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MMGuardian is one of the most popular parental controls. This application works for both Android and iOS devices. With a user-friendly interface and competitive pricing, MMGuardian makes it quite easier for all to keep track of what kids do on their smartphones.

I dagens verden, it is really important to choose a parental control that meets all of your requirements. If you do not believe the fact that MMGuardian will do the work for you, Vi har du dekket. her, you will find an in-depth MMGuardian review so as to know every aspect before settling on this tool.

PS: Her er den Spyzie gjennomgang i tillegg SpyMyFone gjennomgang du også.

MMGuardian Review

MMGuardian made its way in the market a long time ago. I dag, thousands of users make use of this parental control application all around the world. The best thing about this tool is that it is really easy and simple to use. You do not require any kind of technical assistance to beginning using this application.

MMGuardian helps you in restricting the way your children use their mobile devices. Sammen, this application keeps on sending comprehensive reports so that parents can monitor their children’s device usage. In this MMGuardian review, let’s have a look at some of the special features of MMGuardian!

MMGuardian Review: Unique characteristics of MMGuardian

When it comes to monitoring smartphone activities, MMGuardian comes with lots of advanced features. Some of these features include the following:

Web Filtering

Using MMGuardian, users can block any inappropriate or adult content on their kids’ Smartphone. This web filtering feature also offers a safe browsing option.

Location Tracking

After installing MMGuardian on the device of your kid, you can keep track of your kid’s real-time location remotely. One can watch over these activities on the web-based MMGuardian panel or the MMGuardian application.

Call and SMS Blocking

In case you do not want your children to come in to contact with someone, block them. MMGuardian allows you to block anyone from calling or messaging your children.

Place Time Limits

With the help of MMGuardian, you can set screen limits on your kids’ enheter. It resists your kids to get addicted to the use of smartphones.

Get Instant Alerts

This application sends instant notifications on your mobile device whenever your kid tries to install the application that you have already restricted.

App Controller

Using MMGuardian, parents can block applications on their children’s smartphones remotely. They can even set regular time limits for which your kid can use those applications.

Get Comprehensive Reports

MMGuardian sends you in-depth reports regarding device usage. These reports monitor how your kids use their device. Også, these comprehensive reports are quite simple to understand.

After going through the special features of MMGuardian, let’s move further with our MMGuardian review. Nå, let’s stiff through the pros and cons of this parental control application.


  • No jailbreaking or rooting required
  • The easy and simple setup process
  • Track both Android and iOS devices
  • Remote access through its website or application
  • Restrict the content your kid access


  • Blocking of messages and calls only work on Android devices
  • Poor Customer Support
  • No time-based restrictions on applications for iOS devices
  • The iOS version does not meet up all your requirements.

MMGuardian Review: Price Details


  • For one Android device, you need to pay an annual charge of $34.99.
  • A family subscription plan that supports five devices will cost you $69.99 et år.
  • I tillegg, there are 5-year and monthly plans available.


  • No family subscription plans for iOS devices.
  • For a year, you have to pay $19.99 per device.
  • For five years, you need to pay $69.99.

MMGuardian Review: Important features that MMGuardian lacks

Although MMGuardian offers lots of parental control features, some of the important features are still missing. her, we have listed some of the features that MMGuardian lacks!

  • There are lots of differences between the MMGuardian Android and iOS version. Parents who like to control the manner their children make use of their iOS device it is best to not to go with MMGuardian.
  • Med dette verktøyet, you cannot place time limits on applications. It does not even block applications remotely.
  • This parental control application sends reports at the day end. Dermed, parents cannot monitor the activity on their children’s devices in a real-time mode.
  • It does not allow you to block access of the device on particular locations.
  • MMGuardian does not offer the location history of the device. Derfor, users cannot monitor the precedent locations visited by their children.

