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How to Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7 Simply

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Every so often we will be using our phone, whether it be texting someone or playing on an app, and we will accidentally do something that we don’t mean to. Sometimes the phone will slip from our grip and we will tap on a random app, other times we will accidentally delete everything that we had just typed. However, today we are going to focus on something else. That something else is accidentally removing contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Unlike other types of data on your phone, such as your apps or movies, getting your contacts can be a lot more frustrating. You can re-download applications and movies, although reaching out to people to get their number once more can be a long and difficult process, especially if you’ve lost your whole contact book. With that in mind, let’s jump right into it and see how you can recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7 with the help of Dr.Fone.

How to Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7 with Dr.Fone

Step #1 – First, make sure that you have downloaded the Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery program and have installed it accordingly. Once it is installed, go ahead and load it up. Select “Recover” and “Recover from Android“.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Note: when you first install the program, you will be requested to not only select the full or paid version of the program, but you must sign in with the account that you purchased Dr.Fone on in order for it to work properly.

Step #2 – After Dr.Fone has loaded up, connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 using a USB cable and allow a few moments for Dr.Fone to detect that it has been connected.

Step #3 – On the left panel of Dr.Fone, click on the “Android Data Recovery” feature. From here, a variety of file types will be shown. For this method, only the “Contacts” option is necessary although feel free to select any file types which you’d like to be scanned.

Step #4 – After selecting the files types which you’d like Dr.Fone to scan for, click on the “Next” button located at the bottom right of the program.

Step #5 – Depending on how much data you have stored on your Samsung Galaxy S7, the scan may take a few minutes. Once the scan has completed, click on the “Contacts” option on the left of the program and each of the contacts which have been found will be shown.

Step #6 – Either take a few moments to selectively choose which contacts you’d like to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7, or click on the small box located at the top of the list which will select all of the contacts which your scan detected.

Making sure that you have your contacts available at all times is important, and if you accidentally remove one of them from your Samsung Galaxy S7 then it’s important that you can get your hands back on the contacts as soon as possible.

The Importance of Backing up Data

Before we take a look at some of the other features which Dr.Fone android toolkit has to offer, it’s worth mentioning the importance of backing up the data on all of your devices. Data loss can happen at any moment and is an unforeseen event. A common occurrence is that while updating the operating system of your device, data is corrupted as it may not be compatible with the update. Things like this cannot be predicted, and for that reason alone it is important that you take a few minutes out of your day every so often to take a backup of all the important data which is stored on your device and have it in a safe location.

If you aren’t comfortable using the default data management program for your device, then Dr.Fone has the tools that you need in order to successfully take backups as well as restore the backups in case data is lost.

Dr.Fone’s Additional Features

Aside from this article focus of being able to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7, Dr.Fone has a lot more features to offer which can be handy for both Android users as well as Apple users, so let’s jump right in.

  • Selectively backing up and restoring data. If you have a lot of data stored on your device, then having to sit through the backup process can be boring and time-consuming. That’s why with Dr.Fone, you are able to selectively choose the data that you want to have backed up to your computer. Not only that but if you are restoring data due to data loss, then you can selectively choose which data you’d like to have restored. This is an incredibly convenient feature and can save you a lot of time.
  • Compatibility is not an issue with Dr.Fone as the program itself is compatible with all of the most recent Android (and Apple) devices as well as being compatible with all of the previous and most up to date Android operating systems.
  • If you’re unsure as to whether or not the Dr.Fone program is for you, then a free trial is available. Furthermore, if you want the full experience and want to check out the full version of the program, then if you purchase the program and are unhappy with it, 30-day money back guarantee is in place.
  • There are two different versions of Dr.Fone available which are both available on two different platforms. Not only is there a free and a paid version available, but they are both available on the Windows platform as well as the Mac platform.
  • Last but not least, Dr.Fone allows you to handle several different types of data. Whether it be WhatsApp data recovery or media files recovery, Dr.Fone can help you out.

With these features taken into account along with the fact that you can recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7, I think it’s safe to say that Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery is a winner.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)

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