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Hoe naar spiegel iPhone TV zonder Apple TV


De meeste mensen vragen ‘Hoe spiegel iPhone op TV zonder Apple TV?’ Zo nu en dan. Ongetwijfeld, deze vraag is echt gebruikelijk onder Apple-gebruikers. Als je interesse toont in deze blog, je zou kunnen worden geconfronteerd met hetzelfde probleem. Dus, kun je echt airplay gebruiken zonder Apple TV? Als je niet weet wat airplay is, Blijf het artikel lezen. Voor Android gebruikers, Hier is voor jou: je Android-telefoon spiegelen naar TV.

Airplay is een soort streamingservice die het Apple bedrijf heeft geleverd met. Met deze draadloze streamingservice kunnen gebruikers de inhoud van multimedia streamen van Mac-of iOS-apparaten naar Apple TV. Op deze manier, gebruikers kunnen genieten van films, video games, en nog veel meer recht op hun grote schermen.

Zoals u allen weet, Apple Tv's zijn vrij duur. Vandaar, veel mensen konden het zich niet veroorloven om deze TV te kopen. Echter, dat is geen probleem, want men kan airplay gebruiken zonder Apple TV in huis. Met andere woorden, Men kan iOS apparaten spiegelen naar andere Tv's dan de Apple. Dus, laten we meer weten over Hoe iPhone naar TV te spiegelen zonder Apple TV. Meer, Maak kennis met andere toepassingen die uw leven een comfortabel briesje zullen maken.

PS: Hier is de beste alternatief voor AirShou voor uw referentie, en we zullen u laten zien hoe u oplossen Airplay niet weergegeven: en Airshou werkt niet met gemak.

Deel 1: Hoe iPhone naar TV te spiegelen zonder Apple TV via een AV-adapter

Een van de eenvoudigste manieren waarop men de query kan oplossen ' hoe iPhone naar TV te spiegelen zonder Apple TV’ is via een AV-adapter. Voor het uitvoeren van dit proces, gebruikers moeten een echte AV-adapter kopen. Bovendien, ze zullen een HDMI-kabel nodig hebben.

Stappen voor het spiegelen van iPhone naar TV zonder Apple TV

Uw iOS-apparaat spiegelen naar uw niet-Apple TV, Volg de instructies zoals hieronder vermeld.

Stap 1: De adapter aansluiten

In de eerste plaats, u moet de AV-adapter aansluiten op de Lightning-poort van de iPhone. Deze poort is degene die wordt gebruikt voor het opladen van het apparaat.

Stap 2: Bevestig het andere uiteinde

Volgende, u moet het andere uiteinde van de kabel aan de HDMI-sleuf van de AV-adapter bevestigen.

Stap 3: Sluit de kabel aan

Nu, Bevestig het andere uiteinde van de kabel aan de HDMI-poort op de achterkant van de TV.

Stap 4: Uw apparaat opladen

De adapter komt met een extra poort, Men kan het apparaat zelfs opladen terwijl het hetzelfde aansluit op de televisie als er behoefte is aan.

Stap 5: Zoek naar het HDMI-kanaal

Nu, you need to switch the TV on. Na die, go through the available HDMI channels. Keep on surfing these chancels unless you arrive on the one where you are plugged in.

Stap 6: Enjoy your videos

Volgende, play videos on your mobile device. After playing the video, you will find out that your query ‘how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TVhas been resolved successfully. Dus, enjoy your videos by mirroring them on your TV with no requirement of Apple TV.

Deel 2: Hoe iPhone naar TV te spiegelen zonder Apple TV via AirBeam TV

The technique mentioned above is widespread and simple on how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV. Maar, this method could be hefty on pockets as one has to buy an HDMI cable and an adaptor. Bovendien, you can face inconvenience due to the shorter length of the cable. Dus, we are here with another effective solution for mirroring iPhone to TV with no Apple TV.

There is a great way to mirror iPhone to TV, which is through an application known as AirBeam TV. This application enables users to connect their Mac to other smart televisions available out there. Ondertussen, AirBeam works for some specific televisions. That’s why it is advisable to check the compatibility of your device before moving on any further.

