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Uploading a video to the internet isn’t always as simple as we’d prefer. On YouTube, you have lots of flexibility over the specifications of the videos you upload, but Instagram doesn’t give you this same luxury. If you record a video from your smartphone, then you probably won’t have to jump over any hurdles. To upload a video that you created on your computer, or with a video creation app, you will most likely have to resize video for Instagram.

This isn’t something that should surprise any of us. Instagram expect the videos users upload to be high quality – it’s as simple as that. Så, if you want to upload to this social platform and the video’s resolution doesn’t meet Instagram’s guidelines, read this article.

Instagram’s Video Requirements

Let’s take a look at Instagram’s requirements. None of their requirements are too complex, and most of the time, your video will only need minor adjustments to meet them. Here are the key formatting factors that your video has to comply with.


Most important is the resolution of the Instagram video you upload. Business accounts which publish video ads have different standards. But for your personal account, the video can’t exceed a width of 1080 piksler (the height is more flexible and isn’t bound by any tight restrictions).

Does your video not meet this requirement? You’ll see how to resize video for Instagram later in this post.

Video Length

You should already be aware that there are limits on how long, or short, an Instagram video should be. At most, the video can last a total of 60 seconds but cannot be as short as 3 sekunder. Tilsvarende, if you are going to post a video on your Instagram story, it can only be between 3 og 15 sekunder.

Note that if you upload a video longer than these limits, Instagram will automatically crop the excess.

Video File Size

Instagram hasn’t set any file size limits in stone. Men, it’s good internet etiquette to keep your video under 50MB. Generelt, a video that lasts 60 sekunder (Instagram’s maximum video length) will be 30MB, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If your video’s file size is larger than this or you experience problems uploading it, consider using a video compressor. This will reduce the size and should ease those issues.

Frame Rate

As is the standard, Instagram støtter en video bildefrekvens på 30 FPS (Bilder Per sekund). Den ’ s også akseptabelt for videoen 29.96 FPS.


En mindre viktig detalj er videoen ’ s bitrate. Som daglig Instagram bruker, du sannsynligvis ’ t finner selv bekymringsfull om dette. Laste opp en video, Det kan ha en maksimal bithastighet 7500 kbps, men det er mer vanlig å være 5500kbps.


Til slutt, Instagram notater noen detaljer om en video ’ s lyd krav. Den støtter AAC-kodeken, 44.1kHz mono, og en bitrate på 128kbps. Igjen, this is a less important detail that you usually won’t have to worry about.

Now that you know what Instagram expect in terms of video uploads, including what their resolution requirements are, we can now move on to the process to resize video for Instagram.

Wondershare UniConverter

Creating a video masterpiece is best done with professional software. Even if resizing your video is all it takes, you still want to make sure you have access to the right tools. Wondershare UniConverter er akkurat det du trenger. With this video editing software, you can do a lot more than just resize video for Instagram.

  • Convert video files to alternate formats
  • You can queue multiple videos to be compressed or converted
  • Burn your videos to DVDs and audio files to CDs
  • Compress video file sizes without compromising the video’s quality
  • Add watermarks, subtitles, and effects to your videos during editing
  • Download videos from thousands of different websites and in high quality
  • Registrere dataskjermen (including desktop audio and microphone)
  • Easily transfer videos from your computer to smartphone after you resize them
  • Cast your videos from PC to any compatible TV
  • Includes a toolbox of features to create GIFs, edit media filesmetadata, og mer

Og selvfølgelig, you can resize your video to many different resolutions. It’s clear that Wondershare UniConverter has a lot of different uses and you can try it out for free before you make the purchase. Som sagt, today our focus is using it to resize your videos.

Lær mer om UniConverter

Resize Video for Instagram with Wondershare UniConverter

Resizing an Instagram video with Wondershare UniConverter is straightforward. If you haven’t used the program before or perhaps don’t consider yourself a very tech-savvy individual, Følg guiden neden.

Før du følger disse trinnene, either install the free version of Wondershare UniConverter or purchase the full version. Når du er ferdig installasjon, proceed to the steps to resize video for Instagram.

Prepare the Video

Trinn #1 – Open Wondershare UniConverter on your computer. From the navigation menu, Klikk på den “Konvertere” alternativet.

Trinn #2 -Klikk på “+ Legge til filer” button and use the explorer window to locate and select the video you want to resize. Alternativt, drag and drop the video onto the program.

Trinn #3 – Below the video’s thumbnail, click the crop icon. Select the portion of your video, which you’d like to upload to Instagram.

Merk: since Instagram is known for square photos and videos, you may want to crop your videos in this format.

