March 27, 2015

Fast Method to Transfer iPad Data to HTC One M9, HTC 10

I bet you already heard something about the newly released HTC 10, since it is the most expected Android smart phone that will open a new age for the whole smart phone market. If you were tired about iOS operation system, there are not many other choices; you have to go to Android OS. However, HTC 10 will save you the troubles to find the suitable Android phone for yourself. Well, you will know why this phone is so amazing after purchasing one. But now we have to deal with other problem which is to transfer data from your old iPad or other iOS device to this new HTC 10. The first challenge you will meet should be to work both with iOS and Android operation systems, somehow those two just don't cooperate well. Second problem will be how to make sure all data keep undamaged before and after transferring. If you manage to find some methods to solve those two problems, can you also make sure your method is fast and easy enough? Waste a whole day in just transferring some data is not a smart thing. But the method I'm about to show you, is not only perfectly support both iOS and Android but also capable of transferring data safe and sound in a short time. It is easy; all you need is third party data transfer software.
March 11, 2015

Easy Ways to Transfer BlackBerry Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Plus)

You may realize that those people who use Blackberry had changed their phone for a long time. It is time for you to consider about changing a new smart phone without a full keyboard like Blackberry. And if you still want special elements that can attract you like Blackberry smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Plus) definitely contents enough wow elements that make you cannot move your eyes off it. Anyway, once you decide to purchase a new cool smart phone, the next thing come to your schedule will be how to transfer the data on your old phone to this new one. Since you had used Blackberry for a considerably long time, any data stored in it could be useful so it is unacceptable if there was any damage during data transferring. You need to find a safe method which won't cost you too much time. Surprise! I have not only one but two methods that can allow you an efficiently way to transfer all your contacts from BlackBerry phone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge within a short time. Now let's check what these two methods are.
March 9, 2015

How to Sync Contacts from Galaxy Phone to Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge

If you can choose a new cellphone, which one would you want? Samsung just released its new devices- Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge – recently, and […]
March 6, 2015

How to Transfer Data from iPad Mini to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9

Being described as the Next Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S6 is defiantly become the focus of ten thousands attention. Except its 5.1 inches display screen and 5.65 x 2.78 x 0.27 in body dimensions which people can learn from the released news pictures, it is also an Android device base on the very new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operation system that supported by Exynos 7420 chipset. Nobody will blame you to purchase such amazing phone. The problem is when you got this phone what can you create for yourself through this powerful functions which of course will be much easier if you can have those data on your iPad Mini 3 be transferred to Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge Plus).
March 4, 2015

How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S8 / S9

You might think it is no big deal to transfer data from Android to iOS devices, probably you already did it a thousand times, but the […]
January 4, 2015

12 Excellent Free Choices to Secure Your Android Device

Computers and laptops are the most commonly used storage medium that we keep our files and data. As the improvement of mobile technology, we are more willing to store the files on the smart phones thanks to its handy and convenient feature. However, the security problem of the mobile phones is also very important or even acquires more attentions. Data sharing is becoming frequently all over the place. Approaching to the information can never be easier than before and you can have easy access to the cloud service wherever you go. Great convenience comes with great potential danger, we cannot deny that the data security of mobile device is becoming a severe problem for us. Extra alarm about apps that we are going to install on your device should be alerted.
December 28, 2014

How to Undelete Deleted Videos from Your iPod Touch 4 / iPod Touch 5 / iPod Touch 6

If it is your first time to use an iPod Touch 4 / iPod Touch 5 and you delete all videos by accident. And there is no backup file because you don't use iTunes. But these files are very important to you and you have no idea how to get the deleted video files back. Don't worry about it. We will show you how to undelete & recover lost video from your iPod Touch 4 successfully.
December 28, 2014

The Greatest Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

Display the features of the alternative to Samsung Smart Switch and show you how to use it to sync files between any Android & Samsung phones.
December 18, 2014

Three Best iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and Windows For You

It is widely accepted that a file is gone for good once it is deleted from an iPhone or iPad. However, this is not absolutely true. The file is still somewhere in your iPhone until it is overlapped by new files. In order to prevent data loss, many people backup their device which is a good habit. You can make iTunes to backup your device every time you connect your device to the computer. If you use iTunes to backup your file, the files will be saved on your computer and needs to be extracted when necessary. You have multiple choices among all the iPhone backup extractors. But be careful with your choice since the extractor is quite crucial. In the following part of this article, we are going to show you top 3 iPhone backup extractors for both Mac and Windows users.