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Hur man hittar Roku IP-adress utan ansträngning

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I själva verket, there is no shortage of reasons for a person to learn how to find Roku IP address. När en enhet är ansluten till ett nätverk, att veta sin IP är adress en ganska viktig process. The awareness of the IP address becomes handy under various circumstances. Trots allt, Roku is a device that stream video taking high bandwidth. Så, it is always better to know the exact IP address of the device. Such awareness will make it easier for you to troubleshoot the issues associated with the network. Även, it can become pretty handy under various other circumstances.

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Vad är en IP-adress?

Before we learn how to find Roku IP address, let’s get a basic idea about the IP address. IP stands for the phrase Internet Protocol. Så, the IP address means Internet Protocol Address. I princip, IP address is a numerical label which is unique to one device connected to a network. Med andra ord, two devices on the same network cannot have the same IP address. All devices like smartphones, datorer, Roku devices, etc. have IP addresses. The devices on the network (including the router) identifies each other through this IP address. For network communications, the IP address is an essential aspect. I princip, an IP address can serve two functions. Det är, identification of host or network interface and location addressing.

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How to find Roku IP address using the remote?

If you wonder how to find Roku IP address, there is a way of doing it using the remote. I själva verket, finding the IP address of the Roku device is the easiest. That is because it is perfectly convenient to find the IP address within the device. The good news is that your Roku has the device’s IP address located under the menus themselves. All you need is to follow the correct path and read the IP address. But if you are a novice, you will need some guidance, which is mentioned below.

  • Go to the main menu of the Roku and move downwards and locate the option called Settings.
  • Nu, search for the option called Networking.
  • Under Networking submenu, there will be an option called About. Just select that option, and you will see some useful information about the network the device is connected to. You will easily find the IP address of the device within this information.

How to find Roku IP address without using a remote?

Suppose that you want to know how to find Roku IP address without remote, Läs detta avsnitt. Ibland, you will not have access to the menus of the Roku device. Imagine that it is for troubleshooting purposes or to configure your network from a different room. Oavsett anledning, you can access the IP address of Roku through the network without the remote. I själva verket, there is more than one way to perform this through your network. Let’s learn how to do it.

Use Remoku

The most convenient way to get Roku’s IP address over the network would be Remoku. For those who wonder what Remoku is, it is an Add-On for the Google Chrome web browser. This special add-on is capable of displaying your Roku’s IP address.

Remoku is a specially developed web app that allows you to use it as a virtual remote controller. Through this virtual remote control, you can control the Roku device with the assistance of the network. Because of this very reason, this web app requires a feature to connect to Roku on the network. You will be able to learn it right now, right here.

Go to Google Chrome and then go to Chrome Web Store. If you cannot necessarily find it, you can find it under the bookmarks bar (as a link). If it is not there as well, you should perform a Google search as well. The search phrase should beChrome Apps.The Chrome Web Store will definitely show you the app as the first item of the results list.

After locating the option in the Chrome App store, you should go search the termRemoku.” I själva verket, you will end up with only a single result under this name.

Nu, search for the blue button labeledAdd to Chrome.You will now have Remoku added to your web browser.

You can now open Remoku. Att göra detta, you can click on the icon located at the upper right corner of the Chrome window. Nu, you will see that the virtual remote is opened.

Nu, på toppen av fönstret, you will see a list of menus for this app. You can then select the Settings option. There is a top box on the settings menu, and it comprises of all the required tools. All these tools will help you connect to the Roku device over a network without a physical device.

You can accomplish the intended task simply by using the first two lines of this window. When it comes to the first line, you should make the IP pattern to match the network. I de flesta fall, the default IP address might work. Men, if you have already done some changes, you should ensure that the IP addresses match each other.

The next line of the interface lets you find how many Roku devices are already connected to your network. It also lets you identify the devices.

Nu, Remoku will perform a scan through the IP address range of the respective network. Sedan, through this scan, it will search for the ones that are belonging to Rokus on the network. After locating the devices, it will list the items out for you to identify. Sedan, you will be able to find the IP address of the Roku devices individually.

Use your router

If you want another way to find the IP address of the Roku device, you can use the router. I själva verket, this is more of a direct method compared to the previous option. Men, we should also mention that this option depends on the router. Most of the routers come with the default option of checking the devices that are already connected to it. Trots detta, there can be some routers that allow you to see the name of the device. They also allow you to look up the MAC address. To identify the IP address of the Roku device, you will need such a router that displays devices’ Namn.

Nu, open the web browser depending on your preference. Sedan, you should go to the admin interface of the router page. Brunn, you can just find it under the IP address of the router.

You will see a list of devices in a specific order based on the model of the router you’re using. This list is supposed to be displayed immediately. Om inte, you will have to sign into the router page and see the status page. This will comprise of the connection information of the respective network.

The router would be able to list the Roku devices depending on the hostnames. Så, your Roku devices will be immediately identified. These Roku devices will be listed by the name just next to the IP addresses as well.

Men, if you don’t see the Roku names listed, you shouldn’t be worried at all. Just look at the MAC addresses in the listed down devices. I allmänhet, many of the routers come with a separate column for these MAC addresses.

Some of the routers allow you to search for the device manufacturer simply by the MAC addresses. You can do this in the interface. Just select the MAC so you will be able to see the information required.

Igen, it is not a big deal if you don’t see it yet. You can simply check for Roku device’s IP address through an online solution as well. Till exempel, you can use a website like If you have the full MAC address, you can achieve this. When you look up for the IP, Roku devices will list down Roku to be the manufacturer. Although it is not a straightforward way to get there, it will allow you to get what you need.

Brunn, that’s all about how to find Roku IP address. You can simply get the IP address of the Roku using the methods we have mentioned above. As long as the device is on your network, finding its IP address is not a big deal.

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