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Chronemics | Een volledige inleiding tot Chronemics in 2019

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Chronemics is a term that describes what’ tijd’ has to do (of de tijd van welke rol speelt) in ‘communication’. Eigenlijk, tijd kan worden beschouwd als een communicatiemiddel volgens verschillende methoden. Bijvoorbeeld, it can vary from punctuality to response time as well as to the basics of time management.

As per the sources we see, Chronemics is an area of study, particularly for professionals like anthropologists. Anthropologists are the professionals who study the cultural norms around the use of time. Ook, they study the way the different cultures vary and meet around the different norms. Op dit moment, Chronemics has become a widespread subject that has different types of other disciplines as well. Some of the subsectors of Chronemics are focused on business operations and their organizational behaviors.

What does Chronemics have to do in the field of technology?

In de meeste gevallen, technology and efficiency are firmly bound to each other. Met andere woorden, de uitvinding van de tech-gerelateerde spullen en strategieën bijdragen tot de verhoging van de efficiëntie van ons leven. Technologie kunnen gebruikers grotere werklast verwerken binnen een bepaalde periode van tijd. Zoals u kan zien, It's all about tijd. Dus, Er is geen verrassing dat Chronemics een aspect dat kan van invloed zijn op de technologie op verschillende manieren kan worden.

Ongeacht of het gaat om een enorme, gevestigde onderneming van een startup, tijd speelt een bijzonder belangrijke rol. Deze uitvindingen die in de vorm van technologische oplossingen komen zal gebruikers in menig opzicht helpen. These technology solutions can make users more time-oriented and focused on what they do. That substantially increases the productivity of the business in general. Ook, it gives an advantage for the respective business or the organization to succeed and withstand the competition successfully.

What does Chronemics have to do in communication?

It is true that time is considered to be a very important, non-verbal cue. It creates a massive impact on communication in general. Goed, when it comes to the world of business, Chronemics kunt een aanzienlijke impact maken.

Er is geen tekort aan studies gedaan over het onderwerp van Chronemics met betrekking tot zakelijke communicatiemiddelen technologie. Bijvoorbeeld, Sommige studies beschouwd als e-mail gegevens (van grote bedrijven) als hun onderwerp. Vervolgens, ze hebben geanalyseerd wat de responstijd, evenals het niveau van de reactie, was.

Al die onderzoeken hebben benadrukt dat de organisatiestructuur van het desbetreffende bedrijf precies kan worden voorspeld. Dat is met name door het creëren van een specifieke hiërarchie van het reactievermogen. The most responsive entities (individuals) are placed at the bottom of the organization. Aan de andere kant, the entities that have the least response rate are placed at the top.

Zoals je misschien beseffen, these Chronemic models have the power to predict. This predictive power can then be used for future purposes as well. Bijvoorbeeld, they can be used to build future communication technology. Such technology would matter in predicting the responsiveness of the individuals of different hierarchies. These predictions will be done determining the position of these entities in the respective organization.

What does Chronemics have to do with Time Management

When it comes to the field of time management, Chronemics can (and will) affect substantially. Many technology solutions are developed to track time management, and more solutions will emerge in the future. Niettemin, Chronemics show that there is a massive variation when it comes to different cultures.

Most of the North American countries have the reputation of monochronic. The same reputation is associated with the Western cultures as well. That means they expect that the tasks should be completed in a sequential manner. Ook, they are well-structured, and they are extremely conscious about the time. Niettemin, other cultures maintain an approach called polychronic. Mainly Asian and Latin American countries are renowned for such an approach. As per this culture, they don’t have a very strong focus on account for the individual measures of time. In plaats daarvan, they are exceptionally conscious about aspects such as tradition, freedom as well as the relationships.

Here are the characteristics of both Monochronic individuals and polychronic individuals.

