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How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S6 (Edge)

Have you ever encountered such situation that important data saved on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone, such as contacts, photos, messages and so on are lost without warning? And if you have, you would know the feeling of an utter loss and find it rather hard to deal with it. In such a panicky situation, people always look for ways and want to know whether it is possible to restore them or not. This question must be asked frequently by users of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone since the development of modern culture and habits, people’s dependence on data storage is increasing. That is to say, phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have become an integral part of our daily life. The data is important, because the text messages may contain our important password credentials, or the contacts have some important numbers without recalling otherwise, the phone saves plenty of videos and pictures which have special memories to you. So, no one wants this panicky situation to happen. But don’t be nervous, I’m so glad to tell you, yes, there is a way to get the erased files back. In this article, you will learn the ways to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It sounds great, right?

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Part 1. The best program to restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone

If you want to restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone, I’d like to recommend the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Data Recovery software for you, which is called iSkysoft Android Data Recovery. This program allows more than 6000 Android phone models and Android OS, this number is huge and the growth of the list is quick and breathtaking. What’s more, this software can also help you restore data such as photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp history, text messages, photos, audio files, gallery, call log history, documents and so on without any risk of leakage of private information. It is very intuitive and understandable to operate which give you detail steps one by one during the recovery process. No matter in which scenario you lost your data, such as accidental deletion, restoring factory settings, ROM flashing or any other common reason, this is a powerful tool which can help you recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge easily and quickly.

Part 2. The steps on how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone

As it is shown above, you must know the main functions of iSkysoft Android Data Recovery. Next, let’s look at how to recover the deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone successfully, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, S6, S5, S3 and other kinds of Samsung phones.

Download iSkysoft Toolbox for Android for Windows

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone to your PC

First of all, download and install iSkysoft Android Data Recovery to your computer. And then make a connection between Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone and your PC. Make sure that the “USB Debugging” is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. In order to enable this mode, all you need to do is to follow the steps as shown on the interface.

Step 2. Start the scanning process

Once your phone has been detected by the program and entered the USB debugging mode, this program will start scanning all of the files saved on your device. Do as the instruction says, press on the NEXT button on the screen, only in this way, the program can get the word and permission to scan your lost data. As for the users of rooted phone, there is a prompt coming up to you, asking the superuser authorization. Then, press on the “Allow” button to permit the authorization. Next, go back to your PC and click on “Start” in order to do the scanning process.

Step 3. Select the right file type and scan mode

In this part, you can see a list of file types coming up to you, this tool can scan all of them successfully. Next, it is your time to choose which data should be recovered. If all files should be recovered, you can choose the option of “Select All”. On the other hand, if only some selected files you wish to restore, you can also select multiple files by pressing in their respective boxes. In addition, you need to select the scanning mode. There are two possible modes available for you.

Standard mode: select the tab of “Scan for deleted files”, that is to say, it will only scan the data which have been deleted. If you want to scan completely, you can select the option of scanning all files. This will take you some time.

Advanced mode: when you doubt that some of your deleted files were not restored, you can choose this mode. In this mode, it will scan deeply of your phone memory.

Step 4. Restore the desired files

When the scanning process is completed, you will see the prompt coming up to you again with showing the list of file types. No matter what kind of file type you want to restore, check the corresponding checkbox on the left side. Then you will see the details on the screen.

You can also select the tab of “Only Display Deleted Items”. Choose all the desired contacts and then press on the “Recover” button. After that, you should choose the location where your contacts should be saved.

Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Although this software is user-friendly and easy to understand, there still are some tips for you when using it to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Make sure your phone plug in all the time until the process of scanning or recovery has been done.

Your phone must have enough charge when you connect it to the computer for scanning process, that is to say, at least 20% battery is needed.

Download iSkysoft Toolbox for Android for Windows

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