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How to View Someone’s Facebook Inbox Messages Without Accessing Their Phone?

Do you wonder how to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages or how to figure out someone’s Instagram password? Is it even possible? If it is possible, which Facebook private profile viewer tool can do it? Read this article on if you need to find answers to all those questions.

Why do you need to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages?

As we all know, Facebook has already become the norm. Virtually every individual (particularly the modern generation) maintains a Facebook account. Through Facebook, users can connect with a wide array of individuals. Facebook allows you to chat, call and even make video calls to other parties without any restriction. What you must remember is not all those Facebook users are there with good intentions. Some of these individuals may even use Facebook for very unethical purposes. For instance, such users can use Facebook to blackmail someone. So, it is essential to keep your loved ones away from such danger.

As a parent, you may need to get a clear idea about the social media behavior of the kids. You may be very curious to know if they are engaged with some culprits and up to something risky. Also, if you suspect that your partner cheats on you, the Facebook inbox is the right place to prove it. However, you cannot expect them to show their Facebook inbox willingly. Instead, you will have to find a way to access their inbox discretely.

At a glance, it sounds unethical if you view someone’s Facebook inbox messages without permission. However, if you mean no harm but the greater good, your attempt can be justifiable. If you view your kid’s Facebook inbox to protect your kid from an ill-intentioned Facebook user, that’s justifiable. After all, as a parent, you should protect your kid from all the potential dangers, at any cost. Likewise, there can be other instances on which you may have to access your loved ones’ Facebook messages.

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How to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages: is it even possible?

Well, one might suggest that it is totally impossible to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages without permission. They think so because of the strong security measures applied to Facebook profiles (including passwords and verification process). However, the truth is that it is POSSIBLE to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages with a powerful spy tool. That means, if you need to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages, all you need is a powerful spying app.

What are the best spy tools to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages?

There can be plenty of options out there when you are looking for spy tools. However, not all those tools do what they say. Some of the tools may even be associated with malware. Also, some tools are just to collect your personal information and use them for other purposes. In this case, you should be really careful when selecting a good spy tool.

For your convenience, we have done some research and found superb spy tools with powerful features. In the next few paragraphs of this article, we reveal those powerful spy tools that can hack Facebook messages.

A. mSpy

One of the most powerful spying tools available today is mSpy. This special software comes with a variety of impressive features that makes a very powerful spying tool.

mSpy comes with a special feature to track Facebook on a target smart device. This powerful feature is capable of tracking Facebook usage history and messages of the target phone. In addition to that, it reveals the GPS location of the device at the time of sending the message. It also has a keylogger feature to record every keystroke typed on the target device. You can use mSpy to track the target device’s browsing history as well.

How to use mSpy?

Below are the steps you should follow if you need to read someone’s Facebook messages through mSpy.

Sign Up for a mSpy account

To begin the process, you should Sign Up for a mSpy account. You should do this simply by going into their official website. To complete the sign-up process, you will have to open the email you receive. This email will also contain various information. For instance, it lets you know how to install the app and other information. You should know that mSpy works on both Android and iOS devices.

Configure the account

You can now configure the account. To do that, you should go to the account and visit the control panel. The device you intend to monitor should be selected. For your convenience, you can refer to the live demo on the website.

With the assistance of mSpy, you will be able to track pretty much all the activities. More importantly, you can monitor all those activities from a remote location. In addition to that, mSpy can work on stealth mode. The owner of the target device will not be able to detect it on the phone.

Try mSpy

B. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another impressive app that can track a target smartphone device with ease. This app can easily monitor Facebook messages, on the messenger. Also, it can organize the messages that were received on the target Facebook account. The details associated with the parties involved in the messages will be revealed in an easy-to-read manner.

Apart from that, Hoverwatch makes it easy for you to save the required conversations done through WhatsApp. Thanks to the powerful keylogger feature integrated, Hoverwatch can track every keystroke typed in (including the passwords). It can monitor the device even if the target device is not rooted.

How to use Hoverwatch?

Here’s how to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages using Hoverwatch.

In the beginning, you should sign up for a Hoverwatch account. This process if free. You will have to provide an email address and a password to register the account.

Then, you should download and install the tracking app on the target device. To install Hoverwatch, however, you will need to root or jailbreak the device you intend to monitor. However, there are some features you can access without jailbreaking or rooting the device. For instance, you can still access the keystrokes (texts) on the target device even without rooting or jailbreaking.

Apart from the text messages, this feature can even track the passwords typed in the device. But it doesn’t allow you to read the apps the device receives without jailbreaking or rooting the device.

All in all, Hoverwatch is a nice app that can help you view someone’s Facebook inbox messages.

Try Hoverwatch

C. Spyzie

Spyzie is surely among one of the most impressive apps that can track any smart device. This special app comes with a range of features to stand out the rest as a powerful monitoring tool. Apart from viewing messages on Facebook, you can use this app to track every action related to smartphones. For instance, it can track location, videos, WhatsApp, Viber, photos, etc. associated with the target device.

Reasons to select Spyzie

  • Spyzie is one of the best Gmail password cracker tools you can use to track Facebook. In fact, you can track Facebook using Spyzie in a couple of steps.
  • It can intercept text messages without target phone for free & hack pretty much everything associated with the target device. For instance, it can hack photos, videos and other contents associated with the device you monitor.
  • It can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing & track the real-time location of the device with ease. Through this feature, you can easily monitor the whereabouts of the target device’s owner.
  • View a private Instagram account without followingtrack all the instant messaging apps installed on the target device. For instance, it can track WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc. Such a feature makes it really possible for you to get an idea about the target device’s owner.
  • It can even access multimedia contents saved on the target device. Through this feature, you can get to know the general behavior of the target device.

How to use Spyzie

Here’s how to use Spyzie and track the device.

Sign Up for a Spyzie account

You can use Spyzie official web page and sign up for a Spyzie account. Go to Create Spyzie account option, and you will then have to enter the email address and a password. Enter the information required about the target device and complete the setup process. In fact, this is a very easy process you should follow.

Install the monitoring app

After setting up the account, you should start setting up the monitoring app on the target device. To do that, you can install Spyzie APK on the target Android device.

To download the APK, you should go to link. Then, you should enable the option that allows you to install downloaded APK. Once the installation is done, you should open the app and enter the credentials of the account created.

Once the installation is done, you will be able to monitor all the actions associated with the device.

You can monitor the actions using a web-based dashboard from a remote computer (Windows or Mac).

If you need to install Spyzie on an iOS device, however, you should verify the iCloud account. After entering the details of the synced iCloud account’s password, you will be able to monitor the app.

Start Tracking

At the completion of the above steps, all you have to do is to track the messages. You can sit in front of your computer and open the online dashboard to monitor the device remotely. Select the option “Facebook” located under social apps and then start monitoring as you wish.

Try Spyzie

D. TheTruthSpy

The fourth tool in our list is TheTruthSpy. This is another handy app that comes with several useful features.

View Someone's Facebook Inbox Messages via thetruthspy

TheTruthSpy can easily track any smartphone without getting noticed by the target phone’s owner. If you need to track Facebook messages of someone else, you can monitor it through TheTruthSpy. It lets you monitor all the Facebook messages remotely. It is a very affordable option too.

Try TheTruthSpy

Those are the four options to consider if you know how to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages. We should strongly suggest that these options must be used responsibly. Don’t use any of these spying apps to make someone embarrassed or annoyed. Always respect others’ privacy and use these spying apps solely for someone’s betterment.

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