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Jak naprawić ' iTunes utrzymuje z prośbą o hasło’

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Czasami, iTunes utrzymuje z prośbą o hasło of the Apple ID on your device randomly. To może być naprawdę irytujące, aby natknąć się na ten błąd co jakiś. Jednak, Użytkownicy nie są pewni, dlaczego ten monit pojawia się na ekranie. It does not matter how many times you enter this information; the mobile device will ask for the Apple ID again and again.

If you are facing this frustrating error on your iOS device, nie ma nic się martwić. Tutaj, we will tell you what you have to do if your iTunes keeps asking for password. There are various ways to resolve this issue. Tak, Niech ’ s wie o tych różnych metod wyrzucić ten problem.

PS: Tutaj, you will learn more about how to repair iTunes has an invalid signature błąd, jak również iTunes WiFi sync not working łatwo.

Metoda 1: Restart the device to Fix iTunes Keeps Asking for Password

Pierwsza technika, że należy spróbować jest ponowne uruchomienie urządzenia, gdy iTunes utrzymuje z prośbą o hasło konta Apple ID. Pomaga w rozwiązywaniu oprogramowania drobne usterki, jeśli w ogóle. Do tego, just press the power tab and hold it for a while until the optionSlide to Power Offshows off on your iPhone 8 or older iPhone models. In case of newer models like iPhone X, hold the side tab and a volume button until the same line appears.

Po tym, wipe off the red power sign to right from left to power off your iOS device. Wait for a while and hold power or side tab once again until the logo of Apple shows off on the screen center to turn the device on. Check if the problem still persists or not!

Metoda 2: Zabezpieczyć aplikacji aktualizacja

Często, when an application fails to update or download, it gets stuck in a never-ending loop of asking for the password of the Apple ID. Whenever you install a new application, the device asks for the ID and password depending on the configuration of your device settings.

Początkowo, run the App Store and select the tab ‘Updatespresent at the display bottom. Select the option ‘Update All’ stamtąd, which will update all the device applications. Po tym, go to the home tab and check for apps that say ‘Waiting…’. These applications are waiting to be installed or updated. Tap on the notification and complete the process. This will resolve the erroriTunes keeps asking for password’.

Metoda 3: Update the device to fix iTunes Keeps Asking for Password

It is quite possible that you are facing the ‘iTunes keeps asking for passworderror on your iPhone as it might be running on an outdated version. For checking this out, you have to visit the ‘Settings’ a potem, ‘General.’ Następny, click on the option ‘Software Update.’ Teraz, check if there’s any update available. Jeśli tak, Stuknij opcję’ Download and Install’. Po zainstalowaniu, look for the error if still shows up.

Metoda 4: Znak i Apple ID

If you come across ‘iTunes keeps asking for password,’ it is advisable to sign out and in of the Apple ID. This helps to resolve the glitch if that’s what is causing the problem. Do wykonania tego zadania, launch the ‘Settings’ na urządzeniu z systemem iOS. Następnie, click on your name. Click on the option ‘Sign Outthat will appear at the bottom. If the option ‘Find My iPhoneis turned on, then you have to insert your password to switch it off.

After signing out, you have to click on ‘Sign Infrom the same menu. This will log you back on your device ID. Teraz, examine if iTunes still asks for the password of the Apple ID or not.

Should you have problems like iTunes not recognize my iPhone, i błąd iTunes 3004 / 9006, Oto najlepsze rozwiązania dla Ciebie.

Metoda 5: Przełączyć i wyłączanie iMessage i FaceTime

Out of all apps, iMessage and FaceTime are the most popular ones, which are linked directly with the Apple ID. If you come across any problem regarding the Apple ID, switch off iMessage and FaceTime may resolve the erroriTunes keeps asking for password’.

Początkowo, switch off the app FaceTime. You have to run ‘Settingsand click on ‘FaceTime.’ Stamtąd, turn the application off. Wait for a while and switch on the application again. Do tego, you have to put in the Apple ID along with the password.

Następny, switch off iMessage after launching the ‘Settings’ a potem, tap on ‘Messages.’ Stamtąd, turn it off and turn the application back on after waiting for a while. Jeszcze raz, you have to put in the Apple ID along with the password. Teraz, see if iTunes still asks for the password of the Apple ID.

Metoda 6: Sprawdź stan serwera Apple

Czasami, you may come across the error’ iTunes utrzymuje z prośbą o hasło’ when the servers go down. It usually happens when Apple carries out routine maintenance or when the servers experience heavy traffic.

Aby to potwierdzić, you can check out the status page of Apple servers. Ensure that there is a green sign against the Apple ID. If it is not green, it means that the servers are experiencing some problems. Jeśli ’ s przypadku, there is just a single thing that Apple users can do, which is to be patient!

Metoda 7: Resetuj hasło

If you change the password for Apple ID, you can get past through the ‘iTunes keeps asking for password’ błąd. To reset the Apple ID password, run the ‘Settingson your device and click against your name. Po tym, select the option ‘Password & Bezpieczeństwo’ a potem, ‘Change Password.’ Teraz, put in the passcode and then, create a new password for the Apple ID. Teraz, the error will not come up on your account.

Metoda 8: Enter the DFU mode to fix iTunes Keeps Asking for Password

Jak wiecie, DFU (Device Firmware Update) is the intensive kind of restore that one can perform on an iOS device. This mode wipes out and reloads every coding line on your device. It eliminates every possibility of a problem related to software.

