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How to Recover Data Deleted by “Shift+Delete” Permanently

The data files on your computer can be easily managed and even be deleted with ease. There are two ways to delete the data files, one being to delete the data files temporarily say move them to the recycle bin of the Windows computer or the trash can of the Mac computer, another being to delete the data files with the shortcut key “Shift” + “Delete” on your keyboard, which can help you delete the data files permanently. In the first case, you can still recover the data files from the recycle bin or trash can without hassle. While in the second case, you can hardly recover them. So always keep your eyes open when you delete the data files.


But, the data files deleted in a second way will still remain on your computer although you can not see it. However, the storage space for the data files which are hidden can be overwritten by some other data files. Your computer does so because it is allowed to use the location of the data files that you have permanently deleted. Thus, if you want to recover them, you need to do as soon as possible. Or you can stop using your computer at once. Otherwise, once the files being overwritten, you will never find them again.

Now let’s see how to recover the data files that are deleted with the shortcut key “Shift” + “Delete”.

As science and technology developing rapidly, there are a host of tools on the Internet that can help you recover the data files from the hard drive of your computer. If you know some of these data files, it will be more easily for you to recover the data files when you need to do so. So in this article, I will just introduce you one of the most widely used tools for recovering data on the computer.

The Recoverit Data Recovery is nowadays popular among the computer users, for it is easy to use with its user-friend and intuitive interface. You can find much information on the Internet about it. It has been designed for both the Windows computer and the Mac computer. So if you are a user of the Windows, you can download the Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows, and if you have a Mac computer, you can use the Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. To be exactly, the Windows computer can be the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8 and Windows 10. And the Mac can be the Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.14. And before paying for this tool, you can get a free trial version first, if you are interested in it.

The Recoverit Data Recovery can help you recover the files including the photos, emails, audio files, videos, documents and many other kinds of data. And it can recover the data files lost because of system crash, virus attack and accidental deletion. Besides, this tool supports many devices including the hard drives, external drives, SD cards, Memory cards, digital camera, mobile phones, and music or video players. After the scanning process, you can preview the data files that are found by the Wondershare Data Recovery before you choose the data files for recovering.

Now, you may wonder how to use this tool. As I have said in the above passages, the interface of the Wondershare Data Recovery is user-friendly and intuitive, you can therefore easily learn how to use it after you launch it.

There are four modes for standard recovery, namely the Lost file recovery, the Partition recovery and the Raw recovery and the Resume recovery. Let me explain them in detail for you.

  • 1.The Lost file recovery, can help you retrieve the data files deleted accidentally.
  • 2.The Partition recovery, can help you retrieve the data files damaged by the operation of resizing and portioning.
  • 3.The Raw recovery, can help you recover the data files in this initial format, which can be used when the two modes above have failed.
  • 4.The Resume recovery, can help you do the first time recovery, because there are many instructions on the primary window. But it is not useful and effective as the first and second mode.

The detailed tutorial about how to recover a shift deleted file is followed here:

Step 1. Download and install the Wondershare Data Recovery

There are two different versions for different computers, so make sure you have chosen the suitable version for your computer.

Download Recoverit for Windows Download Recoverit for Mac

Step 2. Launch the Wondershare Data Recovery

Launch the Wondershare Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 3. Choose a recovery mode

After launching the Wondershare Data Recovery, you will be asked to choose a recovery mode from the four listed modes. For the deleted data files, you can choose the “Lost file recovery” mode.


Step 4. Choose the type of the shift deleted files for scanning

For example, if you want to recover the audios, you need to choose the “Music” item. And if you want to recover the videos too, you need to choose both the “Music” and the “Video” items. After that, you need to click on the “Next” button to start the scanning process. Which is time-saving compared to the other similar recovery tools.


Step 5. Preview the shift deleted files

After the deep scanning process, you can get all the available data files of the types that you chose. Before recovering them, you can preview them one by one, and choose the specific files by checking.

Step 6. Recover the shift deleted files

After you have checked all the specific files that you want to recover, you can start to recover them by clicking on the “Recover” button on the lower right.


Step 7. See the files recovered

On the location folder, find the data files that you have just recovered. I believe you will successfully retrieve the data files with the Recoverit Data Recovery.

Download Recoverit for Windows Download Recoverit for Mac


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