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取消 CBS 所有訪問服務的簡單步驟

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The content of this article will explain how to cancel CBS All Access service properly. 如果您已經是 CBS 所有訪問的訂閱者, 並希望取消它, 這是一篇必讀的文章. 除此之外,, we intend to expose some other useful information about CBS All Access service.

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CBS All Access Service

It is interesting to see how sophisticated the television industry has become over the past decade or so. 截至今天, you can see a wide variety of television entertainment packages under different technologies. Newer networks and channels are added to this collection pretty frequently, and users have no shortage of entertainment sources. Modern-day companies tend to introduce their channels under one package, so you don’t need to be restricted with old-school cables. CBS All Access is one of those innovative television networks that can impress entertainment lovers.

Some of the contents streamed through CBS is available only for CBS All Access subscribers. 換句話說, if you need to experience the premium facilities, you should subscribe to CBS All Access. The nature of this service makes it a strong contender among other similar services like Netflix, HBO, 等. If you are a CBS All Access user, you have the option of viewing very popular video contents. 舉個例子, it offers CSI, Discovery, Star Trek, Big Brother, NFL, NBA, American Gothic, 等. Those who watch CBS primetime shows are aware that they can access those programs via Hulu. 然而, the catch is that Hulu doesn’t offer unlimited access to those contents. 這就意味著, Hulu has some restrictions when it comes to Primetime shows. 在這種情況下, you will have to become a CBS All Access subscriber if you need unrestricted access.

When it comes to the affordability factor, CBS All Access is a very good option. If you want to enjoy their ad-free service, the subscription cost would be $9.99 每月. 然而, if you need a more affordable option, choose the ad-supported version (which costs only $5.99 每月). It also offers you a free trial period (for a week). This is a very good option so you can decide whether or not to subscribe to it.

For the money you pay, they allow you to watch CBS programs excluding All Access programs. 還, they let you use that subscription on two different devices simultaneously. CBS 所有訪問也是相容的蘋果電視, 羅庫, 高鉻, Xbox One 和大量其他流媒體設備. 此外, 你可以通過他們的應用程式在智慧手機或平板電腦上觀看 CBS 所有訪問程式.

您可以取消 CBS 所有訪問訂閱?

如果你想停止使用 CBS 所有訪問訂閱怎麼辦?? 或, 如果你用它來觀看常規內容, 直到新的內容被廣播? 是啊, 最簡單的答案是取消 CBS 所有訪問訂閱. 現在可以取消 CBS 所有訪問訂閱, 稍後再恢復. Just like we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, we’ll explain how to cancel CBS All Access.

As you might already know, there are plenty of other streaming services like CBS All Access. 在一般情況下, users don’t have to go for a contract with these streaming service providers (幸運!). CBS All Access has a similar type of characteristics, so you don’t have to worry. That means you can cancel CBS All Access subscription at any given time and re-subscribe whenever you need it.

How to cancel CBS All Access subscription?

Now you know it is POSSIBLE to cancel CBS All Access, let’s learn how to do it. 事實上, 您應該使用的方法, 以取消訂閱可以改變. 這取決於您註冊相應訂閱的方式. 舉個例子, 如果你通過他們的公司訂閱了 CBS 所有訪問, 你應該使用他們的官方網站. CBS all access 的官方網站允許您處理帳戶管理. 取消, 修改或更新 CBS 所有存取帳戶應使用官方網站完成. 為了完成它, 您可以按照下面提到的步驟.

  • 首先, get yourself signed into your CBS All Access account to begin the process.
  • 然後, navigate to the page labeledMy Account”.
  • You should then see an option calledCancel My Subscription”.
  • Click on this option so you can confirm that you really need to cancel it.
  • You will also have to point out a reason why do you need to cancel CBS All Access.
  • After that confirmation, your CBS All Access account will be canceled.

You should know that usual rules are applicable in the process. You will still be able to access CBS All Access account until the current subscription period ends. 這就意味著, if you have ten more days remaining upon cancellation, your account will remain active for ten days. That means you don’t necessarily want to wait till the end of a subscription period to cancel it. You can do it before the subscription ends. At the expiry of the subscription, you will lose access. If you need access once again, the process is simple. Just subscribe to it once again and enjoy the services.

How to cancel CBS All Access account using iTunes?

Are you an Apple user? 如果是這樣, you have the ability to manage every subscription you are entitled to through iTunes as well. iTunes is an official tool provided by Apple, and it can become handy in various situations for any user. iTunes retains all the details such as payment information and credit card details in a single place. 所以, you can use iTunes to get rid of your CBS All Access account. Mentioned below are the steps you should take to cancel CBS All Access based on different devices.

If you are using a Mac;

  • 首先, you should log into iTunes. 要做到這一點, you will have to use the Apple ID.
  • 然後, 選擇選項 “帳戶” and then go to the optionView My Account”.
  • Enter the respective password for this account and choose the optionView Account”.
  • You can go to the Settings app and then select the option “管理”. This option is located next toSubscriptions”.
  • You can now select CBS All Access account.
  • 選擇標記的選項 “Cancel Subscription”.

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad;

  • Go to the Settings app and then select the option “iTunes & App Store”.
  • You should now have to provide your Apple ID to sign in to the account.
  • 選擇選項 “Subscriptionsand then go to the optionCBS All Access”.
  • 選擇後 “CBS All Access”, you can select the optionCancel Subscription” 要完成該過程.

Please note that the same set of rules are applied here just like you have done it through CBS. You will still be able to access the premium content you have already subscribed to. The access will remain until the respective subscription period ends. You will then be able to subscribe to the service once again if you need to get it back.

How to cancel CBS All Access account via Roku?

Are you using Roku to watch streaming? 如果是這樣, the canceling process would be different from the previous methods. 事實上, 在這種情況下, you will have to alter the subscription using the Roku website or Roku Channel Store. You would have assumed this by now after observing the previous sections of this article. 最簡單的術語, canceling CBS All Access through Roku is a pretty simple process just like the previous methods. Mentioned below are the steps to take if you want to cancel CBS All Access account on Roku. 還, get to how to Mirror Andriod Phone 在這裡.

  • 第一次, on the Roku device you are using, go to the Home Screen of the Channel Store.
  • 然後, 選擇選項 “CBS All Accesswhich is located under the channel list.
  • 然後, 您將必須選擇選項 “Manage Subscription”.
  • You can now select the optionCancel Subscription”.

同樣, you will also be able to cancel any of the other channel subscriptions through Roku’s website.

As you might have realized, CBS All Access and the other streaming options are wonderful sources of entertainment. Watching content like CSI, Discovery, Star Trek, Big Brother, NFL, NBA, American Gothic, 等. is exceptionally convenient with them. 然而, regardless of the contents, they stream, you may feel bored with any channel. 謝天謝地, none of those services offer strict contracts. These services usually offer monthly subscriptions which are very flexible. 作為一個結果, canceling their subscriptions is a very convenient process.

所以, that is exactly how to cancel CBS All Access account when you need to do so. We hope this article will help our novice CBS All Access users. We really appreciate if you can leave a comment below mentioning your overall experience with CBS All Access. Thanks for reading and good luck!




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