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Guide on How to Restore Backup from iCloud to Android

When you move over to Android from iOS, your biggest issue might be with transferring data. This can be stressful if there are contacts, photos, or any other personal data that you want to keep on your smartphone. This leaves a lot of iPhone users wondering if they have to move data between the devices manually. When you use dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android), this is far from the truth.

Using this program means that you can effectively move all iOS data to an Android device. Furthermore, you can also preview the data before restoring it. Use the steps below to do so.

Steps to Restore Backup from iCloud to Android

Step #1 – Download and install dr.fone – Backup & Restore on your computer.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

Step #2 – Launch the program and connect your Android device using a USB cable.

Step #3 – From the main menu select the “Backup & Restore” feature.

Step #4 – Click on “Restore” and then from the left sidebar, click on “Restore from iCloud backup”.

Step #5 – Use the following display to enter your iCloud account information.

Note: After you sign in, you may have to enter a two-factor authentication code. Once you do this, press the “Verify” button to continue.

Step #6 – A list of backups will be shown on the next display. Choose the backup that you want to restore by clicking “Download”.

Step #7 – Dr.Fone will download the backup, and once the download is complete, all of the data will be shown on your screen.

Note: the download may take a long time if your backup contains a lot of data.

Step #8 – Browse each category and choose the data that you want to restore. Alternatively, check the box at the top next to your device’s name to restore all of the data.

Step #9 – Click the “Restore to Device” button once you finish selecting the data that you want to restore.

It’s worth noting that you cannot restore a few data types from iCloud to Android. This includes Safari browsing history, bookmarks, notes, and voice memos.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

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