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简单的方法来修复'iPhone麦克风不工作’ 给你的

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每部手机都变得非常聪明, 手机最重要的用途是通话功能. 除了这, you won’t be able to hear music or view videos if the Microphone is not working. If the Microphone stops working on your iPhone, the whole purpose of buying a mobile phone seems to be useless. The damaged Microphone can really frustrate you as well as the other person who is talking to you. There are many obstacles that cause such issues.

There are high chances that you will be concerned about fixing the issue. We will try to help you with solving the issue of damaged Microphone.

在许多情况下, it is possible to fix the issue by doing some basic things. 但, in a few cases, you need a lot more effort to fix this issue. 然而, don’t think that it is not entirely possible to fix the Microphone. 在此博客中, we will provide techniques to fix theiPhone 麦克风不工作.’

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部分 1: Quick tricks to fix the issue

There are various techniques to fix the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. Here are a few quick tricks to fix this issue.

  • 1. Ensure that the iSight mic and the Microphone are not blocked by your fingers. 有时, it happens that the Microphone gets blocked by the fingers that result in the uneven functioning of the Microphone.
  • 2. In case you face this issue, disconnect the audio accessories or Bluetooth headsets that are linked with the iPhone.

开放 设置 applicaton < 蓝牙 < hit on the ‘i option besides Bluetooth accessory<单击 ‘forget this device‘ 按钮.

  • 3. 除了这个, remove the films, cases, and screen protectors, which have accidentally covered the iSight mic, iPhone receiver, or the Microphone.
  • 4. 还, analyze if the application or cellular connection has an issue.
  • 5. Launch the Voice Memos tool and hit on the record option. 现在, say anything. As soon as you finish recording the voice, hit on the play button to listen to the recording.

If the sound is clear, then the Microphone is in proper condition. If you are unable to hear the recording properly, it means that your cellular connection can probably be the issue.

  • 6. 有时, it can be possible that the Microphone is fine, but the application that you are operating is creating a problem. If that is the case, try updating the application (App Store<Updates). In case this solution doesn’t work, then try to delete the application and reinstall it.

除了这个, ensure that the application has complete access to the iPhone’s Microphone.

Follow this pathway

  • Head to the 设置 选项
  • 转到(G) privacy
  • 选择 Microphone
  • 现在, turn on the button that is right beside the application

These are some quick fixes to ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. You can try these heading on to the detailed techniques. If these tips solve your problem, then it is good for you. 否则, move on to the next section to find out about other solutions.

部分 2: Techniques to fix ‘iPhone microphone not working

If the above mentioned quick tricks didn’t help you, then we have a few detailed techniques to fix the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. Do not skip this part if you wish to repair the iPhone microphone.

技术 1: Reboot the iDevice

The first technique to fix the ‘iPhone microphone not workingissue is to reboot the device. Try to reset the device to troubleshoot the problems. There are high chances that this will resolve the problem.

为 iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/X/XR and iPhone XS

If you own any of these devices, then hold and release the volume up key as well as hold and release the volume down key.

现在, hold the side key until the logo of Apple displays on the device’s screen.

为 iPhone 7 加上/7

Tap and hold the volume key as well as the side key until you notice the logo of Apple.

For iPhone 6s and older version along with iPad

Tap and hold the side button along with the home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

技术 2: Update the iPhone Operating System (操作系统)

Inspect once to see if your device is operating on the latest iPhone Operating System (iOS). There are certain issues that arise because of the update. 因此, it is advisable to update the iOS immediately as the new update is launched.

Steps to update

  • 1. 启动 设置 application on the iOS device.
  • 2. 单击 一般 选项.

  • 3. Hit on the 软件更新 选项.
  • 4. If you see an update, 点击 ‘下载并安装to update the latest iOS.

Try this technique to see if the issue gets fixed. If this doesn’t work either, 不用担心. We have other solutions to fix the issue. Keep on reading to find out about the other techniques.

技术 3: Analyze the Microphone

This technique can be tried easily. You don’t require any technical knowledge to solve the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. Check your device with Microphone using a voice memo, FaceTime, and Siri.

