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當您搜索資料恢復工具時,您將發現過多的選項. 然而, not all those tools do what they promise. 因此, you must perform plenty of research before using a data recovery tool in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. One of the best data recovery tools you can find today is EaseUS Data Recovery. 但, is EaseUS safe? Can you use it without any hassle? Does it have any side effects on the performance of your computer? Does EaseUS have a better alternative? Let’s find it out in this EaseUS review.

PS: 在這裡, you will figure out how to fix issues, 像 您插入的磁片是不可讀的這台電腦, 和 the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable 輕鬆地. And click to find out How to Fix Corrupted Files 太.

易動安全 – What exactly is EaseUS Data Recovery?

簡而言之, EaseUS is very popular software which is used to recover data. This software is introduced by a company called EaseUS. The main purpose of this software is to prevent users from losing their precious data. 正如他們所說, their data backup and data recovery tools are the most impressive in the industry.

坦率 地 說, EaseUS is a superb tool that can be ranked as one of the best data recovery tools. Apart from its powerful operation and quick turnaround, it offers a plethora of features that are exceptionally handy. 除此之外,, it performs with superb stability to deliver hassle-free operation for users.


In the context of security information, EaseUS is not the most impressive option in its category. But that doesn’t denote that EaseUS is an unsafe software to use. If you have the question ‘is EaseUS safe?’ You should know that it is rather safer software. 實際上, EaseUS is considered to be decent software in terms of safety. If you go to technical specifications of EaseUS, it offers 256-bit SSL standard encryption which is very good. With 256-bit SSL encryption, you can expect a considerable amount of security of your data.

When using EaseUS Data Recovery program on your computer, it will deploy the encryption automatically. It is needless to mention how beneficial and useful this approach is. 除此之外,, you will be able to customize the process of this software to bring more user-friendliness. 除此之外,, it should be remembered that EaseUS is a generally safe software to be used.

易動安全 – What is the best alternative to EaseUS Data Recovery?

It is true that EaseUS Data Recovery is a decent software that comes with many useful features. 然而, some individuals always prefer having alternatives to every tool they use. If you are one of them and you want a superb alternative to EaseUS, 繼續閱讀本文. We consider 我的 Fone 任何恢復 to be the best alternative to EaseUS Data Recovery due to various obvious reasons. 事實上, iMyFone AnyRecover can offer almost everything offered by EaseUS, and it offers some more features as well.

現在, in the following section of this EaseUS review, let’s take a look at the features of both of these tools.

EaseUS Review – 深掃描

Both of these tools offer the option of deep scanning for files, so it doesn’t miss even a single file.

EaseUS ReviewAmount of data it can recover

Both EaseUS and AnyRecover allows you to recover an unlimited amount of data.

EaseUS ReviewPreview before recovering

You can preview the files before recovering them with both EaseUS as well as AnyRecover. This option becomes very handy when you want to recover some specific files only. 如果不是, it allows you to see what exactly you will recover before you start the recovery process.

EaseUS ReviewCompatible with multiple file formats

Both of the software tools we have mentioned above are compatible with plenty of file formats. 這就意味著, your possibilities of recovering pretty much any file are much higher with these formats. It supports images, 視頻, 音訊, 檔, zip files, databases, 和許多其他檔案格式. 所以, 在這種情況下, both of the tools are a match.

EaseUS ReviewCompatibility with multiple devices

When it comes to compatibility, both of these tools are highly compatible with all the storage devices. 舉個例子, they support external hard drives, USB 快閃磁碟機, 記憶卡, and plenty of other devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery Review – 丟失分區恢復

If a partition is lost due to formatting or any other reason, both of these tools can recover them. 所以, both of these tools are a match when it comes to partition recover aspect as well.

EaseUS Data Recovery ReviewScanning of a specific location

有時, you don’t need to scan the entire computer or a hard drive to recover data. 相反, you may need to recover data from a specific drive only. 在這種情況下, you will be able to use both of these tools without any hassle. That means both of these tools can scan the locations you prefer.

EaseUS Data Recovery ReviewScanning specific files

This is one instance where AnyRecover stands ahead of EaseUS. That is because EaseUS doesn’t have the ability to scan specific file types on your computer. 舉個例子, if you need to recover only the images, you cannot do it with EaseUS. 相反, you will have to recover all the files and differentiate the images from the rest. 然而, with AnyRecover, you will be able to recover just the files you want. 所以, 在這種情況下, AnyRecover beats EaseUS.

EaseUS Data Recovery ReviewCost factor

This is another instance in which AnyRecover beats EaseUS. 當涉及到成本因素, AnyRecover is significantly affordable compared to EaseUS. 所以, if you are looking for an affordable solution with better features, AnyRecover is the best tool.

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Why is iMyFone AnyRecover better?

It is totally possible to recover all the types of files using iMyFone AnyRecover. 有了這個工具, you can recover data from all the devices you use in general. The user-interface of this respective tool is exceptionally impressive. Even if you are a total novice to this tool, you can use it conveniently due to this user-friendliness.

AnyRecover also offers several data recovery modes for you to select from. 此外, one of the most useful features associated with this tool is that it lets you preview the files. 作為一個結果, you can be 100% sure about what you are going to recover. With AnyRecover, you can recover files selectively. That means you can simply recover the files you need without recovering everything you have lost. It is a time-saving and highly efficient feature. This software works perfectly with Mac and Windows platforms.

Mentioned below are some of the most notable features associated with AnyRecover.

  • It recovers files from all the storage mediums such as hard drives, external hard drives, 記憶卡, 等. 還, it supports USB drives, 智慧 手機, and various other devices.
  • You can easily recover the files regardless of the way you have lost them. That means it recovers files that are lost due to deletion, 系統崩潰, 惡意軟體攻擊, 格式, 等.
  • AnyRecover supports pretty much all the file formats such as photos, 檔, 音樂, 視頻, 等.
  • It comes with a very friendly user-interface that recovers lost data very fast.
  • 100% safety on your data. It doesn’t affect the existing data when recovering files.

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How to recover data using iMyFone AnyRecover?

Let’s learn how to recover data using iMyFone AnyRecover.

  • 首先, 下載並安裝 AnyRecover on the computer and launch it. 您將看到一個選項稱為 ‘All-Round Recovery‘ 在主介面上. Select it to proceed.

  • 現在, choose a location to save the files you are about to recover. 命中 ‘下一個‘ 按鈕以繼續.

  • 現在, you should select the file types you want to retrieve. 然後, hit the掃描‘ 按鈕. You will see that AnyRecover starts the scanning.

  • 掃描過程完成後, you will see a list of files that are recoverable. Choose the files you want to have back and click on the button labeled恢復.’

’ S 它. Your files will be saved in the folder you have selected.

On top of all those features and user-friendliness, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with AnyRecover. 這就意味著, if you don’t like the performance of this software, you can claim your money back. With AnyRecover purchase, 你可以得到 free updates for a lifetime as well. 更重要的是, AnyRecover comes with 100% reliability and safety. It is completely free from malware.

此外, 在這裡, 您將瞭解有關如何 recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome 也很容易.

Download AnyRecover

With this EaseUS review article, we answered the questionis EaseUS safe?’ and we hope you are clear with the information. If you have further questions, 請讓我們知道.


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