FamiGuard: Best Alternative to MMGuardian

Som nevnt ovenfor, there are lots of features lacking in MMGuardian. Utvilsomt, concerned parents will look for the best alternative to MMGuardian. Vi anbefaler deg å gå med FamiGuard. Det er en svært sofistikert og brukervennlig overvåking og foreldrekontroll verktøyet.

Som andre overvåkingsverktøy, FamiGuard tilbyr plattformer overvåking av målenheten. Over alt, Dette programmet tilbyr en rekke avanserte funksjoner. Den sporer ungen ’ s real-time sted og kontrollerer måten de bruker sine smarte enheter. FamiGuard utfører alle oppgavene enkelt og effektivt.

Særegenheter ved FamiGuard:

FamiGuard kommer med mange funksjoner. Some of them are listed below:


With FamiGuard, you can confine geo-fences around an area. På denne måten, you will receive instant alerts whenever your child enters or leaves those areas. It even allows you to restrict device usage in particular places like schools.

Live Location Tracking

This monitoring tool tracks your kidsreal-time location. Med dette programmet, you can even check the location history and which routes they usually take.

Block Applications Remotely

This parental control tool allows you to block applications installed on your child’s smartphone.

Content Filtering

Using its content filtering feature, parents can restrict the content type their kids have access. With this impressive tool, you can easily block certain websites.

Intelligent Scheduler

The intelligent scheduler helps you to assign time durations for phone usage. Ikke bare det, but you can even schedule the application usage as well. her, you can place automatic schedules for bedtime, dinner, homework, etc.

Device Monitoring

With FamiGuard, parents can monitor how their kids use their device. It includes the applications they use, the websites they visit, and the time they spend on a particular application and a lot more.

Besides all these features, FamiGuard has a lot to offer. This tool works perfectly with both Android and iOS devices. To use FamiGuard, your device needs not to be rooted or jailbroken. You can try its free version by visiting its official website. Continue with the MMGuardian Review.

Try FamiGuard

KidsGuard Pro: Great Alternative to MMGuardian

Hvis du leter etter noe stort enn MMGuardian, KidsGuard Pro er det ideelle valget for deg. Sikkert, MMGuardian er god foreldrekontroll. Men, Dette verktøyet mangler noen av nøkkelfunksjonene. Utførelsen er ganske komplisert, og kundeservice er ikke alle støttende. Så, La ’ s har en betrakte KidsGuard Pro, som er en effektiv og populær foreldrekontroll-programmet.

Hva gjør KidsGuard Pro unik er dens fantastiske funksjoner, effektivitet, og fleksibilitet. Hvis du går med dette programmet til å spore barna’ mobil enhet, det ville være en god beslutning. KidsGuard Pro offers some top features, som inkluderer:

  • With KidsGuard Pro, you will able to read all received and sent messages on the target device.
  • This parental control tool allows you to access phone numbers and names of the addressee.
  • It even enables you to discover the deleted texts.
  • The installation process is really simple and easy.
  • KidsGuard Pro offers a user-friendly interface.
  • With this amazing tool, you can monitor social media applications like Viber, LINJE, WhatsApp, etc.
  • It supports real-time GPS location tracking.
  • KidsGuard Pro allows you to control the videos, bilder, and browser history on the target device. Plus, you can view all of these things anytime, hvor som helst.
  • The most advanced feature is its keystroke recorder. This feature allows you to have full knowledge of whatever your kid types on their device.
  • This parental control application offers professional and fast customer support.

Try KidsGuard Pro

With so many interesting features, you cannot resist going with this incredible parental control application. It has so much to offer when it comes to its features. Så, try this out and enjoy all of these interesting features to control and manage the activities on your kids’ smartphones.

There are so many parental control applications out there. I mellomtiden, some of these monitoring tools are available at reasonable prices. The main thing to look here is that the tool should meet the parentsneed. This will allow you to know about the device usage and block some applications or services on the target device if necessary. Go with KidsGuard Pro that suits every need of parents!

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