Dr.Fone for iOS multi-language

One of the Best if Not the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software in the World

The ever best recovery program for you to get back deleted files
including messages, photos, contacts, notes and more from iOS Devices.

Fully compatible with iOS 10, iTunes 12.x, Windows 10 & MacOS Serria

Newly supports iPhone SE / 7 (Plus), 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

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Get Dr.Fone For Android to Recover Lost data from Android Devices

Recover Your Lost Data without Issues

The truth is that it's actually quite common to unwillingly delete something from your iOS device. Whether it's contact information, a picture or an email, you could end up losing the piece forever. The first thing you need to do is to get them back before they get ultimately overwritten. Luckily for you, the Dr.Fone program for iOS devices which supports both Windows and Mac versions is capable of recovering the lost files before they get overwritten and lost for good.

An Abundance of Supported Devices and Recoverable Files

The program offers data recovery for all iPhones except for 4 and 3GS, all iPads except for iPad for iPod Touch 5 and the 2015 Edition. You can recover information regarding your contacts, messages, notes, calendar, your call history, and your WhatsApp history and recover your Safari Bookmarks, Facebook Messenger history and many more.

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Kik Chat
  • Reminder
  • Calenadr
  • Call History
  • Viber Chat
  • WhatsApp History
  • Safari Bookmark
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Line Chat History

Recover Data from iOS Devices as well as from other Backup Clouding Systems

  • Allow you to recover your files from the device as well as from other backup clouding systems like iCloud and iTunes.
  • You can use it for Windows and Mac versions, and it supports a wide array of file types such as music, apps, text messages, contacts, reminder, camera roll, voice memos and a lot more.
  • You can recover information which has been lost as a result of a system crash, virus, damaged, if your device has been stolen or if you've deleted a certain file.
  • You can access forgotten passwords and many more.

$69.95 for iOS Data Recovery $79.95 for iOS Data Recovery

Data Transfer, Backups, and Restoration of WhatsApp Data new-pro

The Dr.Fone App is going to allow you to easily transfer information between your iOS WhatsApp and your other devices, even those who run on Android. You can also backup your WhatsApp messages to your computer and restore the backups to all devices, regardless of their operation systems.

$29.95 for WhatsApp Transfer & Backup $39.95 for WhatsApp Transfer & Backup

iOS System Repairs

  • Fixing any kind of iOS system issues by this tool is just a piece of cake, including black screens, white Apple logo, recovery mode, looping on the start, etc..
  • Furthermore, you don't need to worry about data loss during the iOS System Repairing processing.
  • It's easy to fix all sorts of common issues you meet, such as endless restarts, blue, black or red screens, or white Apple log screen, even when your device can not slide to power off or unlock or when it keeps on looping on the Apple log.

$69.95 for iOS System Recovery $79.95 for iOS System Recovery

iPhone/iPad stuck in recovery mode loop or iTunes logo.
iPhone/iPad can't get out of DFU mode.
iPhone/iPad turns into white Apple logo screen/white screen of death.
iPhone/iPad becomes black screen, red or blue screen.
iPhone/iPad restarts endlessly.
iPhone/iPad appears frozen and doesn't respond at all.
iPhone/iPad won't slide to unlock or slide to power off.
iPhone/iPad keep looping on the Apple logo.

Backup and Restore iOS Data new-pro

The Dr.Fone app also allows you to backup the data on your computer with a simple click. It also enables you to quickly preview the stored data and to export everything you need from the backup. There is also absolutely no data loss throughout the restoration process.

$29.95 for iOS Data Backup & Restore $39.95 for iOS Data Backup & Restore

iOS KIK Chats Backup and Restore new-pro

With only simple clicks, you are able to backup all KIK chat from iPhone/iPad to computer for reading or printing. And when restoring your KIK chats history, you are allowed to preview them previously. It's 100% data safe.

$19.95 for Kik Backup & Restore $29.95 for Kik Backup & Restore

Viber Chats Backup & Viber Chats Restore new-pro

Same as KIK chat history, you can easily backup and restore all your Viber chat history as well. If you would like to export any Viber chats for printing, Dr.Fone can fix your problem with 100% data safe and security.

$19.95 for Viber Backup & Restore $29.95 for Viber Backup & Restore

iOS Line Backup and Restore for All Kinds of Line Chat History new-pro

  • Preview then backup and restore any group chats, line chat history and personal chats in one click
  • Except text messages, audio and video line chat are all included
  • After preview line chat history, it is allowed to do data backup & restore selectively
  • Export and then print line chat data from backup file freely
  • It can be used simply & effectively with 100% data safe

$19.95 for iOS Line Backup & Restore $29.95 for iOS Line Backup & Restore

Permanently Delete & Clean Up iPhone, iPad Data new-pro

  • Securely clean up and wipe personal data on your iPhone before selling, recycling and donating it.
  • Remove all personal files permanently, like emails, banking information and logins, etc.
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and all other iOS devices are supported
  • World’s best One-Stop solution for iOS data eraser

$29.95 for iOS Full Data Eraser $39.95 for iOS Full Data Eraser

Completely Erase iOS Data to Avoid Your Privacy Disclosure new-pro

  • Clean up all privacy data on your iPhone permanently, such as photos, audio, contacts, SMS, call history, etc.
  • Preview and then selectively delete your privacy data on iPad/iPhone
  • Erase both deleted and existing private files on your iPhone
  • Support for all kinds of your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

$29.95 for iOS Private Data Eraser $39.95 for iOS Private Data Eraser

Enjoy Big Screen by Recording & Mirroring iOS Device - iOS Screen Recorder new-pro

  • Mirror your iOS device to big screen on projector or computer wirelessly
  • Record videos, games and more on smartphone to your computer
  • Any iOS devices running iOS 7.1 to iOS 10 are supported

$69.95 for iOS Screen Recorder Coming soon

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