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A Complete User Guide on dr.fone – Android Repair

How to Perform Android Repair using dr.fone – Repair (Android)

In this section of our guide, we are going to explain how to use dr.fone – Android Repair tool to fix all your issues on your Android smartphone.

Download dr.fone for Windows Order dr.fone – Android Repair

01. Download and install dr.fone – Repair

As the first step, you should download and install dr.fone toolkit on your computer. Then, you should launch the program and click on the option “Repair” located at the main window.

You can then connect the Android device to the same computer using the original USB cable provided. Then, you should click on the option labeled “Android repair”.

On the device information screen, you can choose the relevant information. For instance, you should pick the brand, model, name, and country. In addition to that, you should enter the career details as well. After that, you should confirm the warning and press “Next” to proceed.

The Android repair will now erase all the data that were stored on the device. You should now type the digits “000000” to proceed to the next level.

Since this process erases all the data available on the device, we strongly suggest creating a backup of it.

02. Start repairing the Android device

Before you begin the process of repairing the device, you should boot the Android device to its Download mode. If you need to know how to boot the Android on download mode, refer to the following steps.

If the device has a Home Button:

  • First, press the Volume Down button, Power button, and Home button and hold them for about 10 seconds.
  • Then, release those three buttons and press the Volume Up. That will take your device into DFU mode.

If the device doesn’t have a Home Button:

  • First, switch off the device. Then, press Power button, Volume Down button, and Bixby buttons together. Hold them for about 10 seconds again and release them.
  • After releasing those buttons, you should press Volume Up button to enter the “Download Mode”.

Click on “Next” so the program will download the firmware for the respective Android device.

At the completion of the downloading of firmware, you will be able to see that the program works. It will automatically start the repairing process.

Wait for a while, and you will then see your Android device is fixed. You can now use your Android device smoothly.

Download dr.fone for Windows Order dr.fone – Android Repair

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