October 2, 2017

How to Transfer Data to a New iPhone X from Existing Phone Easily

The best part about getting a new mobile phone is checking out all of the features which it has, especially if you’re upgrading from an older iPhone generation to the iPhone X – an iPhone which looks incredible. With that […]
September 21, 2017

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone X & iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X devices are the latest models recently released to the world by Apple. These iPhone devices contain the most up to date technology and features like super retina display, augmented reality, fresh glass design, […]
June 20, 2017

How to Transfer Contacts Between Phones Effortlessly

Among the biggest problems that you will have to face every time you buy a new phone, whether you switched carriers or upgraded from your old phone, is switching all of your contacts over. This can be very time consuming if not annoying, especially if you want to do it manually. Good thing that with the use of the right tools and right plans, it could be rather easy and convenient to transfer contacts between phones or you can switch all your contacts over then backup all of your contacts.
March 21, 2017

How to Move WhatsApp Messages to New Phone – Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

Purchasing a new phone is an exciting thing to do. For some people, it's the first mobile phone that they have, and they get to enjoy the experience. For others, they get to experience a completely new device for the first time. Aside from this enjoyment, there are many stressful aspects of purchasing a new device, and with the Samsung Galaxy S8 being recently released, more people are looking into how to move WhatsApp messages to new phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S8. With this in mind, our focus for this article will be how you can use the Dr.Fone – iOS WhatsApp Transfer for Samsung S8 to transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone in just a matter of minutes, so let's jump into it.
September 16, 2016

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from Old iPhone to iPhone 7 Plus

The release of new mobile phones is both great and exciting. Not only do we ponder the possibility of getting our hands on one of ourselves, but we get to sit back and watch some of the newest mobile phone features rise up and become the talk of the technology community. With the release of the iPhone 7 upon us, this excitement is taking place. When we get our hands on a new mobile phone, after we have followed the steps to set it up, the first thing that you look into doing is transferring the data from your old phone over to your new one. With that in mind, in this article we are going to take a look at how you are able to transfer WhatsApp chat history from old iPhone to new iPhone 7 Plus, with the use of our program Dr.Fone.
February 23, 2016

iPhone 5/5Sにある連絡先を新しいiPhone 6S Plusに移行が1クリックでできる「Mobileデータ移行(Win版)」というソフトがあります

iPhone 5/5Sにある連絡先を新しいiPhone 6S Plusに移行することはiPhone新機種を買い替えしたい場合、考えすべきです。連絡先はもちろん、ビデオや音楽や写真などデータ転送しようと思ったら、「Mobileデータ移行」という操作しやすいソフトを使って見てください。
February 15, 2016

データをkyoceraのURBANOからiPhone6s/6s Plusに移行できる『Mobileデータ移行(Win版)』ソフトは簡単に説明します

データをkyoceraのURBANOからiPhone6s/6s Plusに移行することはiPhoneへ変更したい人々にとって、避けられない問題になります。京セラをきっかけにkyoceraのURBANOがauを新機種を出し、薦めブランドスマートフォンとして販売しています。その便利さとスタイリッシュな設計で、kyoceraのURBANOは優雅なライフスタイルを求めている人々には魅力がありますので、利用者は絶えずに増えてきて人気も高まります。
February 13, 2016

旧型iPhoneからiPhone 6/6sへデータ転送できるiTunesとiTunesそれからMobileデータ移行三つの便利な方法です

旧型iPhoneからiPhone 6/6sへデータ転送に悩みがある方は新機種のiPhone 6/6sを試す好奇心でどんどん大勢いになります。日進月歩に発展したか科学技術のおかげで、完璧を求めているiPhoneはより素晴らしいiPhone 6/6sと呼ばれた新機種を作り出して、販売します。デザインといい、機能といい両方とも優れたiPhone 6/6sへ変更する際に、どのように古いiPhoneにあるデータをiPhone 6/6sへ移行するかと考えなければなりません。ある方にこの厄介な難問は面倒くさい限りといわれますが、特別な方法があれば簡単に解決できます。ですから、その出てきたデータ移行の難問で、お気に入りの新機種をあきらめないでください。