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閃爍 vs. 阿洛: 安全攝像機的綜合比較

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Home security cameras have become one of the most compulsory aspects of modern-day society. What you spend on a good security camera is not just an expenditure but an investment on your security. 畢竟, protecting your loved ones and property should be your prime concern and security cameras are immensely helpful. 說到這裡, both Blink and Arlo are prominent choices when it comes to security cameras. Both of these cameras come with impressive features, and many users wonder what to choose. To help you out, we have compared 閃爍 vs. 阿洛 so you can decide which is better.

Comparison of Blink vs. 阿洛

事實上, in this review, we intend to compare two popular models comes under Blink and Arlo. 換句話說, we compare Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 with Blink XT and Blink XT2.

Main features associated with Blink XT/Blink XT2

第一次, let’s take a look at the main features associated with Blink XT.

Features of Blink XT

Waterproof characteristics
  • One of the most notable features of Blink cameras is that they come with waterproof characteristics. 所以, you can easily place a Blink camera even outside of your house without worrying about the rain factor.
Motion Detector
  • Blink security cameras come with the built-in motion sensor system. When this sensor system is triggered, it will send a notification to your smartphone. 除此之外,, it will record a short clip of the incident took place. This clip will be saved in cloud storage.
Security system with battery backup
  • Blink cameras come with batteries, and these batteries can last up to 2 years. These batteries are AA lithium batteries that have a standard 1.5v power. The connection between the IP cameras is established using Wi-Fi technology.


Features of Blink XT2

Better battery life
  • With Blink XT2, you can expect a better battery life. That is in addition to the two-way talk feature. With the assistance of this two-way talk feature, you will be able to assure better security as well. 除此之外,, it offers live view together with motion recording. With all those features, you can expect a better battery life, which is exceptionally handy.
Two-way audio feature
  • The two-way audio feature is handy. 與那, you can even talk to the other side if it is required.
Customizable motion detection
  • You can customize the activity zones of the Blink XT2 version. 與那, you can choose the alerts that are actually important for you.


Thanks to the motion detection feature included in Blink, it can easily spot the movements happening in its vicinity. 然後, it sends the respective notification into the synchronized smartphone. 還, it offers HD video with sound so you can see what exactly going on with the clear picture. These cameras can be mounted on outdoors and indoors no matter what the weather is. One of the most useful features linked to Blink is that it offers cloud storage with no subscription fee.

The overall life of the battery of Blink cameras is pretty impressive. 事實上, they offer an impressive two-year battery life. Such lengthy battery life is considered to be one of the best in the industry so far. 你可能已經注意到, XT2 second generation is capable of offering two-way audio with HD.

Main features associated with Arlo Pro/Arlo Pro 2

現在, let’s get into the features of Arlo cameras (both Arlo Pro and Pro 2).

Features of Arlo Pro

Compatibility with Alexa for Voice
  • This device works perfectly with Alexa for voice control. 然而, Alexa device is sold separately.
100% Wireless functionality
  • Arlo Pro functions without the assistance of any wired connection. That is because it depends totally on the Wi-Fi network. 作為一個結果, you don’t need to worry about handing power cords and wires.
Resistant to weather
  • This device is perfectly resistant to harsh weather conditions such as rain. 所以, you can place them even outdoors without any trouble.


Features of Arlo Pro 2

100% Wireless camera
  • Arlo Pro 2 works with a wireless connection, so just like Arlo Pro, it doesn’t need any wires. That makes things much easier for you. It has a wireless range that spans over 300 feet in total.
Can tolerate outdoor weather
  • Arlo Pro 2 can tolerate outdoor weather conditions. 作為一個結果, you can easily place it anywhere, including outdoors. It can tolerate rain and sunlight without any disturbance to its functionality.
HD video and Night Vision
  • It offers night vision so they can watch your property even when there is no adequate light. 還, the HD video feature lets you see all the details in top quality images.


正如您可能會注意到的, both of these cameras (Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2) are wireless. 所以, you don’t have to find locations to place these cameras. These cameras come with IP65-certified weatherproof characters, so they work perfectly under snow, heat or rain.

Both of these devices offer live video feature and video recording functionality. The integration of cloud storage is a handy value addition to this product.

Arlo too comes with the two-way audio feature as well as a siren with 100 decibels.

Similarities we found when comparing Blink vs. 阿洛

在我們文章的這一部分, we will take a look at the similarities between Blink vs. 阿洛. This comparison will give you an idea about the best product that serves your purpose.

  • Both of the brands have night vision functionality. 所以, you can use both of these brands to protect your property around the clock.
  • Both of these devices function based on a Wi-Fi connection, so setting it up is very easy. 還, once fitted, these devices are easier to handle.
  • They come with a motion detection feature as well. 與那, you can expect real-time protection with notifications upon detecting an incident in the vicinity of your property.
  • They also offer free cloud storage, 以及. Both of these brands offer this feature so you can save videos online and access them from anywhere.
  • They use batteries as a power source, so you don’t need to worry about installing power cords. This is a great feature when it comes to a hassle-free installation.

