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Solutions In Case You Forgot Restrictions Passcode on iPhone

Everyone has a passcode on their phones these days. Not only does it help to keep people from snooping around on your phone but, it also helps to keep the personal information safe from strangers or people who could misuse it. It is not uncommon when someone forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPhone Screen Black.

Apple’s iPhone is one of the best devices that you could find. The sales for iPhones are at an all-time high. The iOS is often said to be the most reliable systems among all others. It is very safe and secure. Often we set up hard passcodes so our loved ones wouldn’t be able to guess it. But, often people forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Before we figure out ways to go around it, we should learn a little bit about the restriction passcodes first. There is a 4–digit or a 6-digit PIN that parents or guardians set up on the phone of children, so they know what applications are being downloaded etc. The restrictions could be set up for a lot of different reasons. For example, it could be done to prevent the child or the person from spending a lot of money on unnecessary things.

It is a useful feature that allows you to protect your interests and keep an eye on the young ones at the same time. And you may also wish to know about how to hack into an iPhone from a computerMentioned below are the solutions in case you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Method 1. Reset the passcode

This is probably the first solution that comes to everyone’s mind. We have many different feelings when it comes to how we keep our devices secure. It is not uncommon for people to forget the passcodes. This is why we are mentioning the most likely of solutions first.


1. First, you will have to go to Settings, General, and then to Restrictions.

2. Now you will be requested to enter the passcode.

3. You should now click “Disable Restrictions” after which you enter your passcode again.

4. Now, you can go ahead and Enable Restrictions where you can type in a new password. Make sure you don’t forget it next time.

Method 2. Resetting the restriction passcode

In order to go about this step, you will need a computer. If you don’t have one, then you should be able to borrow it from someone as it will not take much of your time.

This method cannot only work if you had already enabled ‘Find my iPhone’ because it gives the device some additional security. It will not be helpful in this particular situation as you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone. So, you need to navigate to “Settings” and manually turn off “Find My iPhone,” which you can find in the iCloud section.

Choosing “Erase All Settings and Contents” will not solve the problem. You need to provide your Apple ID password as well as the Restrictions password. This will bring you back to square one, and you will have lost all the data as well.


1. First of all, you will have to make sure that the “Find my iPhone” option is turned off.

2. You should connect your iPhone with the computer with the help of a USB cable and then navigate to iTunes. Download the latest version of iTunes before you go ahead.

3. Now, you can proceed onto the “Summary” option and after that click “Restore iPhone.”

4. When “Update Window” pops up, click on Next and then press Agree.

5. You will have to wait as iTunes downloads; it will take a couple of minutes for the update to download.

After it is done, you can go ahead and access the phone even after you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

If you have decided to proceed to follow the steps that have been mentioned below, you must understand that it can lead to you losing important data, so it is recommended that you back up all the data that is important to you so that valuable information or data could be stored back on the phone later on.

If you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone, then you will need an app such as dr.fone Backup and Restore (iOS). And if you think of retrieving the data through iCloud or iTunes, then they will ask you for the passcode, which you already have forgotten. Backing up the data with an app that is expert in this area will help to keep your information safe, and it will also help to retrieve the information back when you want it without any hassle.

Features of dr.fone – Backup and Restore (iOS)

  • All it takes is one click for backing up all your data.
  • You can preview the item before you decide whether to download it or not.
  • You can also go on to restore, export, or backup data from any date that you want.
  • None of your important data will be lost while the download and restore take place.
  • It is wholly compatible with different old and new models of iPhone.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS)

You will be walked through each and every step of backup and restore if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

One of the main reasons that we feel dr.fone is a good choice is not only can you backup all the important data through it, but you can restore it as well. You will not need to use multiple apps to complete the process. If you are confused about which data is useful and which one isn’t then all you have to do is preview the data and then restore it.

What will happen if I already backed up the data through iCloud or iTunes?

The main problem if you make use of iCloud or iTunes is that it overwrites all the passcodes. What this means is that all of the earlier passcodes will be backed up on your phone again. This will even include the one that you would have forgotten. So, you will come back to step one again. But, using dr. Fone would help to solve all these problems without any hassle.

