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修復方法 “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示” 錯誤

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有時, 每個人都在為這個問題而掙扎 “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示“. 外部, 內部, 和硬碟磁碟機不會顯示到不同的水準. There are times when these drives resist recognizing in computers but can be avail in Disk Management. 然而, you cannot find these drives anywhere in some cases.

在這樣的情況下, you have to initialize new disks, update disk drivers, perform a drive format, 等. 另一方面, these actions can also result in data loss while fixing the issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示” in your Windows PC. 所以, it is better to recover your data beforehand to avoid permanent data loss.

有時, when users plug in their USB devices or external hard drives, they find that their Seagate external hard drives are not showing up on their PC. If the problem persists frequently, it could result in permanent data loss. The issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示” frustrates a lot of users. To get rid of this problem, make use of the fixes mentioned in this article. You can easily access missing hard drives on your computer through these amazing fixes.

Let’s move on to our list of different fixes to resolve this annoying error without facing any data loss.

Situation 1: New hard drives not recognized by PC

When your computer does not recognize a new hard drive, you can resolve this issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示” in the following way.

修復步驟 “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”:

In order to fix this error, follow some guidelines to get your hard drive recognized by your computer.

一步 1: Reconnect the drive

第一步, you have to plug in power and SATA cables into the drive. 現在, place SATA cable to the port on the motherboard. Turn on your PC to check if the hard drive works or not. 如果不是, it does not mean your drive is dead, but you have to initialize it first.

一步 2: 選擇 “初始化磁片”

下一個, visit the menu開始” 並點擊 “磁片管理“. You have to right-click on the new disk that shows up as “未知” 從那裡. 選擇選項 “初始化磁片“. 然後, opt for the partition style from the options like GptMbr. 水龍頭 “好.“.

一步 3: Make partitions

You have to create partitions on the new drive by opening Disk Management. 現在, make partitions to get your drive recognized by your PC. 為此, you have to right-tap onUnallocated space” 然後 “New Simple Volume“. 水龍頭 “下一個to assign partition size, file system, 磁碟機號, 等. and end the process with “完成”.

現在, your computer will start to recognize the new drive. You are all set to save data and files on the drive as usual.

Situation 2: Hard drives did not show up in Disk Management

This is a frustrating issue when your drive shows up in Disk Management but not on your computer. In order to resolve the error “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”, you should format your drive in the first place. 同時, you will lose all the data on your drive.

You can perform this task without data loss by taking off inaccessible data before formatting the drive. 所以, follow some guideline to recover your data.

Steps to recover data from the hard drive:

One cannot access the data that is saved on the drive in the situation where Seagate external hard drive not showing up. You can restore all the precious data with the help of a professional tool like 資料恢復嚮導. This software works in the situation when Disk Management detects your drive but not the system.

所以, follow some simple steps as listed below to get hands on your precious data.

一步 1: 下載 easeus

最初, you have to download and install EaseUS data recovery tool on your system. Select the hard drive from where you lost data and then, open the same drive on the data recovery tool.

一步 2: 水龍頭 “掃描”

You have to click on the button掃描“. The scanning process will finish in a while depending on the storage capacity of the drive. Till then, you have to wait patiently.

一步 3: 選擇 “恢復”

On completion of the scanning process, select the button恢復to recover all your lost data. You can take help of options like Extra files, 搜索, 篩選器, 等. to locate the desired files on the drive.

Steps for formatting the drive:

To resolve the issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”, you have to perform a format on the drive after recovering your important files via EaseUS Data Recovery tool.

一步 1: 水龍頭 “輸入”

第一步, 按鍵 “Windows key+R” 在一起, 然後, 類型 “diskmgmt 理學碩士in the dialog box. 現在, 自來水 “輸入” 在那之後.

一步 2: 按一下 “格式”

You have to right click on the drive partition from Disk Management. 選擇選項 “格式” 在那之後.

一步 3: 水龍頭 “O.K.

Select the cluster size and file system from the prompt window and tap好.lastly.

現在, your hard drive will show up on your system. You can restore your files on to the drive once again.

Situation 3: External Devices not recognized by PC

When you cannot locate your hard drive on Disk Management or Computer, you can try methods as listed below to get rid of the issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”.

方法 1: Check the connection

首先, you have to check whether the USB cable is working perfectly or not. You have to replace it on finding any issue with it. 第二, you can try to plug the hard drive in a different port. 第三, you have to check if your hard drive works on another computer or not. If you could not find any issue with any of these things, then there is no problem related to hardware. You can continue with the next method.

方法 2: Update driver on Windows PC

In order to resolve the error “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”, you can try to update the disk driver on your system. The steps for the same include the following:

一步 1: 選擇 “屬性by right-clicking on我的電腦“.

一步 2: 水龍頭 “裝置管理員from the left taskbar and spread outUniversal Serial Bus Controllers“. If your driver is outdated, you will notice a yellow-colored exclamation sign.

一步 3: 選擇 “更新驅動程式” 然後, opt for the optionSearch automatically for updated driver software“.

方法 3: Modify the drive letter

You will need to modify the drive letter of the hard drive after updating the driver. This will protect your drive against signature collisions, which may lead to issues related to detection. The steps for changing the drive letter are as follows:

一步 1: Press keysWindows key+Rtogether and type indiskmgmt 理學碩士in the box. 按一下 “輸入“.

一步 2: You have to search for the external drive and chooseChange Drive Letter and Pathsby right-clicking on the drive.

一步 3: Allow the drive’s drive letter and press好.to keep all the modifications. 現在, your device will probably show up in Windows PC.

另一方面, there is another reliable and safe software to fix the issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”. This recovery software is called Recoverit 資料恢復, which helps you to recover data from hard drives.

Unique features of Recoverit Data Recovery Software:

Steps to fix the issue “希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示”:

一步 1: Download Recoverit on your system and select the recovery mode as外部設備恢復“.

下載恢復視窗 為 Mac 下載恢復

一步 2: 現在, connect your drive to the computer and make sure it gets detected by the system. 水龍頭 “下一個” 要開始恢復過程.

一步 3: Choose the drive location and select the button開始to scan files. After a quick scan, you will be able to see lost files. 如果不是, try the mode全面恢復“.

一步 4: You can now see lost or deleted files and click恢復to retrieve the lost data on the system.

因此, you no longer have to struggle with the issue希捷外部硬碟磁碟機未顯示“. With the help of these methods, you can easily get rid of this annoying issue but do not forget to recover files beforehand. Make use of data recovery tools like Recoverit資料恢復 Software to retrieve files from the drive.




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