August 10, 2014

How to Copy Music, Videos, Photos, SMS & Contacts from Nokia to Sony Xperia M2|M4|M5

I have used Nokia for quite a long time by far. So recently I've got a new Sony Xperia M2 / Xperia E3 device to replace the old one. Now I need to transfer all the useful data from the old Nokia phone to my new Sony Xperia M2 / Xperia M4 / Xperia M5. So I am asking for help. Is there a way to complete the data transmission without with no cost and still be able to copy the SMS to other smart phones?
August 8, 2014

How to Transfer iPhone Files to Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5/8/9 Directly

Have a plan to replace your iPhone X/8/7/6S/6/5/5C/5S with a more powerful one such as new Samsung Galaxy Note Phone? That wouldn’t be a good idea […]
August 6, 2014

Easy Way to Transfer Data Between LG and iPad

Bad news is that it is no way to transfer your music, videos, photos from an iOS device to an Android device, vice versa. But sometimes […]
April 5, 2014

Nexus 4 Rooting: How to Root Google Nexus 4 in An Easy Way

Google Nexus 4, which is always up to date with the latest version of Google, is a very useful and functional smart phone to provide you varies kind of features. With the Nexus 4, you can not only experience the latest and hottest Google Apps, but also experience the speed and power of the smart phone. After a long time using, many people may want to root Google Nexus 4 for some reasons. Here I will tell you how to complete the task of Nexus 4 rooting with help of the program Kingo Android Root.
April 5, 2014

Galaxy Note 2 Root: How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100) with Ease

As a smart device, SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II can bring us much convenience and exciting. With the Android device, you can not only contact with your friends, but also take photos and videos to record your life. When get such a GALAXY Note 2, I think that you may want to find a way to root Note 2 so that you can get the highest permission. Here I will show you how to complete the task in an easy way with help of the program Android Root.
March 30, 2014

How to Remove Root from Android Device

With the program Android ROOT made by Kingo R&D team, you can remove root from your Android phone in just one click. If you ever rooted your device with Android ROOT, you can turn to the steps to complete the task directly; if it is the first time you use the program Android ROOT, you will need to make preparations as follows:
March 20, 2014

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to The All New HTC One M8 / M9 / HTC 10

Are you tired of the over-popular iPhone that can be seen so frequently from time to time everywhere? Have you ever considered buying a new mobile […]
March 14, 2014

2 Solutions to Import Blackberry Contacts to Samsung Phone/Tablet

To try something new, you may have given up your old Blackberry and switch to Samsung club. But do you figure out how to deal with the contacts?
March 13, 2014

How to Transfer Contacts/SMS/Call Logs from BlackBerry to Android

Abandoned your old BlackBery? And get a new Android phone or tablet and want to share the good news with your best friends? However, things may be a little difficult since you have no contacts on the new Android. You can now choose to transfer all important files from your old BlackBerry to Android phone with help of third party BlackBerry to Android data transfer. If you are still searching for such a tool through the Internet, you are in the right place here.