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Perché ricevo una notifica di Screenshot di Instagram?

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Snapchat è attualmente una delle più popolari applicazioni di media sociali. Although it’s well known for its ability to send photos that disappear in a matter of seconds, un'altra caratteristica che gli utenti come su di esso è le notifiche di screenshot. This gives users a notification if they send a Snapchat that the recipient then captures and saves. As simple as this feature is, it’s not something we’ve seen the likes of Facebook or Twitter implement yet. Recently though, il Notifiche di screenshot di Instagram feature saw wide release.

This recent policy change means that if you have an Instagram account and send someone a photo via messages, and they then take a screenshot, you’ll get a notification.

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Didn’t They Already Add Instagram Screenshot Notifications?

Esso ’ s vero, back in February of last year, we saw Instagram add notifications to the app. This was originally an addition to alert users if someone took a screenshot of what photos they had on their story. Ma, this feature didn’t last long. Why Instagram chose to remove it is unknown, but it’s likely that this was just a trial phase.

More recently, Instagram users have seen that the screenshot alerts are once again a part of the app. But unlike the previous update where they added the feature, this time it only applies to direct messages. Più specificamente, photos that you send which have a time limit on them. If you screenshot what your friend sends you, then they’ll receive an Instagram screenshot notification showing them that you have done so.

This doesn’t apply to regular posts that they share. Screenshotting photos they upload to their profile or their story won’t notify them.

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Instagram and the Feed Update

There was another recent update to Instagram that a lot of users consider being a controversial change. Una caratteristica notevole delle piattaforme di social media è loro layout verticale. Facebook ’ s feed è verticale, come è Twitter e Instagram.

Instagram fatto una decisione coraggiosa per cambiare questo e ha scelto di passare il feed per essere orizzontale piuttosto che il layout verticale standard. Questo ’ t durano a lungo. Entro poche ore di rilasciare l'aggiornamento, Instagram ha avuto altra scelta se non per annullare le modifiche. Gli utenti si sono affrettati a loro team di supporto con i reclami di inondazione, e per fortuna, hanno sentito che cosa veniva detto.

Questo isn ’ t il primo tempo hanno fatto un aggiornamento di questo. Per diversi mesi ora, Instagram ha cambiato il “Esplora” zona dell'app. Uno dei cambiamenti che hanno fatto questo stava facendo uno scroll orizzontale di sezione, ma solo un piccolo gruppo di utenti hanno accesso a questa funzionalità come ’ s ancora in fase di test.

Non troppo tempo fa, Questo aggiornamento è stato accidentalmente reso disponibile a tutti gli utenti. Pochi minuti gli utenti ha visto un altro aggiornamento che ha reso la scheda Esplora nuovamente a scorrimento verticale. This made many users aware of what Instagram was working on. It also raises the question of if Instagram will also be making feed section have horizontal scroll too. Per fortuna, because of the backlash users had in response to this, it’s not likely that Instagram will bring it back any time soon.

Instagram’s Response

After the accidental release of this feature, Instagram was quick to respond. According to a spokesperson for the platform: “After today’s update, some users may notice that their feed appears differently. This was a bug with the app, and we have now fixed the problem.

While it may have just been a bug, Instagram’s head made a post on Twitter, which had a slightly different tone. According to Adam Mosseri’s tweet, the new feed layout was no more than part of their test phase. Only specific users should have been able to access it.

This leaves a lot of interpretation to be made. If it was just a test, then will Instagram be bringing horizontal feeds to the app along with Instagram screenshot notifications? Anche, since more users got access to the feature that developers were planning, are they slowly releasing it to more users?

What Else Has Been Happening with Instagram?

Even with all the controversy that surrounds Instagram’s feed and policy changes, the last year has been fantastic for the company.

With the introduction of Instagram’sStory” caratteristica, similar to that of Snapchat’s own, more users were actively using the app. In un primo momento, this was one of the features that only a handful of users were using. For the most part, Questo era principalmente perché Snapchat ha avuto storie dal lancio. Ma, nell'ultimo anno, Storie di Instagram ha tolto e aveva più utenti attivamente postando sulla piattaforma. Infatti, le statistiche mostrano Snapchat ’ storia s caratteristica ha la metà del numero di utenti al giorno che fa Instagram. Questo è, senza dubbio, un grande colpo per Snapchat, il creatore originale di storie.

Prendendo la pubblicità ad un nuovo livello

Instagram ha anche preso i suoi annunci al livello successivo. Considerando quanto grande Facebook Ads è stato per il marketing, it’s no surprise that after buying out Instagram, it’s becoming more advertiser-friendly.
Rather than creating ads which redirect customers to their website, businesses can sell directly through Instagram. Not only does this eliminate the need for small businesses to create a website, but it also means that the ad data which Instagram collect can be more accurate.

Note that over 2 million advertising accounts use Instagram each month and of Instagram’s user base, roughly 80% are following a brand account. With only a fifth of users not following brands, this gives Instagram a lot of potential in the eyes of advertisers.

Instagram Stories and Ads

These two features are now being used together. Advertisers can now publish their ads using Instagram stories, maximizing the exposure that they get.

Of the massive number of stories that users upload to Instagram each day (as many as 400 million), sopra 30% of those are brand stories. This goes to show that Instagram’s ad platform is catching up with Facebook ads at an incredible rate. Facebook has even said that by 2020, they’ll be making 70% of the company’s revenue from Instagram alone.

Così, we’ve seen Facebook’s ad platform exceed our expectations. After Facebook took ownership of Instagram, we’re now starting to see Instagram marketing become more viable. It’s probably worth asking how long until Twitter and Snapchat follow suit and become as ad-friendly as their competitors are.

How Can I Screenshot Without Alerting Someone?

After Snapchat getting praise for their notification alerts, it was only a matter of time before Instagram added it to their app. Like Snapchat though, there are plenty of users wondering how to get around Instagram screenshot notification. There’re a few ways to do this:

  • Use a screen recorder or the built-in iOS screen recording feature. After you start the recording simply open Instagram, go the message you want to screenshot, exit the app, and stop the recording. You can then watch the video recording and screenshot Instagram photos from there.
  • Access Instagram through their website instead. Per fortuna, they didn’t add screenshot notifications to the Instagram website. Così, you’re able to view the photo online and screenshot it without notifying them. You can use a tool like Gyazo to do this.
  • A third-party smartphone app, come “iOS Screen Recorder,” does the job too. It will capture the photo you want to screenshot and save it to your gallery.

There are always risks when you screenshot on social media apps. Se si decide di utilizzare un app di terze parti, quindi questa è la scelta più rischiosa. Ancora in considerazione Snapchat: utilizzando un'altra app per screenshot senza notifiche si possono ottenere un divieto di conto se si ’ re catturato. Esso ’ s troppo presto per dire, ma questo è probabilmente il caso con Instagram troppo.

Per concludere per le notifiche di Instagram Screenshot

Instagram decidendo di aggiungere notifiche ancora una volta è un buon segno. Forse, e, si spera, altre applicazioni per social media deciderà di fare anche questo. In particolare, Gli utenti WhatsApp e Facebook hanno richiesto questa funzione. Considering that we now see Instagram screenshot notifications, there’s a good chance that other platforms will indeed do so.

D'altro canto, you might not be a fan of this feature. Se è così, you can use one of the solutions above and screenshot without notifying the other person. If you have a screen recording app, then this will also work for Snapchat troppo!

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