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如何修复错误 “找不到入口点”

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如今, 大多数 Windows 用户使用最新的操作系统, Windows 10. 这是一个非常受欢迎的操作系统,它配备了许多功能以及改进. 然而, this Windows version is not free from bugs or errors despite its popularity.

Many users keep on reporting issues with Windows 10 every now and then. 这里, we are going to discuss how to fix the most annoying error in Windows 10, 即. 找不到入口点. Several users face this frustrating error when they open certain applications.

错误 “找不到入口点even affects other programs and applications. These programs begin to perform lethargic, whereas it becomes difficult to start some applications. 无疑, it is the most irritating error faced by users in the Windows 10 操作系统. If you are struggling with this error, then know about the various fixes in this article. 在此之前, know about the possible causes.

One faces the error “找不到入口点” 由于各种原因. 这里, we are going to jot down some common reasons behind this annoying error. After knowing the problems, you can look for various methods to resolve the issue.

Reasons behind the Error “找不到入口点”

所以, let’s know about the most common reasons behind this error!

  • This error occurs due to fraudulent system files.
  • One faces this issue because of corruption in registry entries.
  • The error appears due to broken programs and applications.
  • It even occurs because of malware or virus, where they corrupt the system files.
  • This error appears due to the offensive system shutdown.

How to fix the error “找不到入口点”

After getting to know about reasons, it is time to resolve this issue through various methods. 错误 “找不到入口点” can be fixed using the below mentioned fixes. Let’s know about these methods without further delay.

方法 1: 修复 “找不到入口点” by scanning for virus

The first and foremost thing that you should do is scan your computer against malware or virus. The sole reason behind facing this issue is malware or virus, as most people believe. These malware damages or corrupt the system file.

因此, you should scan your computer using the best anti-malware or antivirus programs. 以这种方式, you will get rid of malware or viruses from your Windows PC.

方法 2: 修复 “找不到入口点” by performing a system file scan

Another effective way to resolve the error “找不到入口点” is by opting for a checker scan against system files. It will help users to find the issue and then, fix the damaged system files or other issues.

Steps to fix the error “找不到入口点”:

To perform a system file checker scan, 通过下面的步骤:

步骤 1: Press the Start tab

放在首位, you have to right-click on the button “开始”. 在那之后, 只需点击 “命令提示符 (Admin)”.

步骤 2: Enter the password

下一个, you will be asked to insert the administrator password. 所以, type the password and wait for the confirmation window. 现在, just press the buttonO.K.

步骤 3: 把 “sfc / scannow

在那之后, you have to put insfc/scannowin the dialog box of Command Prompt.

步骤 4: 点击 “输入”

最后, you just have to press the button “输入”.

After performing the command, your computer will begin checking the corrupted or damaged system files. 曾经做过, it will begin to repair those files.

方法 3: 修复 “找不到入口点” by performing a system restore

In order to fix the issue, “找不到入口点”, you need to carry out a system restore. It helps users to undo the recent changes made to the system. 经常, errors like “找不到入口点” occur due to the latest changes made. 若要解决此错误, 按照下面给出的说明进行操作.

修复步骤 “找不到入口点”:

To perform a system restore, follow some simple steps as listed below.

步骤 1: 水龙头 “开始”

首先, you have to tap on the tab “开始”.

步骤 2: 把 “系统还原”

现在, 您需要键入 “系统还原” 在搜索列中. 在那之后, just hit the button “输入”.

步骤 3: 选择 “系统还原”

From the given results, you need to select the option “系统还原”

步骤 4: 把 “Administrator Passwords

下一个, a prompt window will appear, where you have to insertAdministrator Passwords”.

步骤 5: Restore the system

In order to choose the restore point, you need to keep following the instructions in the Wizard. 曾经做过, you are all set to restore the system.

方法 4: 修复 “找不到入口点” via Windows Repair Tool

另一方面, you can scan your system with some professional tool like Windows Repair Tool to find the error and fix the “找不到入口点”. Windows Repair Tool is designed especially with advanced algorithms to resolve errors automatically. This repair utility helps users to mend the Windows operating system against damages occurred by viruses.

Windows Repair Tool is more than just a repair tool. If you want to know about its special features, refer to below. 这里, we are listing some of the special features of this interesting tool. All of these features are present even in its free version. 所以, have a look at some of them!

的独特特点 Windows Repair Tool:

  • This tool helps to produce and restore registry backups.
  • Windows Repair Tool runs all typical repairs and applications.
  • It is a free tool that one can use personally.
  • It’s pro version offers features like memory cleaner, improved drive cleaner, automatic updates, speed tweaks, 等.
  • Windows Repair Tool assists in restoring Windows original settings to fix problems outright.
  • It fixes Windows problems like Windows updates, Internet Explorer issues, Firewall issues, file permissions errors, registry issues, 和更多.

同时, you enjoy lots of additional features with the pro version of Windows Repair Tool. 这里, you are liable to receive automatic updates. 另外, you get an improved Windows drive cleaner and memory cleaner.

The Windows Repair Tool pro version allows you to run custom scripts and speed tweaks after repairing issues. This tool also features Windows Quick Link menu for easier accessibility. It even helps to enhance system performance. Windows Repair Tool adds a trusted installer to any .reg key, 文件夹, or file.

In the latest version of Windows Repair Tool, you enjoy an updated and streamlined interface. It even restores the file system and registry. This tool even allows permission backups. It comes with Windows Firewall Cleanup Utility. Windows Repair Tool even cleans up lost packaging registry. In order to run a malware cleanup, this version shows files tools.

Windows Repair Tool assists in offering an error-free system by fixing all the problems like freezes, crashes, blue-screen, 和很多其他的. Such other errors include Windows error, DLL error, slow computer, mend Registry utilities, blue-screen, PC error, 和更多. Not just that but Windows Repair Tool also optimizes the system performance.

Windows Repair Tool is a really easy-to-use tool that resolves errors automatically. 因此, you do not have to contact any technician for any system-related problem. 所以, it makes a wonderful tool to get rid of several errors in Windows OS.

方法 5: 修复 “找不到入口点” by installing the DLL file

大部分时间, 的 “找不到入口点” error occurs due to the damaged or missing file. One can find that file’s copy in other programs. 从那里, you can create a copy and paste it across. It is a quick and fast fix if you like to resolve the error in some hurry. 为此, you need to use the Windows Explorer and hunt for that specific file.

现在, you have to install the program that comprises of that file. In order to replace that file, 您可以安装 Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package by clicking on it or directly from Microsoft. You can perform the same function on identifying the DLL file in error. It is best to perform this function only if the file source is trustworthy like vendors such as Microsoft.

方法 6: 修复 “找不到入口点” by reinstalling the program

在种情况下, you are coming across the error “找不到入口点” due to a particular program, try to reinstall it. If you own the disc or installer file, you can select or reinstall “修复” 从菜单中. 以这种方式, you can scan and then, replace the missing or damaged file. On overlaying the program, you cannot lose any data or functionality. After performing this function, the error “找不到入口点” will no longer appear.

因此, you can fix the error “找不到入口点” in so many ways. Go through the above-listed methods one by one to find out what works the best for you. 希望, you will be able to get rid of this annoying error successfully.

When it comes to the找不到入口点” 错误, there is nothing called best fix. You just need to choose the fix that you are more comfortable with. 然而, we would suggest going with Windows Repair Tool to resolve frustrating errors like Entry Point Not Found.




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