BlackBerry to Android

August 5, 2015

How to Import BlackBerry Backup File to Android (LG, Moto) Phone

Are you tired of your BlackBerry smart phone which you have used for a long time? Are you extremely eager to have a new Android powered Smartphone? I suppose that your answer must be " yes". But here comes the question. How actually can you get BlackBerry backup transferred to Android phone when you just change a new one? Don't worried, you can definitely find the right solution in this article. So please just read it carefully now.
March 11, 2015

Easy Ways to Transfer BlackBerry Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Plus)

You may realize that those people who use Blackberry had changed their phone for a long time. It is time for you to consider about changing a new smart phone without a full keyboard like Blackberry. And if you still want special elements that can attract you like Blackberry smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Plus) definitely contents enough wow elements that make you cannot move your eyes off it. Anyway, once you decide to purchase a new cool smart phone, the next thing come to your schedule will be how to transfer the data on your old phone to this new one. Since you had used Blackberry for a considerably long time, any data stored in it could be useful so it is unacceptable if there was any damage during data transferring. You need to find a safe method which won't cost you too much time. Surprise! I have not only one but two methods that can allow you an efficiently way to transfer all your contacts from BlackBerry phone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge within a short time. Now let's check what these two methods are.
November 7, 2014

Easy Way to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to Sony Xperia Z3 | Z4 | Z5 | X | XA

For a long time, Blackberry is my favorite smart phone, but I finally decide to change to Sony. No special reasons at all, just want to try something new, and some of my friends had told me Sony Xperia is worth trying so I thought "why not". Well, my new phone is amazing, but I forgot one thing important, I don't know any good method to transfer data from my old Blackberry to my new Sony phone. Don't think all Blackberry users are some kind of experts of high-tech products. It is the wrong images created by TV shows. In fact, I'm just like normal people who hate hard-to-handle software or too complicate the process. All I want is to some method easy enough to finish the whole process in a short time; I really don't have all day for this. And the most important requirement is, no damage of the data at all.
March 14, 2014

2 Solutions to Import Blackberry Contacts to Samsung Phone/Tablet

To try something new, you may have given up your old Blackberry and switch to Samsung club. But do you figure out how to deal with the contacts?
March 13, 2014

How to Transfer Contacts/SMS/Call Logs from BlackBerry to Android

Abandoned your old BlackBery? And get a new Android phone or tablet and want to share the good news with your best friends? However, things may be a little difficult since you have no contacts on the new Android. You can now choose to transfer all important files from your old BlackBerry to Android phone with help of third party BlackBerry to Android data transfer. If you are still searching for such a tool through the Internet, you are in the right place here.