MOBA games on this list but is essentially a shooter game. The game is set in a science-fiction fantasy world of heroes. Players choose a champion and form a team with other players from around the globe. Make your way to the arena and destroy as many enemy forces as you can while holding your ground.

There are multiple game modes to pick such as team death-match, onslaught, siege, e molti altri. Cosa state aspettando? Download the game on the platform of your choosing and let all hell break loose.

9. Arena of Valor

If you are looking for one of the best MOBA games on Android, look no further! As a popular 3D game, Arena of Valor was released in 2016 and is currently available on multiple platforms like Nintendo, iOs, e Android

Similar to other MOBA titles, take control of your hero and make the best of his skills and abilities. Form a team with players from around the world and battle your way to the enemy’s tower. Bring death and destruction to your enemy and their base and emerge victoriously.

10. Smite

Ultimo, but not the least, is Smite. There aren’t many games on the market that are similar to Smite which makes it one of the best MOBA games of 2019. What’s the deal? Take control of a god or goddess from different ancient mythologies and battle against the enemy gods and goddesses.

The best thing about this game is the number of customizations that you can do. You have the option of choosing from more than 100 different deities from different mythologies. Pick your deity, from a team, and jump into action. Your goal is simple – Battle your way to enemy territory, lay waste their guardians, and destroy the Titans. If you can manage to do all this while defending your camp, victory is yours.

Upcoming top 3 migliori giochi MOBA

Let’s take a peek into the future and gather details about some of the most awaited MOBA games of 2019.

1. Ignis: Duel of Wizards

This highly anticipated title already offers enough to make it to our list of the best MOBA games. The players take control of a wizard with unknown magical potential. Make your way to the arena, learn to control the abilities of the wizard and test your magical skills. In only a short time, you’ll have enough mystic spells in your arsenal to unleash their fury in a real-time battle of the wizards. Summon ancient creatures, crash meteorites, and destroy your opponent to emerge victoriously.

2. Rise of Winterchill

Rise of Winterchill is similar to the Dota franchise in a variety of ways. It too began as a mod to an existing Blizzard title. Once the mod rose through the ranks and became popular enough, the developers started to take things to the next level. Rise of Winterchill has powerful mechanics and a unique support system that makes it one of the best MOBA games in the market.

The goal of the developers is to give as much control to the players over the outcome of the game as possible. Catch your fancy? Find out what the developers are up to at the main website.

3. Circuits and Shields

This upcoming strategy game markets itself as the modern-day gamer’s MOBA. The developers aim to enhance the mechanics and the support unit that you already so intimately know and turn it into one of the best MOBA games available in the market. This will enable the players to have more control over the outcome of the game which is sure to entice new players and experienced players alike.

In order to fund these developments, the team at C&S Studio is set to launch a Kickstarter in the upcoming months. Head over to their website and get to know more about these developments.


Queste sono alcune del migliori giochi MOBA disponibili sul mercato. Some of them have carved a niche in the market and are played by millions of players worldwide. Though most of them have similar goals, the mechanics of the game differs from title to title and allow you to strategize in slightly different ways to get the better of your opponent.

Ottenere il migliori giochi MOBA and start ravaging your opponents with a mix of sound strategy and brute force. Remember to co-operate with your team-mates and choose the character that best suits your game-play before you start tanking on your opponents. A well-organized game can lead to a swift victory without resorting to simple-minded destruction.

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