How to Convert Netflix to MP4 or Netflix to MP3

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Netflix and Netflix to MP4

By now, everyone must be aware of Netflix, which is undoubtedly an excellent source of entertainment. It offers many original television series that are not available on any other source. Netflix is a subscription-based service. To avail the services of Netflix, you need to pay a certain amount of money. But after some time, your subscription expires. What if you want to watch the shows even after your subscription has expired? Many third-party sources that allow you to download Netflix to MP4 or Convert Netflix to MP3 content to watch it offline.

Part 1: 5 best video downloaders in 2020 for Netflix to MP4

If your Netflix subscription has expired, don’t take the stress. We have got some really easy methods to download Netflix videos and watch it offline on your personal computers.

Besides, if you have problems with Netflix site error or Netflix Not Loadingthese are just for you.

1. iTube Studio

iTube Studio is the best video downloader for Netflix. It is easy to use, and the content is accessible within a few clicks. If you wish to enjoy Netflix on your device, iTube Studio is an amazing choice. iTube HD supports 10000+ websites to record and download videos. You can further convert the recorded or downloaded videos to any other format for various uses.

Features of iTube Studio

  • Download videos via multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix, Metacafe, and more than 10000 websites
  • Record videos from online websites, including ‘unable to download websites’
  • Convert recorded or downloaded videos into MP3, AVI, M4A, WMV, and various other formats
  • Export downloaded songs or videos to iTunes and send to Android devices and iOS devices
  • In-built with a multimedia player to play audio/video files of different formats
  • Facilitates private mode to shield your Netflix download data with a security password that you can create yourself
  • Preset download to the devices that will allow you to view videos on iPhone and some other devices as well

Download iTube Studio

Now, we will guide you on the process of downloading videos from Netflix by recording on your PC.

Steps to download

1). Open the iTube Netflix to MP4 downloader

Download the iTube Studio HD downloader and install it on PC. Launch the downloader to view the main page.

2). Head to the Record section

After opening the downloader, open the record section and tap on the Record option. This option is available at the left corner of the window.

3). Adjustment of recording frame

Open Netflix and search for the video that you want to watch and record. You will be required to make some adjustments in the recording frame. This process is necessary to go with the video screen on PC. After adjusting the frame, select the record button to commence the recording. In some time, you can easily play your video.

4). Terminate the recording

As soon as the recording is finished, you can see the video in the ‘Recorded’ tab. On the recorded video at the right side, you will notice two choices, ‘add to transfer list’ and ‘add to convert list.’ With the assistance of these options, you can convert the videos that you have recorded to any format of your choice. Transmit the recorded videos to your device.
Convert Netflix to MP4

You can follow these steps to download mp4 from Netflix using iTube Studio HD downloader. Not only Netflix but this downloader allows you to download videos from many other websites as well. If you are looking for a good video downloader, then iTube is the best option for you. It is easy to use and works smoothly.

Try iTube Studio

2. PlayLater

This is a very good video downloader for Netflix to mp4. You can download streaming movies and shows from Netflix and other streaming websites as well. After downloading it, you can watch them at your convenience. With the help of PlayLater, you have the liberty to download Netflix videos on Android devices, PC, and iOS devices. As soon as you install this downloader, use the in-built search engine to look for the content that you want to watch and record the same.
Netflix to MP4 with Playlater


  • The interface is good and convenient to handle


  • You have to invest some money to use the recording option
  • Sometimes, the interface is confusing; users are unable to search what they wish to
  • The quality of the recording is average

3. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

This software is an excellent screen capture, which allows you to download shows from Netflix on your PC. You will be required to set up some parameters before downloading the videos. After setting up the parameters, start recording the video that you wish to watch.

After you have recorded the desired video, use the in-built options to sharpen the videos.
Netflix to MP4 with Movavi


  • This software is of good assistance and offers various features
  • In-built options to edit the video


  • The parameters asked before recording are not easy
  • It is only free of cost for a week
  • The recorded videos lack frames sometimes

4. Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

This recorder is a very professional Netflix video downloader. Apowersoft Mac Screen offers a smart work scheduler and a powerful video converter together. You can utilize the Mac OS screen recorder to record streaming Netflix to mp4 videos. When recording finishes, the video that is downloaded by you will be stored as a MOV in the folder. Using the in-built converter, you can convert the video recording to various other formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, and various other formats.