Unique characteristics of AirBeam TV:

  • No requirement for cables
  • Works as AirPlay with no Apple TV
  • Users can select the network quality on their own
  • Play games and watch movies on big screens hassle-free

AirBeam TV works well on TVs from well-known brands like Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung, and Philips. One can download this application for these supported companies at $9.99. The rate is reasonable as compared to get the cable. Echter, one should check the free trial to ensure that the application works perfectly with the TV set before you buy this application.

Steps on how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV through AirBeam TV

To mirror iPhone to TV from Samsung brand, go through the steps as listed follows:

Stap 1: Switching on the TV

In eerste instantie, you need to switch on your Samsung TV. Na die, connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network that works on your phone.

Stap 2: Navigate the menu

Volgende, tap on the icon of the Menu bar to begin the process.

Stap 3: Choose the TV

In the tab ‘Devices,’ choose the TV once it appeared on the list.

Stap 4: Begin mirroring

After selecting the device, you will be able to mirror your device to the TV. Nu, you have successfully mirrored your device to Samsung TV.

Deel 3: Hoe AirPlay naar PC te spiegelen gratis

The above-mentioned steps are perfect in one way or the other. Echter, you can find that the first method is expensive, while the former one involves compatibility issues. Keeping these factors in mind, we have come up with an incredible solution for mirroring iPhone to TV without Apple TV.

One can do so through the application dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder. This application is absolutely free to use. It is capable of performing so many tasks. Dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder can carry out AirPlay mirroring with no Apple TV or cables of any kind. It is a complete solution that allows users to mirror iOS devices to computer with no requirement of Apple TV hassle-free. Meer, this application can be employed as a recording tool so as to record each and every screen activity.

Op de top van dat, this application comes from a reputable company that is Wondershare. This company enjoys an authentic position in the global market. It even has received several acclaims from Deloitte and Forbes.

Unique characteristics of dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder:

  • Works as AirPlay with no Apple TV
  • Mirrors iOS devices on computer screens for free without any cable
  • Records videos and games from iPhone on the system
  • The perfect solution for wireless mirroring for activities related to business, onderwijs, gaming, and presentations
  • Supports iOS devices running on versions 7.1 Aan 11 iOS
  • Works perfectly on both iOS and Windows versions

Dr.fone iOS scherm Recorder downloaden

Stappen voor het spiegelen van iPhone naar TV zonder Apple TV

Before you begin reading the following instructions, download and install dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder on the system. Zodra gedaan, go through the steps listed below.

Stap 1: Sluit het apparaat

Ten eerste, you need to connect the system and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. In geval, both of these devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network; you should connect them to the same LAN.

Stap 2: Begin mirroring the device

If you have an iPhone model running on iOS 9, 8, of 7, swipe up the screen from bottom to come across the control panel. Vanaf daar, you need to choose ‘AirPlay’ en vervolgens, select ‘dr.fone.’ Na deze, enable the option for ‘Mirroring.

In case of iOS 10, swipe the screen up from the bottom to navigate to the control panel. Click on the option ‘AirPlay Mirroring’ en vervolgens, choose ‘dr.fonein order to mirror the device to the system.

If you own an iPhone with iOS 12 or iOS 11, swipe the screen up to see the control panel. Vanaf daar, Klik op de optie’ Touch Mirroring’. Nu, choose your target and wait for your device to start the mirroring process. Dus, begin the process of mirroring depending on your device’s iOS version.

Stap 3: Begin the screen recording

Nu, you will come across two tabs around the screen bottom on the system. To begin recording the device, you can tap on the left round button. To dwell out of the full-screen feature, tap on Esc or the square button. Echter, tap on the circle tab if you need to stop recording the device. The software will lead you to where the saved files are.