If the data is really important to you and you want to back it up at any cost, then you could use dr.fone  – Recover (iOS). Not only it will help you when you forgot restrictions passcode on the iPhone, but also it would help you preview and then download only the selected files. You could access all of the data through this app and scroll until you found the data that you were looking for. You will need a computer to which you could back up all the data and from where you could restore it all back to the phone. dr.fone – Recover is also a wonderful Snapchat message recovery tool which can easily Recover & Restore Lost Contacts from iPhone.

Method 3. Using dr.fone Erase (iOS) if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone

You do have an alternate solution that you could use if you wanted to. It is called dr.fone – Erase (iOS). This app will help you erases iPhone & wipe all personal data on the iPhone completely, which includes the restrictions passcode. Once it is done, you could use the tool mentioned above to restore all the data back into the phone that you needed. But, in order to restore the data, make sure that you uploaded it first.


1. Download, install and then launch the application on your PC. You will see the dashboard where you can see the “Erase” function to erase the data.

Get dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

2. You will need to connect the device to your PC with a USB cable. Once the computer detects it, you can press Erase All Data option.

3. All the data will be completely wiped off of your device, which is why they will ask you to confirm.

4. Keep the device connected while dr.fone gets to work.

5. When the process finishes, you should be able to see it on the screen of the window that informs you of it.

6. The device is now as good as new. You can set it up as you like. This would be a great option if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Method 4. Using iBackUp if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone

This is also a great method if you forgot the passcode.



1. First of all, you will have to download the tool and then install the iBackUp tool on the windows computer.

2. Next, you will have to connect your iPhone with the desktop. Then, go to iTunes, find the particular icon for phone, click on it. Then, you must click on the “Summary” option, and then click on “Back Up Now.”

3. Launch the iBackUp tool and go to System Files, after that you will have to go to Home Domain. Once you are there click on Library and then on Preferences. These steps would help you if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

4. Now, you will need to search for the file with the name “” then click to open the file through Notepad or WordPad.

5. Once the file is open, you will need to search for these particular lines.


</dict >

6. After you find these, it is suggested that you add these lines if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone that you want to retrieve it.


Just copy and then paste it, it will be easier and more accurate.

7. You can now save the file and close it.

8. You can restore the device and then proceed to restore it after you backed it up.

You may not understand what exactly you did, but if you want to know what it was, then you were editing the backup folder by changing “Restrictions Passcode” to the number 1234. Then you went and restored the backup, which no longer contains the restriction passcode.

Mac Computer

Note – This is more technical than the previous option. But it will help to get the iPhone back after you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone. This method does not always work, which is why we placed it in the final section and added some solutions that would work.


1. You will have to connect the device to the computer with the help of a USB cable.

2. Go to iTunes if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone and then back it up. Remember the exact location where you saved all the data.

3. Download iPhone Backup Extractor as it can read and figure out the restrictions passcode. Once it is downloaded, after that you can proceed to unzip, then install, and start the program.

The iPhone Backup Extractor mobile application download link is

4. Scroll down, choose “iOS Files,” and click on “Extract.”

5. From the files that were extracted, find the file titled ‘’

6. Right next to the ‘SBParentalControlsPin’ you would find the numbers 1234. This is the passcode that you forgot. Remember this.

This is also a great step if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone and you wanted to retrieve it.

Method 5. Using iMyFone LockWiper in case, you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone

Putting up a restriction passcode on the device is an easy and efficient way to protect the data from people who want to misuse it or snoop around. But, it is all good until you forgot the restrictions passcode on iPhone.

iMyFone is one such app that helps to erase all the different types of data that exist on the device. If you don’t want to lose important data, then you should back it up before you proceed with the next step. This app is helpful if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

Also, if you wish to know more about how to unlock iPhone without the password or unlock your Samsung mobile devicejust click it.


1. First of all, you will have to download iMyFone LockWiper and then run it on the PC.

Get iMyfone LockWiper

2. Once it opens up, you can click on Start.

3. Connect the iPhone with the help of a USB cable.

4. Just follow the instructions and put the device into DFU mode. Following the steps will help you in case you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

5. The device should automatically get detected. If not, you can detect it manually as well and then click on Download.

6. You can click on the option that appears in front of you that is Start to Verify.

7. Click on Start Unlock if you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone.

8. Read the notice that comes on the screen and then types 000000 if you wish to continue.

9. Wait until the process completes successfully.

All of these methods have their own features that they offer but, they will all help you in case you forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone. You could try any one of these.


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