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Ultima versione di FM WhatsApp per Android – FmWhatsApp

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Uno dei motivi principali per gli individui utilizzare le applicazioni modded è l'aggiunta di funzionalità che offrono. In contrasto con le app originale, modded apps venire con molte caratteristiche differenti che sono davvero cool. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps which has plenty of mods already. Many developers have introduced a large range of mods for this awesome platform with many different features. FMWhatsApp is one of those mods that come with several cool, handy features for users. If you are a WhatsApp user and want to experience features beyond the original app, FMWhatsApp is a great option.

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Why use FMWhatsApp?

Come accennato prima, modded WhatsApp versions have interesting, cool features compared to its original version. These features are not available in WhatsApp original version. If you prefer a more or a personalized, customized messaging app, you may opt to a modded WhatsApp version.

The extra customization feature is the most significant metric that sets modded WhatsApp versions apart from the official app. Compared to the official WhatsApp version, this software might have various options and features. FMWhatsApp allows you to add or disable features to official WhatsApp version. With FM WhatsApp latest version, you will experience plenty of these features. The actual purpose of introducing modded WhatsApp versions is to give you features that aren’t available in original WhatsApp. With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the basic information related to this application.

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Introduction to FMWhatsApp

In poche parole, FMWhatsApp is considered to be one of the best WhatsApp mod applications in the industry today. The popularity of this app has increased over the recent past because of its large range of features. The app is developed by Fouad Apps (by Fouad Mokdad, vale a dire). This app allows you to do various tweaks to WhatsApp original performance. Per esempio, it allows you to hide options like last seen, double ticks as well as blue ticks. In aggiunta a quello, there are various other highly useful features associated with this app.

If you don’t want to use the green color layout of the official WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp is a superb option. That is because it allows you to change the layout easily. Thanks to the flexibility of this app, it allows you to apply different themes from the library. There are thousands of themes included in FMWhatsApp library for you to select from.

As we have already mentioned, FMWhatsApp is not an original app but a mod. This mod cannot be downloaded through the Google Play store for Android devices. Ma, in alternativa, there are some other websites that allow users to download the app. Tuttavia, when downloading this app through external sources, you must be pretty careful about the source. Some of the third-party websites may contain viruses as well. Così, it is always better to choose a reliable website to download FM WhatsApp latest version.

We have done hard work for you, e di conseguenza, we explain how to download FM WhatsApp latest version. We also provide the installation guide for this app. Così, keep reading this article to learn about FMWhatsApp version. Qui il FM WhatsApp scaricare APK is for your info.

Specifiche chiave di questa app;

  • Nome dell'app: FMWhatsApp
  • Ultima versione: 7.99
  • Sviluppato da: Fouad Mods
  • Dimensione dell'app: 52.02 MB
  • Nome del pacchetto: com. FMWhatsApp
  • Tipo dell'app: Mod di WhatsApp
  • Aggiornamento più recente: Giugno 18, 2019

Caratteristiche principali associate con l'ultima versione di FM WhatsApp

Ultima versione di FM WhatsApp è dotato di un considerevole numero di caratteristiche. Abbiamo intenzione di condividere alcuni degli strumenti più interessanti associati con questa app per il vostro riferimento. Leggendo questa sezione, sarete in grado di avere un'idea circa la funzionalità complessiva di questo mod. We are pretty sure that you will opt to download this app soon after reading the features and other specifications of this app. We have put those features in different categories so it will be easier for you.


  • It allows you to replace the default green theme with any layout of your own selection.
  • This app allows you to add a custom theme to the app from the library of themes available.
  • It allows you to change the icon color of the app and make it personalized.

Sulla privacy

  • You will be able to add privacy tweaks to the app. Per esempio, you can hide features like last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, ecc.
  • It allows you to deactivate the video calling features associated with the original version.
  • You can secure the application using the app lock feature included in the modded version.

Exclusive Features

  • With FMWhatsApp, you don’t need to save anyone’s contact details to send a message. Invece, you can just send the message to unsaved contacts directly.
  • The official WhatsApp lets you pin only three chats. Tuttavia, when it comes to FMWhatsApp, it allows you to pin as much as 100 Chat.
  • FMWhatsApp gives you the freedom of changing the colors of the groups you have become a member of. Such an approach helps you find the respective group easily.

Security Features

  • The inbuilt app lock that comes with this app is a really handy one in terms of privacy. Grazie a questa caratteristica, you can easily lock the app without using any third-party tool.
  • In aggiunta a quello, this app allows you to protect all the conversations simply by adding PINs.

Increased limits

  • FMWhatsApp will allow you to send messages to massive groups (sopra 500 individuals at once).
  • It allows you to send more than 60 images simultaneously to any recipient.

Bene, above is the list of features associated with this app. These features are not available with WhatsApp official version. If you really like these features, you can download this app right away and install it on your device.

Pros of FMWhatsApp

  • It has the Anti-delete feature that prevents the recipient from deleting the messages you have sent.
  • It changes the themes of the app through the themes library.
  • You can share over ten images simultaneously with this app.
  • It can share files as large as 700mb.
  • You can pause the internet connection to this app only.
  • It allows you to hide the media from your gallery as a privacy feature.

E, many other pros.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks with FMWhatsApp is that is has a privacy issue. That means the developer of the app will be able to see all the messages you send and receive. E poi, they can even spy on your device.
  • The other notable disadvantage of this modded app is that is functions at a relatively slower speed.
  • Attualmente, WhatsApp is trying to ban the modded alternatives to it. Così, there is a possibility for you to get banned.
  • You might have to uninstall the original WhatsApp version off your device to prevent potential conflicts.

