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How to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

Best Samsung SD Card Data Recovery For You to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Phone

The SD cards on mobile phones are important to the users. You may store a lot of data on the cards because if you store all the data in the internal memory of your mobile phones, they will run very slowly. Thus, the SD cards are used for enlarging the storage space for mobile phones. And it is also easy to use it, simply inserting it into the relevant port on the phones.

As we know, there are some phones that not allow the users to insert any memory cards into them. But if you have a Samsung phone, then you can add an SD card into it. With an SD card, you can easily extend the storage space of your Samsung phone without the hassle. But sometimes, it is also easy to lose the data instead. For example, you may lose the data by the wrong deletion, or due to virus attack and system crash.

How to Recover Lost Data on Samsung SD Card Easily?

At that time, the first thing you need to do is to stop playing on your Samsung phone. Because it is possible to get back the data you lost if you can handle it in the right way. Thus, in this article, I would like to tell you two easy ways to recover the data on your Samsung SD card with ease. They are listed below:

Way 1. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer directly to recover data from Samsung SD card

Before recovering the data, you need to have a reliable tool on your computer. There are many tools on the Internet that can help you fulfill your goal, but it is hard to find a handy one. Therefore, I recommend the Dr.Fone for Android SD Card Data Recovery to you. It is a wonderful tool for managing the data on Android phones, including Samsung phones.

The Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android offers many useful functions for the users, and you can see the features of it in the following passages:

  • 1.It is a professional tool for recovering the data, including the messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, photos, audios, videos, calendars, and other files.
  • 2.It is compatible with almost all the Android phones, including the HTC, Samsung, and so on.
  • 3.It offers two different versions for both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.
  • 4.It is easy to operate on because it offers an intuitive interface with a lot of instructions on it.

Step 1. Download and install

Choose the right version of the dr.fone for your computer, and then download it on your computer. Then install it as it asks you to do. Finally, launch it by double-clicking on the “Recover” icon.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 2. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer

With a suitable USB cable, connect your Samsung phone to your computer. Select “Recover from SD Card” Option on the Left Panel.

dr.fone - SD Card Data Recover

Step 3. A selective step, to enable the USB debugging

If this is the first time you connect your Samsung phone to your computer or if you are asked to do so, you may need to enable the USB debugging on your Samsung phone. It is a necessary step if you are asked to do so. And all the detailed operations are listed on the primary window of the dr.fone.

Step 4. Start to scan on your Samsung SD card for lost data

Now make sure that the dr.fone detects your Samsung phone and show you the detailed information on the primary window. And then on the primary window, you can see the “Start” button. Click on it and then you can make the Dr.Fone SD Card Recovery for Android to scan on your Samsung SD card.

Step 5. Choose the data that you want to recover from Samsung SD card

Now you get a list of data that you can choose to recover. Simply check the items wanted, and then click on the “Recover” button to start the recovery process.

Recover Data from Samsung SD Card

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Way 2. Connect your Samsung SD card to your computer to recover data from Samsung SD card

If you want to recover the data from an SD card directly, you can choose the Recoverit Data Recovery to help you. Here are some features of the Recoverit Data Recovery for your reference:

  • You can recover the data in many formats, more than 550 kinds.
  • It is so easy and simple to use this tool, all you need to do is to click for some times.
  • The interface of this tool is very user-friendly.
  • You can preview the data recoverable before you really recover them.

Step 1. Download, install and launch

Download the Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer and then install it. Remember to choose the right version of it according to the operation system of your computer. Then you can launch it by double-clicking on the start icon. And click on the “Start” button on the primary window.

Get Recoverit

Step 2. Connect the SD card to your computer

Eject the SD card from your Samsung phone. With a card reader, connect your SD card directly to your computer. Then your SD card will be detected by the Recoverit Data Recovery, and displayed on the list of disks.

Step 3. Scan for the data for recovering

Now you need to click on your SD card in order to have the Wondershare Data Recovery to scan for the data on your SD card. And click on the “Scan” button to start the scanning process.

Step 4. Preview the data wanted

Now you can preview all the files listed on the primary window, and you need to choose the items that you want to recover. Check them in the little boxes, and then click on the “Recover” button. The whole process will finish in a few minutes, and then you can get back the data you want.

Try Recoverit


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