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[FAST] Instagram håller stoppa (Instagram kraschar)

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Det är helt onödigt att säga hur populära Instagram är. På grund av de spännande funktioner i samband med denna awesome plattform, många individer använda det på en frekvent basis. För vissa individer, Det är bara en hobby, but there are some businesses that use Instagram for marketing. Regardless of the purpose, users get really frustrated when Instagram keeps stopping. If you’re a regular Instagram user and see Instagram keeps closing, you will go mad and look for solutions. But don’t be upset at all. This article comprises of various solutions to address Instagram crash, so keep reading if you are an Instagram user.

When Instagram keeps stopping, you will see an error message saying, ‘Unfortunately Instagram has stopped.‘ Så, after noticing such error, you should try the options mentioned below and fix it.

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Why does Instagram crash?

Just like the other apps, Instagram too can give occasional troubles for the users. Trots allt, the truth is that there is no invincible app. The reason for a crash can either be an issue with the login or the app itself. If you haven’t downloaded the latest version, it tends to crash. If your Android OS is outdated or experiences some bugs, Instagram may crash.

Även, the app can crash due to a lack of memory in the device or when the device is hot. Dessutom, the app can have its own problems from their end and end up crashing.

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Solutions to address ‘Instagram keeps stopping’ fråga

If you notice your Instagram keeps closing, make sure that you go through the below-mentioned options carefully. Sedan, follow the steps patiently to see that you have solved it for good. I själva verket, you don’t have to use all these methods. I stället, try one by one until your Instagram is up and running once again.

01. Restart your Smartphone or tab if your Instagram keeps closing

The most basic option you should try after noticing an Instagram crash in your device is a restart. Although it sounds like a pretty basic solution, it can actually solve many errors, including the Instagram crash. To restart your device, you should only press the power button and hold it then tap the ‘Restart’ alternativet. Please note that the restarting method might slightly vary depending on the model of the device.

02. Clear the data and Cache of your Instagram app

Ibland, Instagram keeps stopping if the Cache is full. I detta fall, you can expect it to work normally by clearing the cache and data of the app. Nämns nedan är stegen för att göra det.

To clear Cache

  • Go to the Settings of your Smartphone or tab
  • Go to Instagram under Apps and tap on it
  • Sedan, tap on the option Clear Cache

To clear data

  • Go to the Settings of your device
  • Tap on Apps
  • Sedan, locate Instagram and tap on the option called Clear Data
  • Sedan, tap on Force Stop to complete the process

Please note that the above steps may slightly vary depending on the model of the device and OS version.

03. Update Instagram if Instagram keeps closing

You should ensure that you have installed the latest Instagram version on your device. Older versions of any app (including Instagram) can cause troubles, at least an occasional basis. Så, it is important to have the app updated all the time if you expect it to run smoothly. To get it updated, Du bör följa anvisningarna som nämns nedan.

  • Go to Play Store app on your device.
  • Sedan, open the menu and click on My Apps & Spel.
  • If you can see a newer version of Instagram, just tap on the option called Update.

If the problem has occurred due to an outdated app, stegen ovan bör lösa det..

04. Installera om appen om din Instagram keeps closing

Om du ännu är att övervinna problemet även efter att ha provat alla alternativ ovan, Läs på. Som en annan lösning, nu måste du prova en ominstallation. Med andra ord, Du kan lösa en Instagram kraschar genom att installera om appen. Att få Instagram ominstallerat, Du bör följa anvisningarna betonas nedan.

  • Gå till appen Inställningar på enheten
  • Sedan, Gå till Apps och välj alternativet kallas Instagram
  • Tryck på Avinstallera blir så du kan se det bort från enheten
  • Sedan, utför en omstart på enheten.
  • After getting the device restarted, just install the Instagram app once again and see if it works.

For most of the users, this option must work.

05. Update your Android OS

If you still have the same trouble in using Instagram, you should opt for a system update. With a system update, you get a more stabilized version of the OS. I själva verket, updating your Android version will fix various bugs apart from fixing Instagram crash. Förutom som, updated OS is always safer compared to the outdated one. Så, keeping your Android version updated is inevitable whether or not you experience any issue.

Here are the steps to keep your Android OS updated to the newest version.

  • Först av allt, connect your device to a reliable, solid Wi-Fi network.
  • Sedan, go to the Settings of your device.
  • Of all the available options, select About Phone.
  • Tap on the option labeled Check for Updates.
  • If you see a button labeled Update, that means an update is available. Bara klicka på det.
  • The next option will vary depending on the current OS you are using. Till exempel, you will see options like Install Now, Install System Software, Reboot and Install or similar. Just tap on the option so the Update will take place.
  • Nu, go to Instagram and see if it works properly.

Now we believe that you can addressInstagram keeps stoppingissue using any of the above solutions. You can carefully go through the details and follow the instructions well. If you have further questions related to this issue, please mention it in the comments section below. Lycka till!

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