Steps to execute the technique

  • 1. Hold the home button until Siri displays on the screen. As soon as it appears, talk to it. 在种情况下, Siri does not give a response, try to speak loudly.
  • 2. Launch the Voice Memos application and begin recording anything. Play the recorded file to see if you can hear clearly.
  • 3. 现在, check the FaceTime application. Record a short video and play it to see if the sound is audible.

技术 4: Analyze the settings of the iPhone microphone

There are a few times that the Microphone doesn’t work if you use certain applications. The permission settings are responsible for this problem. 为了解决这个问题, 头到 设置 application and choose privacy. You will see an option of Microphone. Tap on that to allow the applications to get access to the Microphone.

技术 5: Get rid of the iPhone case

Remove the case of the iPhone because the designs of the iPhone device are quite different. 有时, the phone case might block the jack of the Microphone. 因此, if you face the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题, try removing the phone case as it could possibly cover the Microphone and speakers.

现在, test the phone with the steps given in technique 3. This is the easiest of all the techniques written in the blog. 你只需要删除iPhone的外壳, 问题就会得到解决.

技术 6: 禁用降噪功能

此功能有助于在拨打电话时降低噪音. 默认情况下,在设备中启用了噪音消除选项. 如果您最近更新了软件, 将启用降噪功能. 这可能导致 iPhone 麦克风无法正常工作. 关闭此功能非常简单.


  • 1. 转到 设置 应用程序并选择 一般 选项. 您将看到 辅助 选项, scroll up and down to search for the Noise Cancellation 按钮.
  • 2. Turn the switch off to disable the Noise Cancellation feature.

This is a very easy method to help you fix the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. The steps are pretty easy and effective.

技术 7: Contact the Apple Support

If all the techniques mentioned above fail to work, go for this technique to fix the ‘iPhone microphone not working’ 问题. Contact the Apple Support and fix the appointment with the service provider of Apple or an expert at the Apple Store.

Steps to execute the technique

  • 2. 选择 Repairs & Physical Damage 选项.

  • 3. 现在, 选择 ‘Unable to hear through receiver or speakers.’
  • 注意: 在种情况下, you don’t see an option to choose theUnable to hear through receiver or speakers‘ 选项, pickthe topic is not listed‘ 选项. 然后, explain the problem and hit on the 继续 按钮.

  • 4. Tap on the Built-in speaker. 选择 ‘Bring in for repair‘ 选项.

Follow these instructions to fix the microphone issue.

技术 8: Fix the ‘iPhone microphone not workingissue without losing data

This is the last technique to fix this issue. 如果无法正常工作, then use this technique to repair the iPhone microphone. You can solve the issue by one click with the help of iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery 工具. It is a trusted tool with excellent features to repair multiple issues of the iPhone easily. Download and install this program at a reasonable price. Solve any issue with the help of this tool. Go through the steps to understand the process.

Steps to perform this process

  • 1. Install the software on the PC. Open it and repair your iOS device with the help of标准模式.

  • 2. Follow every guideline mentioned in the program to transfer the iPhone into DFU恢复模式.
  • 3. 现在, the device will turn into DFU 模式 with this procedure.
  • 4. 下载 安装 an appropriate firmware that is based on the device that you own.

  • 5. Hit on theStart to Fixoption to begin the solving process after completing the download of firmware. Wait for some time to fix all the iOS problems in the device.

iMyFone Fixppo tool is the correct choice if you need to fix any iOS issue. Go on to buy this program to prevent any issue in your iPhone. iMyFone Fixppo is very trustworthy software. 所以, 你还在等什么? Download the program immediately from the official site of the iMyFone Data Recovery tool. 如果您使用此应用程序, you don’t need to worry about the loss of data. 整体, it is a very effective tool.


所以, this was all about fixing theiPhone 麦克风不工作‘ 问题. All the techniques that are written above have been tested by experts, 因此,, they are reliable. 然而, if your Microphone doesn’t get fixed with any of the techniques, then you should ask an expert to help you. There are certain problems that can only be fixed by an expert. If you have doubts or queries regarding this blog, you can share them in the comment section. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We hope that these techniques work for you.



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