Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS 私人数据橡皮擦 多语言

Completely Erase your iOS Data to Avoid Privacy Disclosure

  • You can clean up your private data completely and permanently from your iOS device such as Photos, 往来, 消息, 日历, 通话记录, 日程, Safari 书签, and Notes
  • You can preview and selectively delete the data from the device
  • You can erase both existing and deleted private files from your iOS device

完全兼容 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOS 6.0 ~ 10.2.

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IOS 所有模块的 Dr.Fone 工具包

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Everything is Erasable

If you are planning to sell or donate your phone, you would not like that the future owner of your phone recovers any of your personal data. You can erase all your personal data from your iOS device with Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS 私人数据橡皮擦.

Everything on Your iPad/iPhone Can Be Erased

Data such as photos, 联系人, safari 书签, 等等. can be easily deleted, but they can be recovered later. With Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS 私人数据橡皮擦, you can erase these data permanently and cannot be recovered later. Once you erase all your data, you do not have to fear to hand over your phone accidentally to identity thieves.


  • 往来
  • 照片
  • 消息
  • 通话记录
  • 日历
  • 日程
  • 便签
  • Safari 书签
iOS Private Data Eraser for Windows

Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS 私人数据橡皮擦 [Windows]

受支持的平台: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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iOS Private Data Eraser for Mac

Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS 私人数据橡皮擦 [苹果电脑]

受支持的平台: OS Mac 10.6 ~ 10.12 macOS Sierra

免费下载 $39.95 (一生)

安卓系统的 dr.fone 工具包 8.0 是出新品牌设计.
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