As one of the most impressive data recovery tools out there, Recoverit has a lot to offer. Regardless of what the situation is or how you lost your data, this program can be used to recover it. The main recovery features of Recoverit are:

In this official guide, we’ll be walking you through how to use each of these features. After you download and install Recoverit, make sure that you register it (you’ll be emailed a registration key after purchasing the program), and you will then be able to follow any of the solutions that we’ve detailed here.

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Deleted Files Recovery

This first method will explain how to recover files that you had lost as a result of accidental deletion or power loss.

Step #1 – Open the Recoverit program and from the main menu, click on “Deleted File Recovery”.

Step #2 – A list of hard drives will be shown. Select the hard drive that contained the data you lost and click on “Start” to have it scanned.

Step #3 – Recoverit will perform a quick scan to detect your data. Once the scan is complete, you can browse through all of your data to locate the lost files.

Step #4 – Select the accidentally deleted data, click on the “Recover” button, and choose a safe location to have the files restored to.

Should this method not yield the results you were hoping for then instead, use the “All Around Recovery” solution.

Recycle Bin Recovery

If you emptied your recycling bin when it contained files that you needed, you could use these steps to recover those files.

Step #1 – Launch Recoverit and once the program has opened, click on the “Recycle Bin Recovery” option.

Step #2 – The recovery tool will automatically run a scan to detect any recoverable files from your recycle bin.

Step #3 – Once the scan has concluded, use the menu on the left to locate and preview the data you want to recover.

Step #4 – Check the box next to each file, click on the “Recover” option, and choose a file location where you want the files to be restored to.

Alternatively, if your lost files aren’t shown, click on “Deep Scan” at the bottom-left. This scan will take significantly longer although, it is more thorough.

Formatted Disk Recovery

Have you lost files as a result of formatting a storage device? Not all hope is lost, and with Recoverit, you can get your lost files back.

Step #1 – Open the Recoverit program and select “Formatted Disk Recovery” from the main menu. If you want to retrieve data from an external storage device, then connect it now.

Step #2 – The following menu will show all of the available storage devices. Select the formatted device and click “Start” to continue.

Step #3 – A quick scan will be run which should take only a few minutes.

Step #4 – Once the scan is complete, you can browse the detected files using the “Tree View” on the left. Check the box next to any data that you want to recover, click “Recover”, and select the folder where you want the data to be restored to.

Alternatively, if the Formatted Disk Recovery feature doesn’t detect the lost data, click on “Deep Scan” at the bottom of the program. A more in-depth scan will be run, and hopefully, your lost data will be detected.

Lost Partition Recovery

Partitions can be really useful for separating your data, but partitions aren’t exempt from the risk of data corruption. The guide below can be used to recover lost partition data using Recoverit.

Step #1 – Launch Recoverit and on the main screen that is shown, click on “Lost Partition Recovery”.

Step #2 – Click on the hard drive where the partition is located and then press the “Start” button.

Step #3 – After the scan has finished, go through the files that have been found and select the ones that you want to have recovered.

Step #4 – Lastly, click on “Recover”, choose somewhere to save the recovered data, and you’re done.

Failing this, you can try the “All Around” data recovery option instead. This is more intrusive and is guaranteed to detect the data that you lost.

External Devices Recovery

This recovery feature can be used for when you have lost data on a memory stick or an external hard drive. All you have to do is plug the device in and follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Load Recoverit and click on “External Devices Recover”. Connect the external storage device that you want to use to recover data.

Note: if the recovery tool prompts you to connect your device even though it is already connected, try disconnecting it and then connecting it again.

Step #2 – All of your connected storage devices will be shown on screen. Click on the one that you want to recover data from and click on “Start” to have it scanned.

Step #3 – The scan should take only a few minutes, and once it’s complete, any lingering data that can be recovered will be shown.

Step #4 – Browse all of the files that have been detected and after selecting the data that you have lost, click on “Recover”.

Using Recoverit for recovering data is the best way to ensure that the files aren’t damaged. You can connect any type of storage device and use the guide above as needed.

Virus Attack Data Recovery

Virus attacks can be stressful enough when they wreak havoc on your computer and when your personal files are corrupted, it gets even worse. Using the steps below, you can recover data that has been lost as a result of a virus attack.

Step #1 – Open the Recoverit data recovery tool and once it loads, click on “Virus Attack Recovery”. On the following display, click “Next” to proceed.

Step #2 – You’ll then be prompted to choose a storage device to have scanned. Select the appropriate disk and then click “Start” to begin the scan.

Step #3 – While it depends on how much available storage capacity the device has; the scan should take only a few minutes.

Step #4 – When the scan is finished, browse through the different folders using the menu on the left and select any of the data that you had lost after the virus attack.

Step #5 – Lastly, click on “Recover”, select a new folder to recover the data to, and you’re done!

By using this feature of Recoverit, you don’t have to worry about viruses costing you any personal or important data that is stored on your computer. With such a high success rate, it’s more than likely that your data will be returned.

System Crash Data Recovery

Computers are far from perfect, and if you run into an issue where you have to factory reset your laptop or computer, the last thing you want is to lose your data. Fortunately, Recoverit can be used to extract your data successfully.

Step #1 – Launch the Recoverit program and click on “System Crash Data Recovery” from the main menu.

Step #2 – You’ll be asked to create a bootable media device. This is a key step in recovering data from a broken computer, and you’ll be shown how to do so on-screen.

Note: you can use a blank CD, memory stick or external hard drive for this process but be aware that any of the data stored on the bootable device will be wiped.

Step #3 – Click “Start”, select the type of media device that you’ll be using, select the drive of the device that you’re using, and click on “Format Now”.

Step #4 – On the warning window, click “Format Now”. It will take a few minutes for the media storage device to be formatted.

Step #5 – Once it has been turned into a bootable device, steps will be shown on display. These steps will detail how to use the newly created device in order to recover your data.

Computer problems can already be very frustrating, and by extracting your data, you can minimize how frustrating the situation is. This method is a little bit more complicated than the other solutions of Recoverit, but it can be useful.

All Around Recovery

The most useful feature of Recoverit is “All Around Recovery”. This is a flexible feature that can be used for a wide range of different data loss situations, and we have detailed how to use it below.

Step #1 – From the main menu of Recoverit, click on “All Around Recovery”.

Step #2 – Select a storage device from the following list. If your hard drive isn’t listed then click on “I can’t find my partitions” at the bottom of the display, this is where you’ll likely find it. Click on “Start” to proceed.

Step #3 – All Around Recovery is a lot more thorough than the other scanning options in Recoverit, and as such, it’ll take significantly longer. Depending on the device, it could take as long as 30 minutes.

Step #4 – Once the scan is complete, you can freely browse every file that is stored on the selected device. Go through the directories on the left and locate the files that you want to have restored.

Step #5 – After choosing the files to have recovered, click on “Recover”, choose somewhere to have the files recovered to, and within a few seconds the recovery will be complete.

You’ll find that if none of the other recovery features are effective, this will be. It is incredibly thorough, deep scans any device, and has proven to be very efficient when it comes to data recovery.

To Conclude

Recoverit is one of the best data recovery programs out there, and regardless of how you lost your data, this is the program that you should use if you want it to be restored. Whether you accidentally deleted data, had a computer virus, or your hard drive corrupted, Recoverit will save your files.

Download Recoverit Windows Version Download Recoverit Mac Version