February 21, 2016

How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

As we know, there are some phones that not allow the users to insert any memory cards into them. But if you have a Samsung phone, then you can add an SD card into it. With an SD card, you can easily extend the storage space of your Samsung phone without hassle. But sometimes, it is also easy to lose the data instead. For example, you may lose the data by wrong deletion, or due to virus attack and system crash.
January 8, 2016

How to Recover Data from IDE Hard Drive

There are many reasons that can cause the data to lose. For example, if the system goes crash suddenly, and you are editing some files on your IDE hard drive, and then, those data can probably be damaged. And another example is being the virus attack, which is more terrible than that of system crash, because it can damage plenty of files on your IDE hard drive. Thus, what do you do if you encounter such a situation?
January 7, 2016

Recover Data from NTFS Hard Drive by NTFS Recovery

Best NTFS Recovery: you will know the detailed way to recover the lost data from the NTFS hard drive with ease in this article.
December 30, 2015

The Introduction of Android Music and Photo Transfer

When your mobile phone is used for a long time, there must be a large amount of data saved on it which makes the phone operating […]
December 29, 2015

How to Recover Data from SD Card Online by Online SD Card Recovery

The memory cards are getting more and more important for the gadgets nowadays. When you find it hard to store more files on your gadget, you can insert a memory, so that it can carry those files for you. Another advantage of the memory cards is that you can easily carry and keep them compared to those heavy machines. One of the widely used memory cards is the SD card, namely the secure digital memory card. There are four mainly kinds of it, and you can use it for the devices from the mobile phone to the digital camera and computer. Since the SD card is so widely used, it is of importance to know the common ways to protect it better. And among them, the basic is to learn the recovery ways. Now, simply follow this article to get some ideas of the ways for recovering SD Card data online.
December 29, 2015

5 Best Free SD Card Recovery to Recover Lost Data Easily

The SD cards are often used for extending the storage space of the mobile phones. Of course, there are also some those kinds of SD cards which can be used on the computers, digital cameras, tablets, etc, for instance, the SDXC cards. Well let's go back to the SD cards. The SD cards may carry many important files for you. Thus, it is of significance to protect it with all strength. In this article, I will show you six nice SD Card Recovery applications for recovering the lost data.
December 29, 2015

How to Recover Data on the SDXC Card by SDXC Card Recovery Tool

Let's learn what the SDXC card is, and then you will know the detailed way to recover lost data on it with SDXC Card Recovery.
December 24, 2015

Some knowledge about iPhone’s “Reset All Settings” You Must Know

If you use iPhone frequently, you must have experienced that it will slow down, and then turn lag even suddenly close the app which you are using with. Take another situation as an example, sometimes you see an error message come up to you when you want to buy something from the App Store. All these things remind you that there must be something wrong with your iPhone, maybe it is a glitch or a bug. In this regard, resetting the iPhone is your best choice.
December 24, 2015

Best Alternative to iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

Losing the iPhone data is really a bad thing which always makes you feel crazy, especially in the situation that you haven't backup the recent files. Even you happen to create a backup recently, it still has some disadvantages to recover the backup files with the help of regular methods like iCloud, iTunes or other programs. In some situations, you need to get back one of the missing messages or individual photo, but these programs only can restore all the phone data as a whole.