Monochronic People

  • They always prefer to do one thing at a time rather than doing many things at once.
  • They always concentrate on the tasks that are set before each of them.
  • These people consider time commitments in a very serious way. Bijvoorbeeld, they consider deadlines and schedules seriously.
  • They are usually low-context in nature, and they need information.
  • They are committed to the job they do and even the final outcome of the job.
  • And they always dedicate themselves to the plans that were implemented focusing on them.
  • And they always have a concern about privacy as well as individual ownership.
  • These individuals generally emphasize aspects like prompt time recognition. Dat is, regardless of the type of relationship and the circumstances.
  • They always have a powerful tendency to build relationships that are temporary but practical.

Polychronic People

  • As opposed to the previous category, these individuals can handle various tasks at a time.
  • They have a tendency to concentrate on events that are taking place around them.
  • They always have a tendency to consider their objectives, such as goals and results pretty seriously.
  • Polychronic individuals always have information with them, and they are high-context every time.
  • They are substantially committed to individuals as well as for the relationships.
  • They always change plans, and they don’t take much trouble doing so.
  • And they have a strong concentration on the community as well as the shared connections.
  • They tend to emphasize response depending on the type of relationship and other circumstances.
  • They always tend to build strong relationships that last for a lifetime and devoted to familial relationships.

The above lists will be able to provide you a strong idea about the characteristics of these individuals. Those who develop solutions should be able to take all those aspects into consideration. Anders, the output will not be that human-friendly or useful.

Zoals u kan zien, their behaviors are pretty complicated. En, it requires a lot of studies to realize these characteristics and merge them with the individuals. A good designer or a developer will come up with the best possible solution as a result of studying.

The comparison between Multitasking and Single Focus when it comes to tech design

Zoals eerder vermeld, cultural influences can definitely play a very important role in technological inventions. When the solutions are designed for a specific user base, Dit aspect moet zeer serieus worden overwogen.

Eigenlijk, culturen die houden van een monochronic benadering kunnen waarde een specifieke set van hulpmiddelen. Dat de middelen die zij aspecten zoals achten verminderd afleiding, meer focus, en vast te houden aan een welomschreven, gestructureerd proces. Als het gaat om polychronic culturen, de dingen zijn verschillend zoals we volgens de details verwachten. Deze cultuur waarde hulpmiddelen die ondersteuning bieden voor de meer multitasking-weergave. Eigenlijk, tools die aspecten bieden zoals dashboards of aspecten zoals relatie status bieden meer vrijheid. Because of this freedom, the workers are capable of switching between assigned tasks with ease. When such switching happens on a daily basis, the workers will have more freedom and peace of mind to adhere to it.

When it comes to the design of technology solutions, it is actually becoming extremely complex. There are plenty of hardware and software solutions (and combination of both) to cater the basic needs. Echter, innovative technology is emerging, and it is growing at an incredible speed. Technology evolves with the intention of providing wonders for all of us in the near future. When it comes to innovative technology, we will be able to experience exceptional designs and features. These tools will be having the smartness of understanding the human behaviors of various cultures. These solutions will definitely have the ability to merge into the lives of individual users in various ways.

Professional and experienced tech designers are doing their best to explore broader areas of human psychology. They do their studies very hard. They intend to find all the possible ways to ensure that technology is smarter than ever. As long as these tools get smarter, they become more useful to the future workforce. One of those areas is the anthropological study of Chronemics.

Chronemics in the context of design advantage

We have mentioned a few concepts in this article. These concepts actually are only some of the options selected from various other options. As we already know, Chronemics is perfect voor snijden met de wereld van technologie. Dus, elke ontwerper of een ontwikkelaar die wil werken met tech zal hebben verschillende manieren van communicatie. Daarom, een grondig begrip van Chronemics zal een duidelijk voordeel van deze ontwikkelaars instellen.

Goed, als waarheid worden verteld, Chronemics is a complex subject. Meester en krijgen een duidelijk idee over het, u moet een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid van de studies op het. De toekomstige tech oplossingen die zullen we ervaren zou berusten op al die aspecten.

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