June 19, 2015

How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are released in recent days. It no wonder that Samsung is entering into rivalry with Apple over cellphones. This Samsung series is of novel design and excellent user experience.
June 12, 2015

How to Recover Messages from Broken Samsung Phone

Are you wondering how to recover messages from broken Samsung phone? Samsung phones are based on the Android OS which works in pretty much the same manner as a desktop operating system, which means, even if any of the data or files are deleted, you can still recover them, even if the device has been damaged.
June 8, 2015

How to Fix iPhone with White Screen of Death

The white screen of death is a special type of fatal error of the iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch, which displays on a white even background and remains you to restart your iPhone. Most of time, it is caused by the sudden impact on the solid ground. Many a man goes to the Apple store when they encounter such situation. It is, however, too costly. And sometimes, when the white screen of death is caused by the damage in the software, you are able to fix it by yourself.
June 6, 2015

Simple Method to Root the Samsung Galaxy S6 /Galaxy S6 Edge+

No matter whether the flatter Samsung Galaxy S6 or the curvy Galaxy S6 Edge, they both include so many pre-loaded apps. If you want not only to disable the pre-loaded apps, but to remove them for good, then rooting your device is an optimum choice. As you may have already known, rooting is a process of getting administrative rights on your phone, which enables you to delete the pre-loaded apps from your device when the process is completed. Are you interested? Then let's get started with the rooting journey.
May 27, 2015

3 Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 6S/7/8 Plus/X

For people who have just bought a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 Plus, how do you do to deal with the data on your old iPhone? Do you enter the contacts manually, try a fresh download the music and simply abandon the messages? Now it is time to give up these old fashioned ways. You can in fact transfer all the data from the old iPhone to your new iPhone 7/6S Plus in an easy way. And here are three solutions for you.
May 24, 2015

HTC Desire Contacts Recovery: Recover Lost Contacts from HTC Desire 612/610/512/510/626

HTC has recently released a series of HTC Desire model 510, 512, 610, and 612. These phones are oriented in the middle-end market, which are excellent in the basic functions, offering good user experience. They have quickly been the quick sellers after releasing. If you own one, then you should probably spare a short time for this article. It can be helpful to you.
May 22, 2015

How to Do Photos Recovery on Moto X (Style / Play / Force) /G/E/M Phone

Motorola has employed Android OS since 2009, and a varies of best sellers have been produced, including Moto X, Moto G and Moto E. These new Moto products are all of moderate prices and excellent effect. For example, there are a lot of people buy them for their built-in HD camera. They can take quantities of photos with those Moto phones. But also some people meet some problems, one of which is the loss of the photos because of a miss operation.
May 19, 2015

How to Recover Deleted Messages from HUAWEI Phones

Things happen sometimes when you lose your SMS text messages on your HUAWEI Phones. For example, you restore your phone to factory setting; you root your phone, or just a miss operation. Whatever, you need your messages back. Here is an ideal solution for you, the professional HuaWei Messages Recovery software - Dr.Fone for Android. It is a professional and powerful software enables people to recover the deleted data inclusive of messages, photos, contacts, videos and so on. I would like to call it as the world’s best application for data recovery for your HUAWEI Phones or other Android devices.
May 1, 2015

How to Convert/Transfer Data from Android Device to LG G4 / G5

LG G4 is awaiting its launch date, and we will see the successor to the LG G3 in just a few weeks. As is depicted online, […]