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How to Use Dr.Fone Toolkit – “iOS Full Data Eraser”

Step 1. First, connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

Once you have the program installed and ready to go, launch the program. On the panel located on the left side of the program, click on the “Erase Full Data” option followed up by clicking on the “Erase“.

Step 2. After connecting your device, Dr.Fone will detect this within a few moments and the next menu will appear.

With the next menu, you will be shown a brief explanation of the Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser feature along with a brief warning message.

Step 3. Simply click on the “Erase” button once you have read the brief details. You will then be prompted with a warning display in order to ensure that you understand what this process consists of.

Step 4. Read the warning message which is displayed and after reading these messages, enter “delete” into the box which is provided. Click on the “Erase now” button which is shown.

Remember, after clicking on the “Erase now” button any of the data that is on your device will be completely irretrievable no matter what. With this in mind, if there is data that you’d like to keep then take a backup beforehand.

Step 5. Now all that you have to do is be patient and wait for the Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser to completely erase your device. Even though it depends on how much data you have stored on your device, the process should take no more than a few minutes.

It’s important that during this process, your device remains connected to your computer. Failure to maintain this connection will result in not only having to restart the process, but may result in data corruption.

Once the data on your device has been completely wiped, you will be shown a display notifying you that the device has been completely wiped and that it is irretrievable.

After this display is shown, you will now be able to use your iPhone as if you had just purchased it. You will be able to either restore data to your device from a backup on either iTunes or iCloud or use it in its factory state.

Keep in mind that if you to restore data from a backup, you will have to repeat this process with Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser to completely remove the data.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

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