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Is het legaal om te downloaden van YouTube-video's? Kom het te weten!

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YouTube is de meest populaire video-sharing platform in de wereld, en er is geen twijfel over het. YouTube belongs to Google, and it generates a massive amount of money through advertising. You can watch YouTube videos for free, and you will often watch some advertisements in return. If you don’t want to see these occasional advertisements, you can even subscribe to YouTube Red. Echter, you can avoid advertisements and paid subscriptions if you download YouTube videos, can’t you? Maar, is it legal to download YouTube videos? The exact purpose of this article is to explain this aspect. Dus, Lees verder.

There is no doubt that Google doesn’t want to download the contents available on YouTube. Apart from protecting the earning potential, this is a step to protect the copyrights of the content owners. Dus, in een notendop, YouTube doesn’t want users to download its contents. That is exactly why you cannot find apps for Android (which belongs to Google) to download YouTube videos.

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Okay… but is it legal to download YouTube videos?

If you intend to use YouTube videos for personal use only, it is not illegal. Echter, it is unethical for a person to download someone else’s YouTube video without that person’s permission. Ook, Als u een video van YouTube downloaden en voor commerciële doeleinden gebruiken, die ’ s illegale. Dus, hebben dat in gedachten als u benieuwd bent hoe te downloaden van YouTube-video's geüpload door iemand anders.

Als u het downloaden van YouTube-video's om te voorkomen dat kwaliteitsverlies en buitensporige gegevens verbruik, die ’ s fijn. Ook, It's okay to download YouTube video's om te voorkomen dat reclame. Echter, u moet weten dat ad blockers kunnen worden gebruikt om te voorkomen dat vervelende advertenties binnen de video 's. Ook, het is legaal om te gebruiken die upblokkeringen. Bovendien, u kunt de advertenties gemakkelijk overslaan (na een paar seconden) in de meeste gevallen.

Niettemin, kunt u overwegen het feit dat er genoeg mensen die het maken van video's om geld te verdienen. Zij eigenlijk verdienen geld via de advertenties die worden weergegeven in hun video bestanden. Als u downloaden en gebruiken van hun video's voor commerciële doeleinden, die ’ s zeker een onethisch aanpak.

Je moet ook niet vergeten dat het downloaden van een video van YouTube een schending van Google is ’ s-ToS. Dit is vermeld in sectie 5.1. Volgens hun ToS, you are not permitted to view YouTube videos on external sources other than Google’s apps. That means you cannot view a downloaded video on your iPad, iPhone, or an Android device. Ook, you cannot use it on your laptop or a PC using a third-party app.

These apps will start to appear on the web, and people will use them to avoid advertisements. The apps you use to download YouTube videos will be introduced on a constant basis. Dat betekent, newer apps will appear quite often. Google cannot prevent these apps from appearing on the web, en als gevolg daarvan, the options are many. Uiteindelijk, it comes to the point where you have to decide whether or not to download YouTube videos. Met andere woorden, you can decide whether or not to download YouTube videos for personal use.

What you should know about Piracy and Copyright Protection

One of the most important things you should consider when downloading YouTube videos is copyright protection. If you download a video from YouTube and you use it for commercial purposes, that could cause problems.

One might wrongfully assume that downloading a commercial video for free is not that troublesome. Echter, the truth is that media companies don’t want to distribute all of their contents for free. Eigenlijk, they actually make money over these videos, and if you distribute them for free, they lose. In een notendop, media companies are not to give away their stuff for free. If more and more people start to download videos for free, the creators of the videos will run at a loss. If it starts to continue as a trend, the respective company may even close down some time or another.

When it comes to the subject of piracy, Google is very strict about it. Eigenlijk, Google encourages users to stay focused on the aspects of copyright. Do you want to download a video or a soundtrack belongs to some other company or person without permission? En, you intend to use it for a commercial purpose? Goed, in dat geval, things can go wrong with you drastically. Dus, you must be very careful to stay away from such issues when using stuff downloaded for free.

Met dat gezegd, we don’t want to describe everything about online piracy in this section of the article. Wij, echter, encourage you to stay away from potential wrongful acts you are tempted to do. Even if you download some videos or music tracks, you shouldn’t use them for commercial purposes. In plaats daarvan, you can just have them enjoyed and keep for yourself. You should never distribute such stuff (even for free) or gain financial benefits from them. If you want to earn revenue or distribute such content, you must have permission from the copyright owner.

