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Gick inte att skapa Java Virtual Machine

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Det finns många datorprogram utvecklas baserat på Java. När användare kör dessa program, they are supposed to run smoothly. Men, in some instances, errors can pop up and terminate the launch of the respective software. This is usually happening by displaying the error message starts withgick inte att skapa Java virtual machine …’. If you see this message, the next thing you would experience is that the Java program is stopped. Brunn, have you ever experienced this errorgick inte att skapa Java virtual machine …’ fel? Om så är fallet, this article explains the fixes to it. Så, Läs på.

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What causes ‘could not create the Java virtual machine’ fel?

There are several causes behind this issue. Mentioned below are some of those reasons.

  • If Java is invoked with the wrong arguments
    Or if you use unstable software (be it a game or any other app), this issue can occur.
  • If Java global maximum heap memory is not high enough
    This is among the most common causes for sure. I detta fall, you will have to allocate more memory to resolve the issue.
  • If Java executable file and application is not granted administrative privileges
    To solve this, you should provide administrative privileges.

How to fix ‘Could not create the Java virtual machine’ fel?

As emphasized in the first paragraph of this article, we are going to explain how to fix this error. I själva verket, there are multiple solutions to this error so you should pick the most appropriate one for you. Let’s read on.

Fixa 01: Configure a new system variable

Configuring a new system variable for Java is our fist solution to this error. ‘Could not create the Java virtual machineerror actually appear when there is not enough memory for it. Med andra ord, Java requires a substantial amount of memory, and when there is not enough memory, it stops. Det innebär, some of the machines that have larger memory capacity experience this issue rarer compared to other machines. Some of the users have found a solution to this issue simply by expanding the RAM allocated to Java. Brunn, to allocate more memory to Java, you may try the following steps and get it done. We use this option as the first method because it is a very easy process.

  • Som ett första steg, you should open theKöracommand in your computer. Att göra detta, there are a couple of ways. You can hit Window key and ‘Rkey on the keyboard simultaneously to getKöradialog box opened. Om inte, you can hit Windows key and typeKörain the search box and select the ‘Run’ alternativet.
  • No matter which method you select, bara att gå till ‘Köra.’ Once theKöra‘ dialogrutan öppnas, you will see a search bar as well. In this search bar, enter the textsysdm.cpl‘. Sedan, press the button labeledOkej.’ You will now see a different window. This Window will comprise the titleSystemegenskaper.’

  • On this Window calledSystemegenskaper,’ you should select the tap labeledAvancerad‘ fliken. Enligt detta alternativ, you will find a button calledEnvironment Variables.’ This will lead you to another window.

  • Klicka på alternativet märkt ‘Nyawhich is located underSystem variables.’
  • Nu, you should enter_JAVA_OPTIONS.’ This should be entered inside the Variable name text box.

  • Efter det, you should enter_Xmx512Mwithin the Variable value text box. Brunn, this option will increase RAM allocation by 512 megabyte.

  • Nu, att slutföra processen, ska du klicka på den ‘Okej‘ knappen.
  • Därefter, Du kan trycka på den ‘Okejbutton on theEnvironmental Windows‘ samt.
  • Det är det, and 512MB RAM will be allocated.

Fixa 02: Make ‘Runas an Administrator Option for Java

If the previous option doesn’t work for you, you will have to try a different option. Om det spelar ’ t arbete, Det innebär, the error might be something else. I själva verket, ‘Could not create the Java virtual machine …can occur due to insufficient admin rights to Java. Om du använder Windows 10, you can fix the issue using the following steps.

  • In Windows 10, you should open Cortana. Att göra detta, you should hit Windows Key withQkey on the keyboard.
  • Nu, you will see a search box appearing. In this box, Ange ‘Java.’
  • Sedan, du kommer att kunna se den ‘Java‘ alternativet. Right-click on this option and then select the option calledOpen File Location.’

  • This option will open the folder of Java in the File Explorer window.
  • You can now go to the java.exe file and then right-click on it. You will then be able to select theEgenskaper‘ alternativet.

  • You can then select the tab labeledKompatibilitet.’

  • After selecting theKompatibilitet‘ alternativet, Du bör välja ‘Run this program as an administrator.
  • To complete the process, Du bör välja alternativet kallas ‘Apply.’
  • Klicka på ‘Okejso you can finish the process.

Fixa 03: Install Java once again

If none of the above options have worked so far, the cause of the issue might be something different. Så, as another remedy, you should try to reinstall Java and check if it resolved the issue. After reinstalling Java, you can expectCould not create the Java virtual machineerror to be gone.

Så, to get it done, you should first uninstall the existing version of Java. För att, you must go to control panel of the machine. To access the control panel, there are several options you can consider. Till exempel, you can either choose a long way or a shortcut. Som vi tror, entering the textappwiz.cpl.’ inom ‘Körabox is the most convenient way.

  • Sedan, i sökrutan, you should enterJava.’ Om inte, you can simply scroll down until you find the option calledJava.’
  • Nu, select the option labeledJava‘ och klicka sedan på ‘Avinstallera.’
  • You may now click onJa‘ i bekräftelserutan som kommer popup.
  • Nu, Starta om Windows-datorn efter installationen.
  • Open a web browser of your preference and go to the Java download page.

  • Se till att du väljer lämplig programvaruversion för operativsystemet som körs på datorn. Till exempel, Om du har 32-bitars Windows OS, Du bör välja 32-bitars Java filen. Men, om operativsystemet körs på 64-bitars, Du bör välja 64-bitarsversionen med detta. Om du är tveksam om vilken version, you may try installing both of the Java files. Att göra detta, you should go to the Windows Offline file.
  • No matter whether you have selected 32-bit version eller 64-bit version, you must open Java setup wizard now.
  • Klicka på alternativet märkt ‘Installerawhich appears as a button on this setup wizard you have just launched.

Brunn, that is exactly how to fixCould not create the Java virtual machine ….’ Fråga. This is also known as Java Virtual Machine fatal error. Som vi tror, the resolutions we have mentioned above can address this issue for good. Once the issue is fixed, you will be able to run the required Java software without any issue.
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