November 1, 2015

Can iTunes Backup Contacts on iPhone X/8/7/SE/6S/6?

The contacts are so important that we cannot take the risk of losing them. Because we now usually cannot remember all the phone numbers, so it […]
October 29, 2015

How to Back Up Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/S7/S7 Edge

As a user of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+, have you ever wonder if there is any way to back up your phone to protect the personal data better? Data is easily damaged or deleted as a result of a wrong operation or the ROM flashing. In this case, this article will offer you two ways to back up the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+, together with a way to let your Mac computer detect your Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+. Then, the whole article will be divided into three parts below. I will use the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by the way of example.
October 28, 2015

How to Access iCloud Photos With Ease

After creating a new iCloud photo backup file, how do you get access to the iCloud photos? Well take it easy, in this article, you will find the most convenient way for yourself.
October 28, 2015

How to Download iCloud Backup Files without Hassle

The iCloud is designed by the Apple for the users of the iDevices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac computers. You can get access to the iCloud as long as you have an Apple account and then you will get the 5GB free storage. Of course, you can pay to it for the larger storage. The iCloud is useful if you want to back up some data files and settings on your iDevice.
September 14, 2015

Top 5 Tools for Backing up Phone Data to Cloud Effortlessly

To protect the data files on your phone better, you may need to back it up regularly. While if you have created the backup files, where did you store them? In fact, the best way to create the backup files is to back up your phone on the Cloud. The Cloud backup, one of the most popular way of backing up, enables you to back up your phone and store the backup files on the online server. And the advantage of it is that you can get access to the backups as long as you have connected your phone to the network.
September 14, 2015

Phone Data Backup: How to Back up Your Mobile Phone

As the science and technology developing rapidly, it is getting more and more difficult for a person to leave the mobile phone for a whole day. This is because the mobile phones provide a lot of convenience for all of us. Contacting a person, taking a photo, watching a movie, you can do a lot of things with your phone and it is troublesome to live without your phone.
September 8, 2015

iOS 9 Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files from iOS 9 Devices

The Apple now, has developed a new operation system and named it iOS 9. It is said that the iOS 9 will be used on the new series of iOS devices, like the iPhone 6S, iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4. And you can also get it as a trial version from the official website of Apple. According to most of the users, iOS 9 has made up many shortcomings of iOS 8 and it is very steady and user-friendly. But there are also some people remarked that some problems still exist and they can cause some important data files on the iOS 9 devices to lose.
September 7, 2015

Top 3 Samsung Unroot Tools – Unroot Your Samsung Phone Easily

There are so many unroot tools in the market that you may have trouble to find a right one for your Samsung phone or table. Well, it is just the aim of this article. And I am going to introduce the top 3 Samsung Unroot Softwares & Apps for you. But before you start to unroot your Samsung phone, remember to create a backup file for your Samsung phone data. It can help you get back to the situation before unrooting in case you have messed up.
August 9, 2015

Five Apps for Data Recovery on the Android Phones

Now we are in the era of information, and the mobile phones are changing the life of us. The Android phones are one of the major operation systems of mobile, while another is the iOS of Apple. We can see people walking on the street with a mobile phone, which is either an Android phone or an iPhone. And it is said that the Android phones are getting more and more popular, and they are competing with the Apple for the leadership.