Key differences between these two brands

Just like the similarities, it is worth mentioning the key differences between these two brands. Mentioned below are those differences.

  • One of the most notable differences between these two brands is the video quality. Blink XT comes with HD 720p video quality, but Arlo Pro 2 comes with HD 1080p. 然而, Blink XT2 too, is now featuring 1080p video quality.
  • When it comes to the field of view, Blink offers a view of 110 度. 然而, with Arlo, you get a wider view (的 130 度).
  • Compared to Blink, Arlo comes with a security siren (with a power of 100 decibels). It can either be motion-activated or remotely controlled. But Blink doesn’t have such an option.
  • The other thing is that Arlo Pro and Pro 2 comes with a two-way audio feature. 然而, when it comes to Blink, it is available only with XT2.
  • If you wish to go for a more affordable security camera version, Blink XT would be ideal. 很好, when you compare Blink vs. 阿洛, affordability is the main advantage associated with Blink.

閃爍 vs. 阿洛What is the best option?

When you are concerned about home security, you should always look for the best possible option. 換句話說, you should go for the safest and most reliable option. When you compare Blink vs. 阿洛, both of the systems are pretty much similar. 然而, in a couple of ways, Arlo systems stand slightly ahead of Blink systems.

It is true that none of these camera systems are security tools (技術). 這就意味著, they cannot technically prevent a robber from entering the house or property. 相反, they monitor what is going around, and the rest of the measures should be taken by you. Once those actions are recorded as videos, you have enough evidence to catch the suspect.

然而, under practical circumstances, 安全攝像頭本身的存在可以阻止入侵者進入屬性. 它可以嚇跑不需要的客人. 還, 當你得到你的房子的保險, 安全攝像頭可能是有益的. 這是因為一些保險公司傾向于為受攝像機監控的房產提供折扣.

所以, 擁有安全攝像頭監控系統是有利的,即使它不#8217;t技術上追逐入侵者.


Both Arlo and Blink have motion detection features. 事實上, they offer pretty much the same service. 所以, you can rely on any product if you consider motion detection as a prime concern. 當您必須監控附近發生的移動時,此功能非常方便.

如果你把相機放在後院, 在大多數情況下,效率會更高. 這是因為在後院發現某人比在前面找人更可疑.

如果將安全攝像頭放在前面, 動作感應器會不斷觸發. 這是因為感應器將隨著個人的運動而啟動. 和, there will be quite a lots of movements in front of the house. 所以, the battery life would be reduced, 更重要的是, it will record plenty of unnecessary clips.

Video Storage

When it comes to free cloud storage, it is offered by both of the vendors. Some of the brands simply save the recorded clips into the computer or in the camera itself. If the respective burglar accesses these physical devices, the evidence will be lost. 然而, when it comes to the cloud, deleting evidence would be a much difficult task.

Quality of the video

Video quality becomes exceptionally important when you have to take a clear shot of the suspect. Clear images provide positive identification as well. 很好, it is true that both Arlo models and Blink XT2 come with 1080p picture quality. Blink XT, 然而, features only 720p. 一目了然, you might think that 1080p is better than 720p. 然而, the truth is that 720p is perfectly fine to identify a person clearly. 1080p is a little bit better compared to 720p. 所以, have this in mind before you go for a product just because of the video quality. 簡而言之, both Arlo and Blink are great options in the context of the quality of the video.

Field of view

When comparing the field of view of the devices, Arlo offers a wider field of view. That means it offers a 130-degree field of view. 另一方面, Blink offers a 110-degree viewing angle. 事實上, this is a slight difference. 然而, it might matter a lot when it comes to security. With a wider field of view, you will have fewer blind spots within your property. 所以, 在這種情況下, Arlo is slightly ahead of Blink systems.


With any product, there are users who praise it and users who criticize it. This theory applies to both of these products as well. Some individuals prefer Arlo, and others prefer Blink. When it comes to customer reviews, 因此, it gives a mixed impression of both of the products.

The bottom-line of Blink vs. Arlo Comparison

If you consider price as an important factor, you should go for Blink XT. Compared to Arlo Pro 2, Blink XT comes with a relatively lower price. 然而, if you compare Blink XT with Arlo Pro, the margin would be not that significant.

然而, if you are not concerned much about the price factor, Arlo Pro 2 is the best option. Wider field of view, better video quality, and the 100-decibel siren feature can set it apart from Blink XT.

很好, that is how we compare 閃爍 vs. 阿洛 為了您的方便. You can reread this article once again and decide whether to go with Arlo or Blink.




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