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Hur du lägger till Text i Adobe Premiere

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Allmänt, titles incorporate a wide range of text that can be anything from an actor’s name and movie titles to crew information and subtitles. One can formulate these titles through different font selections. Å andra sidan, one can even add logos, foton, and other crucial graphics, depending on the required customization.

Men, adding text in Premiere is not an easy task. If you have not used Adobe Premiere before, you will know everything on how to add text in Adobe Premiere Här. Users can perform this hectic task in many different ways. Let’s get started with these different methods for adding text in Premiere now!

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Del 1: How to add text in Adobe Premiere

Most of the people find Adobe Premiere quite robust that comes with a wide variety of text styles and font options. Plus, one can get titles, animate titles, and titles templates from the web to make something new.

For people who find Adobe Premiere too tricky to operate, we have a solution for them. If you have just entered the world of editing, you can employ other easy-to-use alternatives to Adobe Premiere. Most of the professionals advise going with Wondershare FilmoraPro.

Wondershare FilmoraPro is an advanced tool used by professionals. Men, it is straightforward and simple to employ. The tool comprises lots of advanced video editing features. Ytterligare, there are a number of text options and titles such as text font, text transparent, color, alignment, och mycket mer. Under tiden, users can even use this incredible tool for adding 3D effects to the text. Därav, people who like to enter high levels in editing; Wondershare FilmoraPro is the best tool for them.

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Steps on how to add text in Adobe Premiere:

For adding text in Premiere, go through the following instructions.

Steg 1: Open the tool

När du har hämtat verktyget, run the program on Mac or Windows. Choose the option ‘Filepresent on the top and then, select ‘Newand ‘Project.’ Efter detta, you have to tap O.K. Nu, you have to double-tap on the library so as to introduce media. För detta, you need to drag all the desired video files to Adobe Premiere.

Steg 2: Adding text in Premiere

Nästa, choose the option ‘Titles.’ En gång gjort, a drop-down box will come up on the screen. Därifrån, tap on ‘New Title’ och sedan, ‘Default Still.One can execute this process by tapping the keysCtrl+T’. Med detta, a new window for titles will appear. Här, one can find options like timebase, width, height, and video aspect ratio. Keep all of these details as they are and put in your project name. Sedan, click O.K.

Steg 3: Have a look at text settings

Nästa, there will appear a title tool window. This panel helps in the selection of properties for type color, spatial transform, type alignment, type tool with font option, selection tool, and font styles.

You can preview all the settings in the miniature display.

Steg 4: Insert text

Choose the option ‘Type tooland select the area where you would like to insert frame text. Put in the words into the given region. To put in a line break, press the Enter tab.

Steg 5: Gör önskade ändringar

In the tab ‘Title properties,’ make changes to the text like font, color, and size. In the transform section, you can change height and width as well.

  • Amend text color: Users can modify text color or choose a new color by tapping the checkbox. They can even employ eyedropper, fill, stroke, drop-shadow effects.
  • Amend text place: Transformation can help you in providing a better text layout. Här, you have other options like opacity and rotation.
  • Text Animation: Under the window ‘Effects Control,’ users can apply animation effects to the text. Tap on the stopwatch in order to insert animation effects.

Steg 6: Modify the alignment

In the sectionTitle actions’, users can align the text through the horizontal center, horizontal left, etc. Efter det, choose the tool ‘Selectionto make all the changes. En gång gjort, press the close tab.

Steg 7: Preview all effects and changes

In the project panel, users can see their recently edited video. Drag these videos on video clips and preview all the applied effects and changes. Här, they can even apply several text layouts on each video clip.

Steg 8: Save the video

En gång gjort, it is time to export the created video to the system. För detta, you need to tap on ‘File,’ then ‘Export’ och sedan, ‘Media.One can even change the file format and share it directly on YouTube, Vimeo, och Facebook. Till sist, tap on ‘Export.

Del 2: How to incorporate text to a video through legacy titles

There is another way on how to add text in Adobe Premiere. För detta, choose the legacy titles available in Adobe Premiere. To know in detail, go through the following instructions.

Steps on how to add text in Premiere through legacy titles:

For adding text in Premiere, Följ stegen som anges nedan.

Steg 1: Open the program and choose the option ‘File’ och sedan, ‘Opento browse the file. Another way to open the file is to select one from the recent ones.

Steg 2: Nästa, you have to produce a layer that acts as text. För detta, you need to tap on ‘File’ och sedan, ‘New.’ Efter detta, select ‘Legacy Titleon the latest version. Annars, click the ‘Title’ alternativet.

Steg 3: Nu, apply changes like height, width, aspect ratio, and timebase. Put a file’s name and tap on O.K.

Steg 4: Choose the T-shaped tool i.e., Text tool. Insert the title and put in the text that you like to add. One can move the text up, down, höger, and left to modify the alignment if there are many texts.

Steg 5: Incorporate shapes like arc, round, rectangle, etc. if you like. It will make your text appear in different shapes. På detta sätt, the text looks more attractive and different.

Steg 6: In the section ‘Fill’, Välj alternativet’ color box’. Här, users can select as many colors they like. Under tiden, enter the number to opt for the precise color. Annars, try on different colors to find the perfect one.

Steg 7: If you are contented with your edited video, select the text thumbnail present at the media tab. Nästa, drag the text to the timeline for adding text in Premiere.

Del 3: How to include text to videos through Wondershare FilmoraPro

If Adobe Premiere is not your thing, then you will definitely like Wondershare Filmora. This tool comes with better productivity, control, and different ways to enhance your video. The incredible video editor is for professionals who like to enhance their editing skills. When compared with advanced video tools, FilmoraPro is very simple to use. Using the drag-drop interface, users can put in text to videos.

Unique characteristics of Wondershare FilmoraPro:

  • Wondershare FilmoraPro comes with different in-built text effects.
  • It features a wide collection of text fonts and great titles.
  • The tool is packed with features like alignment, change stroke, and transparent.

Steps on how to add text to videos using Wondershare FilmoraPro:

Steg 1: Kör programmet

Öppen Wondershare FilmoraPro and select ‘Open Existing Projector ‘Create New Project.Select one option out of these two.

Steg 2: Markera filen

Nästa, you will enter the interface for editing. Select the option ‘Import.’ Efter detta, you have to drag-drop the file that you wish to edit. Som standard, Viewer and Trimmer are the two window options.

Steg 3: Insert the text

Users have to choose the window ‘Viewerso as for adding text in Premiere.

Steg 4: Personalize text style

To customize the style, tap on ‘Text.One can do this through two methods, which are Paragraph and Character.

Steg 5: Export the video

To save your file, you have to select ‘Files’ och sedan, ‘Save.In order to export, choose the option ‘Exportand select the desired format.

Get Wondershare Filmora Pro

Nu, you know how to add text in Adobe Premiere. Not just text, but one can also put in titles, animated lower titles, and subtitles with these effective methods. If you find Adobe Premiere too complex, it is best to go with Wondershare FilmoraPro to ease things out. This professional video editing tool is quite simple to use. With this incredible tool, users can enjoy more control over titles and texts. Så, Vad väntar du på? Download this application now and edit videos like never before.
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