How to download videos and music from YouTube legally

In the previous section of our article, we have explained the legitimacy of downloading YouTube videos. Dat betekent, now you know, is it legal to download YouTube videos. With that knowledge, letsmove into the aspect of downloading videos and music from YouTube. In dit geval, we will have to use a special tool called iTube HD Video Downloader. This powerful tool is capable of downloading and converting the videos to any format you prefer.

Apart from playing the role of a video downloader, this tool can perform a variety of other tasks as well. Met deze tool, you will be able to download YouTube videos totally free, so this is a must-have tool. Although there are plenty of tools to download videos from YouTube, iTube HD Video Downloader is an impressive option. Bovendien, it can preserve the quality of the video during the download as well as during the conversion. That means you get the original video quality even if the file is downloaded and converted. Naast die, it comprises of unique features for you to use on various purposes.

Kenmerken van iTube HD Video Downloader

Nu, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with this tool.

  • One-click operation to download 4K UHD videos and 1080p videos conveniently.
  • It can download videos from more than 10,000 video-sharing sites.
  • This software works 3X faster compared to other downloading tools.
  • You can use it to record streaming videos that cannot be downloaded.
  • Naast downloaden, it supports conversion as well. It can convert videos into 153 Media. Formats depending on your requirement.
  • It comes with a built-in video player.
  • This tool doesn’t cause any quality loss during download or conversion.

Download iTube

How to stay away from YouTube’s legal issues

Nu, in dit gedeelte van ons artikel, we will explain how to stay away from potential legal issues. Eigenlijk, you should know that copyright law is a very strict and strong one. Echter, there are a couple of ways to avoid these consequences.

As the first thing, you should get hold to the copyright law for YouTube. Vervolgens, you should take your time and read it through. Try to understand pretty much everything on the content. Met die, you will be able to get a clear idea about copyright law and its basic details. It will define how you will violate the law and also the potential legal consequences you might face. Once you are fully aware of the legal aspects of video downloading, you will think twice before committing it.

Do you know that there is a term calledFair userelated to YouTube? Goed, it is always better for you to have good knowledge about this term to keep troubles away. The term ‘Fair Useis the term that describes the restrictions applied by copyright laws. If you adhere to the ‘Fair Usepolicy, you can easily stay away from potential issues that might happen. If you intend to use a copyrighted video through YouTube, this ‘Fair Usepolicy is exceptionally important. Met andere woorden, as long as you understand the copyright laws and you abide it, no problems will occur.

After reading the ToS, you will think that it is completely illegal to download YouTube videos. Goed, YouTube doesn’t have a download button. But just because it doesn’t have a download button, there are ways to download YouTube videos. Dus, you don’t want to think that it is completely illegal to download a video from YouTube. Just because there is no download button, so come to conclusions quickly. Have the term ‘Fair Usein mind and read the next paragraph. Eigenlijk, there is a way to use videos without the permission of the owners without infringing copyrights. Mentioned below are those instances where downloading and reusing YouTube videos without becoming a victim of copyright laws.

  • You can download and reuse YouTube videos if you use them as materials for research and teaching purposes. Ook, it will be ok if you use the downloaded videos for criticism, commentary as well as for news reporting. Onder dergelijke omstandigheden, it will fall underfair use.’
  • If you are prepared to give copyright to the owners to transfer the protected content, that’s fair use.
  • Some of the users create new videos using downloaded YouTube videos as original materials. The outcome will be a new video which is enriched by the downloaded content. Bijvoorbeeld, if you create a parody of a movie clip just for the purpose of entertainment, die ’ s fijn. Zoniet, if you use the edited videos for non-profit purposes, you are on the safe side. All of those situations will be described as fair use.
  • It is also possible to use a video under fair use by posting a statement. In dat geval, the statement should be something like ‘no copyright infringement intendedwhenever you use a YouTube video.
  • Bovendien, it is needless to mention that you can download videos from YouTube if they belong to you. Bijvoorbeeld, if you have created a video clip and you have uploaded it to YouTube, you can redownload. Under such condition, no copyright infringement occurs because the video belongs to you, and no one will question it.

Dus, that’s about copyright infringement, piracy, and fair use policy.

We hope that we have answered the questionis it legal to download YouTube videos‘ met succes. If you need any assistance related to this matter, please let us know. You can leave us feedback or ask any question using the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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