  • Easy to record on MAC operating system
  • Ability to schedule tasks for capturing videos


  • Video quality is average
  • File management function is not good
  • The screen can’t be recorded on the secondary monitor

5. Allavsoft

This downloader downloads movies and videos from more than 100 sites, which includes Netflix. Along with downloading Netflix to mp4 videos, Allavsoft offers an in-built option to convert your videos to any format that you want.
Netflix to MP4 with allavsoft video downloader


  • Download videos in one step
  • High-quality videos
  • Convert your videos to any format


  • Free trial up to 5 video downloads
  • Not a lot of download options
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Part 2: Learn to convert Netflix to MP4 or convert Netflix to MP3

If you want to download Netflix videos into MP4 or MP3 format, you have to use iSkysoft video converter. This converter permits you to record HD videos from 10000+ websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vudu, and others. You can also convert downloaded videos to MP3 audio format.

Get iSkysoft Video Converter

Process 1: Netflix videos to convert Netflix to MP4 by copying URL

A detailed guide to convert videos by copying the URL is mentioned below. This guide will help you to get the video from Netflix to MP4 pr from Netflix to MP3 format. Read the steps to find out how.


1. Copy and paste the video URL

Open the Video Converter and paste the video URL that you have copied from the website. The converter will analyze the link and start the download process.

2. Convert Netflix to MP4

Wait for some time, and you will notice that your video is converted in MP4 format. Converted videos go to the ‘Finished’ tab.

Netflix to MP3 with iskysoft

3.Convert Netflix to MP3

If you prefer to convert Netflix to MP3 format, please just select “MP3” as output format.

Process 2: Netflix to MP4 by recording

Record the video via ‘iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate’ and your video will be converted to MP4 format. It is a simple process, keep following the steps.

Features of ‘iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate.’

  • Download videos into MP4 or MP3 without the loss of video quality at a very quick pace
  • Conversion of videos into more than 150 formats
  • Trim, rotate, or crop videos by this URL to MP4 converter
  • Easy burn videos to DVD and songs to CD
  • Transfer, compress, and record videos


1. Select ‘Record video.’

Open the program and select ‘Download’ on the home page. After this, select ‘Record video.’

2. Record Netflix

The ‘Record’ setting will appear on the screen. Select how to record Netflix to MP4. You have the liberty to choose either a full screen or the area that you wish to record. Tap on record option to begin the process. There will be a stop option to stop the recording if you wish to.

3. Finish recording

The software will record your video into MP4. The video will be stored in iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. Move to the ‘Finish’ tab to enjoy Netflix offline. To save your recording as MP3 format, please select MP3 as output format. That’s how to download and convert Netflix to MP3 or MP4.
record Netflix to MP4 with iSKysoft

Try iSkysoft Video Converter

There are multiple ways to download videos from Netflix to MP3 or MP4 on your PC. If you can’t download, then use the conversion option to MP4 format and enjoy watching. We hope that you find this information useful and use it in the future. Thanks for reading the article.

Part 3: Tips while downloading Netflix videos on your PC

You are already aware of the best Netflix video downloaders; it is time to acknowledge a few tips while downloading videos on your PC.

1. Netflix Restrictions

The services of Netflix are available in 190+ countries. They cover maximum countries across the globe, but there are a few exceptions, such as Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and China. So, it is important to know if Netflix is accessible in your region.

2. Storage space

Make sure that your PC has enough storage to save high-quality Netflix videos. All the video downloaders have the capability to load HD videos, but if your storage is low, then there will be quality loss.

3. The best browser to play videos from Netflix

Many people use Chrome to browse videos from Netflix, but they are unaware of the fact that streaming on Chrome is just till 720p. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy HD videos, use Microsoft EDGE or Internet Explorer (IE).

4. Unable to obtain Netflix in 4K or HD

Netflix usually takes time to load HD or 4K videos. Your internet connection also plays a huge role in doing so. Therefore, make sure that you are connected to a good and high-speed network. Downloading Netflix videos and watching these videos offline is less annoying and comfortable too.


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