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How to Transfer Contacts from Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S7 / S6 / S5 / S4?

Just update Samsung Galaxy S3 to S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 / S4, and need to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5 directly, then the article is just for you which will show you a professional Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy Data Transfer app to help you sync your Galaxy S3 contacts to Galaxy S5 / S6 (Edge +) (Galaxy Note Series Phone, Galaxy S Series Phone also supported) easily.

After experiencing Galaxy S2 or S3 phone, you may want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S4 to experience the updated function, right? Thus, you need to transfer your contacts from your old Galaxy S3 to S5! On the hand, you can easily import your contacts from Galaxy S3 to your new Galaxy S5 phone by installing the SIM card if you ever stored all your contacts to your SIM card. However, the amount of contacts is more than a single SIM card in usual condition or you just like storing your contacts in your phone, then what can you do?

In fact, you don’t need to copy your contacts one by one! You can do the contacts transferring from Samsung to Samsung phone easily by third-party phone data transfer software. If you are searching for one, I can now here recommend you a professional phone contacts transfer application: dr.fone – Switch. You can move all your contacts easily from Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5 in only one click without any lose! In addition, you can also transfer other contents such as text messages, music, photo, videos, call log, notes, etc. From one Samsung phone to another Samsung phone.

You can now download a free trial version of dr.fone to have a trial. Here I will show you the steps to transfer your contacts between Galaxy S3 and S5.

Get dr.fone – Switch

At the very beginning, please install the dr.fone in your computer and then launch it. You ought to click “Switch” to enter phone to phone transfer mode.

Step 1: Connect both Samsung Galaxy S3 & S5 to computer

Now, please connect and sync your Galaxy S3 and S5 with your personal computer via USB cables. These devices can be detected and installed automatically once you connect them. You can clear your Galaxy S5/S6 before transferring to save your transferring data by tick off the bar “Clear data before copy”.

Galaxy S3 to S4 /S5 / S6 / S7 Contacts Transfer

Step 2: Transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6 / S7

With the help of this professional Samsung to Samsung tool, you can copy almost everything you need. Furthermore, if you want to transfer contacts from Galaxy S3 to S4 only, you can do so by removing marks before the corresponding contents. And then, you can click “Start Transfer” to start the transfer. Remember that you mustn’t disconnect your devices with your computer during the process.

Galaxy S3 Contacts to Galaxy S5

You can click “Completed” when the transferring comes to an end. Then, you can check your contacts in your Galaxy Phone! Easy! Right?

Note: If you want to transfer contents from Galaxy S7E/S7/S6 Edge+/S6/S5/S4 to S3, you can click “Flip” button to change the places simply.

And the powerful Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy data transfer tool – dr.fone – Android&iOS Switch not just works with Samsung to Samsung phone transfer, but works with over 8,000 phones including Windows Phone (Lumia), Android phone(HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG), and all models of iPhone, including new iPhone XS, XR.

Try dr.fone – Switch

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