If you still face the same problem even after completing the DFU restore, then the issue might be with the Apple ID. This issue can be resolved only by Apple employees. Before you put your device in DFU mode, it is better to create a back up of your phone. This will most probably resolve the error of every kind.

Metoda 9: Kontakt z obsługą klienta

If the Apple ID issue still persists, only Apple employees can fix the error. It is so because some issues are quite complex. To fix the issue, contact the support page of Apple. Stamtąd, tap on ‘iPhone’ a potem, ‘Apple ID & iCloud.’ W tej sekcji, you will see an option to contact Apple employees. Or you can even place an appointment with local Apple stores.

Metoda 10: Best method to resolve ‘iTunes keeps asking for password

If you could not resolve the ‘iTunes keeps asking for passworderror by the above-mentioned methods, you can try out this ultimate method. To resolve this annoying error, we recommend you to use the application FoneLab – iOS odzyskiwania systemu. This application enables users to recover or back up iOS data, repair the iOS system, or resolve all kinds of issues like an iPhone stuck in DFU mode, poprawa koniuktury tryb, or Apple logo. This application resolves the error related to iOS devices in no time. Tak, try out iOS System Recovery for free and enjoy its exclusive features.

Steps to fix the ‘iTunes keeps asking for password’ błąd

Aby rozwiązać problem’ iTunes keeps asking for password’, Postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami, jak wymienione poniżej. It is quite easy to fix the issue with the help of iOS System Recovery. Tak, just go through the steps below!

Krok 1: Uruchamianie programu

W pierwszej kolejności, you have to download and run the program on the system. Po tym, connect the device to your system with the help of a USB wire.

Krok 2: Select the tab ‘Confirm

Następny, you have to tap on the button ‘Start.The tool will automatically recognize the iOS device. Następnie, display all the basic information related to it. Teraz, tap on the ‘Confirm’ Karta.

Krok 3: Tap on ‘Repair

Po tym, tap on the option ‘Repairto begin the fixing process for ‘iTunes keeps asking for password.This incredible tool holds the ability to find and resolve several system problems.

Krok 4: Pobierz oprogramowanie sprzętowe

Wreszcie, you just have to download firmware for fixing the issue. Raz zrobić, the iOS device will be back to the usual state. Stąd, you no longer will come across the annoying iTunes error.

Pobierz FoneLab Pobierz FoneLab

Ideal Solution to Resolve the Issue

Czasami, junk files create a problem in the normal functioning of a device. If you come across the error, where iTunes keeps asking for password, then cleaning junk files will help. To clean the unwanted data present on your device is significant when you require space to keep some important files. This even helps to boost the operating speed of your iPhone.

Z drugiej strony, if you have bought a new iOS device or looking for a way to eliminate all the data from the old phone, you should erase the data securely. The conventional way of getting rid of the device data will not be enough as your private data can be easily retrieved.

There is no need to worry if you are using iMyFone Umate Pro for deleting your personal data or junk files from the device. iMyFone Umate Pro is available for both Mac and Windows PC. This tool comes with lots of incredible features. Have a look at the right below.

Unique characteristics of iMyFone Umate Pro:

  • Umate Pro enables you to delete junk or temporary files hassle-free. Zazwyczaj, these files slow down the device.
  • It even compresses your images to save storage space by 75%.
  • The tool creates a back up for images or other larger files on your system and eliminates them from the mobile device to save up space.
  • It cleans notes, kontakty, wiadomości, Historia przeglądania, and other private data present on the device with no chances of recovery.
  • The program works well with iOS version 12, where it has received great reviews from sites like,,, i inni.

Steps to free up space on iOS devices using iMyFone Umate Pro:

To delete junk files in order to free up storage space on your device, przejść przez następujące kroki.

Krok 1: Uruchom program

W pierwszej kolejności, you have to download iMyFone Umate Pro and launch it on your system. Po tym, attach your iPhone with your system with the help of a genuine USB wire.

Krok 2: Tap on ‘Quick Scan

Następny, należy wybrać opcję’ 1-Click Free Up Space’. Następnie, you have to tap on ‘Quick Scanand wait for a while to let Umate Pro carry out a space-saving assessment. It would not take more than a few minutes.

Krok 3: Hit the ‘Clean’ Karta

Po zakończeniu skanowania, Umate Pro will show off the files that you can delete from the device to make up some free space. To delete files, you have to hit the ‘Cleantab present on the right side of the file.

Dostać iMyFone Umate Pro

Jak wiecie, problemy związane z kontem Apple ID są frustrujące, Kompleks, i nawet mylące. Po przeczytaniu tego artykułu, będzie można naprawić ‘iTunes utrzymuje z prośbą o hasło‘ błąd na wiele różnych sposobów. Wypróbować wszystkie metody jeden po drugim znaleźć idealne rozwiązanie dla problemu. Najlepiej iść z iOS odzyskiwania systemu Aby usunąć ten przykry błąd. Program ten można rozwiązać problem iOS w krótkim czasie.

W międzyczasie, Użytkownicy, którzy chcą, aby usunąć niepotrzebne pliki z ich urządzeń można iść z iMyFone Umate Pro. To narzędzie usuwa dane osobowe bez możliwości odzyskania w przyszłości. Tak, use these tools and resolve issues related to iOS devices in the best possible way. Go ahead and try out these amazing programs to resolve the frustrating error.

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