Convert and Resize

Trinn #4– Now that your video is ready to be converted, use the drop-down menu at the top-right to select the MP4 format.

Trinn #5 – You will also be able to select an appropriate resolution for your video. Make sure that the resolution you select is within Instagram’s guidelines.

Trinn #6 – When you’ve made the edits you want and are happy with the video, Klikk “Konvertere alle” at the bottom-right.

Trinn #7 – After the video finishes converting and has been resized, Klikk på den “Convertedtab to view it.

Transfer the Video (Valgfritt)

Trinn #8 – When you finish the resize video for the Instagram process, you’ll want to transfer it to your smartphone to post. På den “Convertedtab click the video and then theAdd to Transfer” knappen.

Trinn #9 – Connect your Android or iOS device using the appropriate USB cables.

Trinn #10 – Øverst i vinduet, Velg den “Overføre” funksjonen. You should see the video on the transfer list.

Trinn #11 -Til slutt, Klikk den “Transfer Allbutton and if prompted on your device, trust your computer.

Doing this process takes a little bit of time, but it’s worth it. You’re able to resize video for Instagram, make any minor edits to the video, and transfer it to your device without the need for iTunes or any other software. Wondershare UniConverter is a fantastic tool which, som du kan se, is easy and useful.

Compress Video for Instagram with Wondershare UniConverter

Så, we mentioned video file sizes earlier in this article. Although Instagram doesn’t have strict limits on the file size of your video, consider your smartphone’s available storage. Smartphones have notoriously low storage capacities, so you should consider compressing your videos too.

Trinn #1 – Launch Wondershare UniConverter and once it loads, Klikk “Verktøykassen” from the navigation menu at the top.

Trinn #2 – On the window that appears, Klikk den “+” to locate and select a video file.

Trinn #3 – Now that the video is selected you can adjust the compression settings. If you don’t want to take the time to change these settings, use the slider to do so quickly.

Merk: remember that lowering these settings too much will impact the quality of the video.

Trinn #4 – After you are satisfied with the settings, select a save location, og klikk “Compress.Depending on the original video file size, this process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

After you resize a video, there’s usually no need to compress it too. Men, if you have a video that doesn’t need resizing but has a large file size, it’s worth using the built-in video compressor.

Resize Video for Instagram from Smartphone

Maybe the idea of using a computer program doesn’t appeal to you. That’s completely fine because you might instead want to use an app on your smartphone. We’ve done some research and found an app for iOS devices and another for Android devices which can be used for resizing videos.

Resize Video on iOS

Starting with the iOS solution, InShot Video Editor is the app we recommend. The app itself is small, it’s compatible with iOS 10 and upwards, and it offers users the ability to edit videos before posting them on Instagram quickly.

Editing features include cropping, adding audio or voice-overs, and various effects. It also lets you speed up the video. Dessverre, unless you pay the monthly fee of $2.99, your videos will have a watermark on them.

Trinn #1 -Last ned InShot Video Editor from the iOS App Store.

Trinn #2 – Open the app and tap “Video,” then select the video to resize.

Trinn #3 -Trykk på “Canvas,” Velg den “1:1” alternativet, and when you’re done, Trykk på “Export.

Trinn #4 – After the export is complete, you’ll find the new video in your video library.

It’s clearly a straightforward app to use. But the watermarking is a negative feature which lowers the video quality. If you like the app, then paying the monthly fee is definitely worth it.

Resize Video on Android

For Android-enheter, to resize video for Instagram, the best app to use is Video Crop & Trim. Unlike the iOS app, you won’t be bothered by a watermark getting added to your projects. It’s a free app to use, relatively simple to navigate and is perfect for resizing videos on your Android device.

I tillegg, you can enhance your video’s colors, blur around a certain focus point, and crop the video or resize it. A unique feature that Video Crop & Trim has is its ability to remove watermarks.

Trinn #1 – Open the Google Play Store app to download and install Video Crop & Trim.

Trinn #2 – Launch the app and selectCrop” fra hovedmenyen.

Trinn #3 – Locate the video to resize from your gallery, then tap theSquarecrop option.

Trinn #4 – Adjust the cropping area to your liking then tap the tick icon at the top-right.

Considering that this is a free Android app, we can’t complain. It’s perfect for resizing videos before posting them on Instagram, and it also includes a few nifty editing features too.

To Conclude on How to Resize Video for Instagram

Du kan nå resize your Instagram videos with the assistance of WWondershare UniConverter. As well as being a fantastic resizing tool, it’s also great for compressing video files. På toppen av det, as we showed you above, it provides a significant number of other useful features too. You might also consider one of the apps above to resize video for Instagram. They might not have anywhere near as much to offer, but they work just as well.

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