dr.fone – Phone Switch – Official Guide

With the dr.fone – Switch feature, you can transfer data with ease between two different smartphones. The best part of this program is you can transfer data between iOS devices, Android devices, and even Windows phones.

How to Transfer Data

To transfer data between devices, follow our guide below. Before you follow these steps, download and install Dr.Fone Toolkit – Switch on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step #1 – Launch Dr.Fone – Switch on your computer and connect both of your devices with the appropriate USB cables.

Step #2 – From the main menu, click on the “Switch” feature.

Step #3 – On the display which is now shown, select the types of data that you want to have transferred.

dr.fone - Switch
Note: if the source and destination devices are in the wrong place, click on “Flip” to correct this.

Step #4 – Lastly, click on the “Start Transfer” button.

Step #5 – A window will be shown which allows you to track the progress of the transfer process and once it’s done, click “OK” and you’re finished.

If there is data on the destination device that you want to have removed, check the “Clear data before copy” button below the destination device. This will perform a quick data removal to clear the device before any data is transferred.

Get dr.fone – Switch