Downloading FMWhatsApp Latest version for your Android device

Come accennato prima, this section of the article emphasizes how to download and install FMWhatsApp latest version. Infatti, many of the individuals have faced various issues when downloading FMWhatsApp on their Android devices. There is no shortage of websites that are already expired, so they are useless. Anche, there are websites that offer broken download links to this app. If you are trying to use one of those resources, you will not be able to download the app. Invece, you can use the method we have mentioned in this article and start downloading the app. We have done research for you and found the best working link for FMWhatsApp.

Qui ’ s il link se volete scaricare gratis FMWhatsApp: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rvi2yq9m64hkihe/FMWA7.99_By_FouadMODS.apk/file

Tuttavia, Sei ancora libero di fare la propria ricerca e trovare altri collegamenti. Ma il link che abbiamo menzionato in questo articolo funziona correttamente, e non c'è assolutamente nessun fastidio. La versione che abbiamo offerto qui è la versione più aggiornata per l'app. È possibile fare clic sul link qui sopra e ottenere il software scaricato.

Una volta scaricato l'app utilizzando il link, è possibile spostare verso il processo di installazione. Tuttavia, Se c'è un problema con la versione offriamo, Basta farci sapere, so we’ll fix it.

Installation of FMWhatsApp

After downloading the modded app (using the link we provided or your own link), procedere con il processo di installazione. We should remind you that the installation process is pretty simple, anche se. Ancora più importante, you don’t need to root your Android device to get this software installed. Anche, please note that you will have to accept installing software from ‘Unknownsources during the installation. That is because this app is from an external source and not from the Google Play Store. Mentioned below is the process to follow to install FM WhatsApp latest version.

Suggerimento: How to let the device to install apps from unknown sources

  • Innanzitutto, go to ‘Settings app of the Android device on which you will install FMWhatsApp.
  • Go to the option called ‘Additional Settings,’ and you will be able to go to the ‘Privacy Menu.
  • Quindi, you should go to ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources’ opzione.
  • After enabling it, you can move to the options mentioned below.

01. Innanzitutto, you should download the app (if you have not downloaded it already).

Download FMWhatsApp

02. Quindi, go to the ‘Downloadsfolder and tap on the file ‘FMWhatsApp Apk’ sul tuo dispositivo.

03. Ora, click on ‘Nextand get the application installed on the Android device.

04. Al completamento dell'installazione, you will have to launch the app simply by clicking on ‘Open.

05. You will now be able to access the interface of FMWhatsApp. You will find this interface to be really similar to the original WhatsApp version.

06. To get your app registered, you should follow the same steps you would follow with the original WhatsApp version.

When it comes to the beginning of the application, those were the steps to follow. Ora, you can easily use the FM WhatsApp application just like the official version, only with improved features. You can just open the app and start using the app. It will work on your smartphone pretty smoothly, without any hassle. Tuttavia, compared to the official version, this mod can perform various tweaks which are really cool compared to the original. To perform these tweaks, you will have to access the ‘YoModsoption on the ‘Menu’ del dispositivo.

Domande frequenti:

There is no shortage of questions asked by users across the globe about FMWhatsApp. Most of these questions generally appear to be similar. We have handpicked some of the most common questions asked by the users and mentioned below. We also provide answers to all those questions.

Q. Does FMWhatsApp come with malware?

A. Stesura di questo documento, there is absolutely no malware or any other annoyances associated with FMWhatsApp. Pertanto, you will not have to wonder about any malware attack after installing it on your Android device.

Q. Is it possible to use more than one WhatsApp application with this app?

A. The answer is NO. Infatti, this can be one of the most annoying features associated with FMWhatsApp. Così, you will have to decide whether to go with the original WhatsApp version or the modded version. Both the apps will not run simultaneously on the same device. Tuttavia, if you need to have more than one WhatsApp account, you can consider another modded app. Two modded WhatsApp versions may work in harmony in the same device.

Q. Will my WhatsApp account be banned as a result of using FMWhatsApp version?

No. WhatsApp cannot ban you just because you use a modded version. If they ban FMWhatsApp, by any chance, you will be able to use your original WhatsApp version. Tuttavia, as of this writing, there is no ban for this modded version. You can use this modded app without any hassle so far.

Q. Can I update FMWhatsApp?

A. As emphasized earlier, FMWhatsApp doesn’t have an official website. Così, there is no official method to find an update to this app. Whenever there is an update available for this app, Tuttavia, you will be immediately notified through the app itself. The link we have provided above will be able to direct you to the latest version, always. Così, it is good to have the link bookmarked. You can check the link occasionally to see the available updates.

The bottom-line

When you use a modded app like FMWhatsApp, you will have to expect some drawbacks as well. Infatti, modded apps are not from original developers, e quindi, there is no accountability for such apps. Per esempio, there can be occasional crashes, slowed down speeds, privacy issues, ecc. can be common with modded apps. Così, you should use modded apps, knowing the risk factor. Anche, FMWhatsApp latest version doesn’t necessarily work together with WhatsApp original version. Così, you will have to go through these drawbacks once again before installing the app. Diverso da quello che, installing FMWhatsApp is a pretty cool move. That is because it allows you to enjoy advanced features that are not available in the official version.

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