Contact Recovery

December 22, 2017

How to Recover Contacts After Factory Reset from Android Phone

Before we start to find out How to Recover Contacts After Factory Reset from Android Phone successfully, let’s know more about Factory Reset first. Learning about […]
August 4, 2015

Galaxy Note 5 Data Recovery: Recover Data on Samsung Note 5

Data files saved on the mobile phones (such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5) are vulnerable, and there are many reasons that may cause data loss on your phone, like the faulty update, virus attacks, system corruption and so on. But you don't need to worry too much about it. After reading this article, you will find it easy to get back the data you lost.
July 19, 2015

LG G4 Data Restore: How to Get Your Files Back on LG G2/G3/G4/G5

I have a LG G4, and I think it is the most handy phone I have ever used. But, one day I just encountered with a phone corruption and it turned out that I have lost all the data on it. I thought it was the worst phone that I had ever owned. Then discouraged and hopeless, I turned to the Internet in the hope of some ways out. And finally, I got back all the files I lost on LG G4. It was really excited. To share you my experience, I am here writing you this article, hoping it will do some help to you.
July 19, 2015

A Nice Way for Data Recovery on Android Phones

Now the Android operation system is competing with the Apple for the leadership. There is no denying that the Android is a fantastic operation system, and the user group of it is so large. However, some users also complain that Android is not steady enough especially when it comes to data storage. The data on the Android phone gets damaged because of system corruption or virus attacks.
July 19, 2015

How to Recover Contacts on Android by Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android with Ease

The smart phone is getting more and more important for people nowadays. And there are many men say that they can not leave the phone for one day or just a few hours. It is true that the smart phones make it easier to communicate with our friends and people in business. And the most popular operation systems are Android and iOS, which are not compatible with each other. The Android phones, for instance, is an easy and effective operation system so the user group of it is very large. It gives people convenience in managing their phone and protecting information safety.
June 19, 2015

How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are released in recent days. It no wonder that Samsung is entering into rivalry with Apple over cellphones. This Samsung series is of novel design and excellent user experience.
May 24, 2015

HTC Desire Contacts Recovery: Recover Lost Contacts from HTC Desire 612/610/512/510/626

HTC has recently released a series of HTC Desire model 510, 512, 610, and 612. These phones are oriented in the middle-end market, which are excellent in the basic functions, offering good user experience. They have quickly been the quick sellers after releasing. If you own one, then you should probably spare a short time for this article. It can be helpful to you.
March 9, 2014

Simple Steps to Recover Lost Contacts from Sony Xperia S

Just mistakenly deleted contacts on Sony Xperia S and feel sad about it? Don't be so. This article is going to show you how to perform the Sony Xperia S data recovery task.
December 11, 2013

Best Way to Recover Contacts/SMS/Media Files from Google Nexus 4/5(P)/6(X)/7/9

Is there any way that you can recover all deleted files from your Google Nexus 5 or Nexus 4 phone? Of course yes. Just check out the article.