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Instagram Spy App | 5 Ways to Spy on Instagram

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Instagram is a widely popular application that is used to share messages, photos, and videos. It is a stunning platform to carry out these activities with its amazing filters and other features. However, there are people who misuse this platform. People share objectionable content that can easily corrupt your children. It becomes unsafe for children to use Instagram due to these people.

As a parent, you have to look over your child’s Instagram account so as to combat this threat. You can monitor your kids’ activities on their smartphones with some of the best spying applications. Here, you will know about five different ways to spy on your kids’ Instagram accounts remotely. Let’s move on to these different ways!

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Way 1: Spying Instagram via KidsGuard – Top 1 Instagram Spy App

To monitor your kids’ devices is the most secure way to know what your children are up to in the absence of yours. The most powerful way to spy on an Instagram account is through KidsGuard. It keeps an eye over your kids’ activities on various social media applications. You can monitor each, and every message, photo, or video sent or received on your kids’ Instagram accounts with the help of this Instagram spy application.

Unique features of KidsGuard:

Steps to use this Instagram spy app:

This Instagram spy can be used on iOS and Android devices. It tracks the monitored device’s activities remotely. In order to monitor your kids or employees, follow some instructions as listed below:

Step 1: Create an account

Initially, you have to create an account on KidsGuard via “Try it now” or its official site. Next, you have to fill in details like your email ID and password. Then, click on the button “Sign Up“.

Try it Now

Step 2: Enter the details

Now, a window of “Setup Wizard” will appear on your screen. Now, you have to fill in details about the target device’s owner like name and age along with the target phone’s operating system. In the case of iPhone users, you just have to verify iCloud ID and its password. Then, click on the button “Verify“. However, Android users need their devices to be rooted and then, follow up the setup process.

Step 3: Spy Instagram

After completion of everything, you can monitor your kids’ devices via your phone’s dashboard. Click “Instagram” out of options available to spy on it.

View KidsGuard Online Demo

Way 2: Spying Instagram via Spyzie – Top 2 Instagram Spy App

It is one of the popular applications to spy on an Instagram account. Spyzie comes handy when you want to track social media applications of your kids. It offers an easier way to carry out the process of the Instagram spy; tracks the real-time location along with various other apps. Its real-time GPS location tracker ensures your kid is not going outside of the radar assigned by you. You can try out its free version before opting for the premium one to catch a cheating wife & fix on how to hack someone’s Instagram.

Steps to use this Instagram spy app:

In order to use this application, you have to follow certain steps.

Step 1: Create an account on Spyzie from its official website.

Create Spyzie Account

Step 2: Now, provide some basic information about the target device along with other information. If you are using an Android device then, make sure the installation from unfamiliar sources for third-party applications is turned on.

Step 3: Download Spyzie after completing the setup process from its official site. Click on “Install” in order to install the application on your device after accessing Spyzie’s apk file.

Step 4: Now, log into your Spyzie account with valid credentials. Allow this Instagram spy app to access other features as well.

Step 5: You can remove Spyzie icon to track the device remotely. It is better to activate the target device’s device administration for an easier spying experience.

Step 6: Now, track Instagram using Spyzie’s dashboard online along with other apps. Make sure to turn ON the optionFeature Status” before tracking social media apps. Track Instagram hassle-free!

View Spyzie Online Demo

Way 3: Spying Instagram via mSpy – Top 3 Instagram Spy App

mSpy is another popular Instagram spy app that is really easy to use. You can even track the target device’s phone calls with mSpy. It allows users to keep track of calls made or received on the target device. You can keep an eye on your children’s real-time location by accessing its GPS location. Its feature of keylogger is the best thing as you can see passwords of various social media apps through this feature. mSpy is the best option to hack social media accounts with the utmost ease in order to look at what your children are up to. You need to follow some easy steps to track down activities of your children on Instagram.

Steps to use this Instagram spy app:

In order to use this application, you have to follow certain steps.

Step 1: You need to buy this application from its official site and then, download it. mSpy works on both iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: You will get your login details in a confirmation email along with the installation process.

Step 3: For spying on your kids’ Instagram accounts, you have to access its dashboard from your computer or phone. You can spy on the target device even without the knowledge of the target device’s owner. mSpy offers the best solution for the Instagram spy.

Try mSpy

Way 4: Spying Instagram via iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor works are similar to the other Instagram spy apps like Spyzie and mSpy. It works in a stealth mode without knowing the target device’s owner. Using iKeyMonitor, you can track Instagram along with other social media apps. It comes with a keylogger app that can be used to access messages of Instagram.

Steps to use this Instagram spy app:

Step 1: Download iKeyMonitor from its official website. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android device. Then, install it.

Step 2: For Instagram spy process, you need to make sure that “Monitoring Statusis ON.

Step 3: You need to remove iKeyMonitor’s icon in order to run this Instagram spy remotely.

Step 4: Now, log in with your account details to its web-based online interface.

Step 5: Accessing its drop-down menu, you can select the target device you want to Instagram spy on. Select the option for Instagram to keep track of every activity of your child on Instagram. You can access messages with the help of its keylogging feature. It is a perfect way for the Instagram spy.

Try iKeyMonitor

Way 5: Spying Instagram via TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy offers one of the simplest ways to spy on an Instagram account. Just like other applications, you can access any Instagram account of the monitored device with TOS. It even allows you to access media files shared on Instagram. It shows each and every comment made by the user along with its followers.

Steps to use this Instagram spy app:

In order to use this application, you have to follow certain steps.

Step 1: Download TheOneSpy from its official site, hassle-free.

Step 2: After that, install it. Use your login credentials in order to perform the Instagram spy.

Step 3: Once the installation process gets over, you can access its dashboard anytime from anywhere.

Step 4: Now, you will be able to access media files, logs, and messages of Instagram in an easier yet efficient manner. It is the simplest Instagram spy app that is really easy to use, install, and download.

Try TheOneSpy

So, you can download any of these Instagram spy apps to keep an eye on Instagram activities of your kids. These applications offer the easiest way to track Instagram activities without any knowledge of the target device’s owner. If you want to save your children against rising cyber crimes then, it is best to go with these spying applications.

You can go with any of these applications to carry out Instagram spy process. But it is best to go with the top three recommendations on this article, which are KidsGuard, Spyzie, and mSpy. These applications come with various advanced features to keep track of all activities that happen on the target device. These Instagram spy apps provide parents with the best option in order to keep their children safe from cyber threats. Download applications like KidsGuard, Spyzie, and mSpy for a better Instagram spy experience!

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