Deel 4: Hoe AirPlay te spiegelen zonder Apple TV via rasberry pi

One can work on ‘how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TVthrough Rasberry Pi. Before you start off, this technique is complex as compared to other methods. Voor dit, you need certain things, waaronder:

  1. Rasberry Pi
  2. Computer
  3. Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi dongle
  4. Micro SD card with storage space larger than 4GB
  5. Mouse and keyboard
  6. HDMI screen or TV
  7. USB charger (Micro)
  8. HDMI cable

Steps on how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV through Rasberry Pi

To mirror iPhone to TV through Rasberry Pil, follow the steps as instructed below.

Stap 1: Get the Raspbian

In eerste instantie, krijgen de Raspbian picture here and extort it from the archive. Na die, plug into the Micro SD card to your system. Before you begin, it is better to format the SD card. Nu, write the Raspbian picture to your SD card. Voor dit, one can employ Nero or Win32DiskImager. Once the writing process is done, unplug the card.

Stap 2: Set up the Rasberry Pi

Volgende, you have to plug in your mouse, keyboard, USB charger, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi cable, and the SD card to the Rasberry Pi. After the program runs off, one has to put in the login credentials asPi,” the username andraspberry,” the default password.

Na deze, wait for some time for displaying the configuration tab. Volgende, enlarge the system and look for the Advanced tab. Before you reboot, choose memory split and type in “256”. In geval, you are making use of the Wi-Fi dongle, Voer “startxso as to run the desktop and connect your network. If not updated to the latest version, do so manually. Voor dit, run the command prompt and put in the following codes:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo rpi-update

Once updated, you have to reboot the Rasberry Pi program.

Stap 3: Het programma uitvoeren

After rebooting, put in the below-mentioned command.

sudo apt-get install libao-dev avahi-utils libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev youtube-dl

wget-O rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb

sudo dpkg-i-rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb

Stap 4: Begin RPlay

After running the commands, boot the Rasberry Pi once again. Open the desktop and run any web browser to browse http://localhost:7100/admin. Voer “adminas both the password and the username. Nu, come down to the page end and put in the license key as S1377T807217798N4133R.

Stap 5: Start mirroring

Nu, connect your phone to RPlay and select Raspberry RPlay from AirPlay. It will begin the mirroring process. Dus, take pleasure in AirPlay with no Apple TV.

Deel 5: Hoe AirPlay te spiegelen zonder Apple TV via AirServer

If you want to keep the things simple, it is best to perform the action on ‘how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TVthrough AirServer. This screen mirroring tool enables users to mirror AirPlay with no requirement of Apple TV.

Steps on how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV through AirServer

Stap 1: Take a trial

Ten eerste, u moet de toepassing downloaden – AirServer. It is better to try out its free trial before you begin. Eenmaal gedownload, install the program on your Windows or Mac PC.

Stap 2: Look for the option ‘AirPlay.

Na die, swipe the screen of your iPhone up. If the receiver of AirPlay is in the right place, Er verschijnt een tabblad genaamd ‘ AirPlay.’

Stap 3: Selecteer uw apparaat

Nu, u ziet veel AirPlay ontvangers. Van de beschikbare opties, Kies het apparaat waarop u de AirServer hebt geïnstalleerd. Eenmaal geselecteerd, uw apparaat maakt verbinding met het.

Stap 4: Het spiegelen inschakelen

After selecting the device, u moet het spiegelen inschakelen. Na deze, ziet u uw apparaat op het systeem samen met AirServer. Meer, de naam van het systeem wordt ook weergegeven op het iOS-apparaat.

Stap 5: Enjoy your videos

Nu, het scherm van uw telefoon zal worden gespiegeld op het systeem. Dus, Geniet van uw video's op een groot scherm nu ruzie-vrije.

Nu, u weet wat te doen op Hoe iPhone naar TV te spiegelen zonder Apple TV. All of the above-mentioned methods come with significant benefits and drawbacks. One method could be expensive while the other one could be complicated for some. Dus, we recommend you to go with dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder, which is easy to employ and quite reliable. Bovendien, the plus point is that it is available for free. Dus, go ahead and enjoy mirroring with no Apple TV.
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